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Thin out the deer

The deer population out here on Ebenezer Church Road has become a danger to drivers. The size of the deer is the largest I have seen in years.

This is a residential area and hunting with guns is not the answer. I hope some responsible [person] will read this letter and act and extend the bow hunting season for several weeks to take care of the problem before someone driving down this road is killed by a deer crossing the road and causing a wreck.

Five large deer were in my front yard fighting over apples. They show no fear of humans and are out eating night and day.

Please, someone act responsibly before some innocent person driving home from work is killed.

I have lived here for years and have never seen this many deer in one area. In the past month, five deer have been killed on the road.

LeGay Saul
Fayette County, Ga.



Almost hit one the other day at 5 am. on Robinson Rd.

Would love me some bow hunting here in PTC.

Anyone watch Chasing Tail?

Sorry, my bad.:)

I know, I know. Geez though, The History Channel?

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This reminds me of the old story about this little old lady who observed the public works workers putting up a Deer Crossing Here sign up alongside the road near her house. She thinks about this a while and then calls city hall asking them to come back and move the deer crossing down the road farther away from her mailbox.

Live free or die!

Are you letting it run enough to keep the battery charged up?

Obviously my comment was taken the wrong way...just forget it.

You will never get anyone to address the deer problem in the entire state of GA. I have had a herd living in my backyard for years. Now I have some young bucks coming in everyday twice a day. Bucks never would come in the yard. They would watch from the woods while the females came into the yard. They are now so tame, they can be fed out of your hand. They have no fear. I proposed a birth control plan that is used in other parts of the country but they just laugh in your face.

One word - Firecrackers. When you see them in the yard toss one out the door and Boom off they run. I use bottle rockets to scare off the crows.

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Hey, I have a friend who has a house to rent in Dover Square. Would you consider moving there for a few weeks in January?

Wow I still think you dont have enough to do to keep you busy.

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