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Thaxton calls out PTC mayor on ethics

Mayor Haddix, on Aug. 13, 2012 I filed a Peachtree City Code of Ethics violation complaint against you, and specified nine different instances wherein your actions were in violation of city code. You subsequently called for and scheduled a City Council meeting for Aug. 21, to randomly select six Peachtree City citizens to serve on a panel to review this ethics complaint.

At the Aug. 21 council meeting I requested to be allowed to speak on this matter. Despite your refusal, and only after urging from council, you allowed me to speak.

I then stated that I had filed my ethics complaint against you to draw attention to the unethical manner in which you had caused Peachtree City taxpayers to incur over $12,000 in expenses for your unnecessary personal legal problems.

I further explained that my complaint consisted of a simple and straightforward time line of publicly known actions you took, following a lawsuit which had been filed against you personally. I indicated that I had related each action cited to a specific ethics code violation.

I also pointed out that the city’s ethics review process is not a court of law and only involves a review by a randomly selected panel of citizens, who have no authority other than making recommendations to the city council.

I therefore stated that this process does not necessitate legal representation by an attorney and that I would be representing myself without an attorney.

Following my introductory remarks I asked you the following questions:

1. Why do you think you need to be represented by an attorney before this citizens’ review panel? Your answer: “Because I have a right to an attorney.“ You, however, refused to clarify why you felt an attorney was necessary for this panel review.

2. Why did you select a high-priced Atlanta attorney to represent you in this simple non-judicial matter, in lieu of a fully qualified and capable local attorney, at a much lower cost to the city? Your answer: “Because I have a right to choose any attorney that I want.” You therefore ignored any consideration of costs to the city.

3. I then said: “Mayor Haddix, in order to avoid unnecessary legal expenses for the city, I will consider withdrawing my ethics complaint if you will agree to go forward with the ethics panel review without an attorney. To clarify, I will commit in writing to withdraw my complaint after the panel review, regardless of winning or losing, if you will proceed without a costly and unnecessary attorney. Will you agree to this proposal and thereby allow the citizens of Peachtree City to review your cited actions without legal costs?”

City attorney Ted Meeker then confirmed that my proposal was within city ethics rules and was allowable. Your answer: “No.”

Once again you showed no regard for costs to the city.

Mayor Haddix, this ethics complaint was originally filed with my belief that it would result in a positive outcome for Peachtree City citizens without legal costs to the taxpayers.

After learning that you had hired an unnecessary and high-priced attorney and that you were now refusing to allow the citizens ethics review panel to go forward without your expensive attorney, I reluctantly chose to withdraw my complaint.

I did this because the city has ongoing revenue and budget problems which you seem to be disregarding for your own benefit.

Despite having to withdraw my ethics complaint (which is still public record and can be read at City Hall) I remain convinced that you have previously acted unethically in your role as mayor and that you continue to follow this unethical pattern of actions today.

I am hopeful that as a result of this letter you will respond publicly and defend your position so that our citizens can make their own informed judgments about your conduct as mayor.

Mayor Haddix will you please give a public rebuttal to the points I have raised?

Steve Thaxton

Peachtree City, Ga.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

Dear Mr. Thaxton,
My new and even more expensive attorney has advised me not to comment publicly on anything until after my empty threats to sue the city are acted upon by city council. He has also instructed me to keep my grubby little fingers off my keyboard whenever I feel the urge to post something on these pages. Therefore, I can offer no response to your accurate but incomplete summary of what transpired at the last city council meeting. You hear that Mr. Imker?

Well, maybe just one thing. You ask why I need an attorney for a non-judicial matter and I answered that it is my right to have one. True enough, but let me be perfectly clear - I am entitled to an attorney. Entitlement mentality is at the core of my being while I am mayor. I was entitled to serve on ARC, I was entitled to speak out against them, I was entitled to speak out against DAPC, Joey Grisham and anything else that sounded like progress. I don't need no freakin' progress. I need it to all be about me. Got it?

I was entitled to make disparaging comments about Norsouth and their Section 8 welfare project for seniors. In fact welfare is a good analogous vehicle to describe my entitlement mentality. In short, I never had any real friends, business associates, social or civic involvement until I got into small pond politics in Peachtree City and now I am making up for all that by grabbing my entitlements - just like a welfare brood mare grabbing her electronic benefits card.

Well, maybe one more thing. The cost of my reckless behavior is borne by the taxpayers of Peachtree City. Not only is this consistent with my entitlement mentality described above, it is fitting punishment to those small-minded people who served with me (and Doug) on Logsdon's city council and the one's serving on my city council - yes, it is my city council and they better begin to realize that and start voting for anything I want. As far as the taxpayers are concerned, you all voted for these anti-Haddix buffoons, so I have no qualms about spending your money. You hear that Mr. Imker? Budget Hawk, my skinny butt.

So, sorry I can't comment on your stupid ethics charge, that would simply just not be appropriate.

Yours in Christ,
Mayor Don Haddix

cc: Eric Imker
Steve Brown
David Barlow - thaks fer heping wit da grammer and speling and big wurds, dude

Edit note:Eric Imker is a city councilperson in PTC - sort of a budget hawk.
David Barlow is a recently elected county commissioner who speaks perfect English and loves his Bible.
Steve Brown was the last mayor of Peachtree City to face ethics charges.
Robert W. Morgan is a local clairvoyant who is an obnoxious know-it-all, but frequently correct about what politicians are thinking.

Live free or die!

As a Peachtree City tax payer, I would like to hear your thoughts.

americanpatriots's picture

You know very well that Haddix's attorney will not allow him to make any comments about the impending lawsuit.

OMG. Morgan is at it again with his clever attempts to answer as though he is reponding as Don Haddix.

Jim Richter

He is a waste of our money

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