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Council candidates sign up for PTC races

In a last-second qualifying shocker, the wife of Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix has qualified to run for the Post 3 city council seat currently held by Kim Learnard, who is seeking re-election. Meanwhile, the five mayoral candidates have all qualified and there is a race for all three open council posts.

Mayor Haddix's wife, now council candidate Cathy Haddix made waves in March 2011 when it was revealed that she had some not-so-nice words for then-Economic Development Coordinator Joey Grisham at the grand opening of a new specialty grocery store. Mrs. Haddix later admitted that she told Grisham in part: “I hope your tenure is short here.” She defended the language, saying Grisham, then in charge of recruiting businesses to the city, favored big box retail stores but not the city's village concept. Mrs. Haddix has managed to keep a fairly low public profile.

Learnard and Mayor Haddix have clashed routinely over matters particularly in the fiscal realm, as Learnard has continually pushed the mayor to lay out specific plans to cut the city's budget. Haddix has declined to do so, arguing the city needs a "strategic plan" and that he has been thwarted in seeking such by his fellow council members.

Through Friday at noon, five people had filed qualification papers to seek the mayor’s post: current council member Vanessa Fleisch, 52, a Realtor; and recently-resigned Post 2 councilman George Dienhart, 46, an information technology consultant; former mayor Harold Logsdon, 68, retired; local businessman Ryan Jolly, 34, of Jolly Technologies; and incumbent mayor Don Haddix, 62, retired.

The qualifying period ended at 4:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30.

The battle with Logsdon and Haddix will be set on the backdrop of the libel suit Logsdon filed against Haddix, who wrote in an email to a city staffer two years ago that Logsdon was "part drunk" at council meetings. The case was ultimately settled in Logsdon's favor.

The short two-year term of the Post 2 council seat has drawn some unexpected interest. Recreation Commission Chairman Shayne Robinson, 55, a homemaker, has filed for that seat, along with Vietnam veteran and retiree Mike King, 54, and political newcomer Austin Chanslor, 25, an advanced field technician for Mastec Advanced Technologies.

The Post 2 seat has a shortened term of just more than two years because it was abandoned by Dienhart, who had to resign from office to seek the mayor’s post. Whoever wins the seat will be able to take office immediately.

Peachtree City also has the Post 3 and Post 4 seats up for grabs. Incumbent Kim Learnard, 53, a workforce trainer, has qualified to seek re-election to her Post 3 seat with no challenger as of early Friday afternoon.

Former Peachtree City Police Captain Terry Ernst, 62, retired, has qualified for the Post 4 seat, and will be opposed by web developer Stephnie Franz, 39. The Post 4 seat is being vacated by Fleisch, who is declining to run for her council seat so she can run for mayor.

The five-way mayor’s race almost guarantees a runoff election, as a majority vote is required to claim the seat. If none of the five candidates gets a majority, the top two vote-getters will go head to head in the runoff to determine the winner.

The only sure thing is that holdover Councilman Eric Imker will have at least two new faces to work with starting in 2014, and he might have up to four new compatriots depending on how things shake out at the ballot box.



PTC Observer's picture

there are actually two people detached from reality in the Haddix household and they share similar traits it seems.

Oh well, I suppose when you have time and a computer anyone can run for office......

Come on Mrs. Haddix, let's hear from you on your ideas on how the city should be run. This should be interesting if not entertaining.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

In my house we have a device that stops me short when I get too full of myself or wander off into unreality. It is called a wife. Expensive , yes, but worth every penny. I guess in some households the device breaks down or perhaps was not installed properly.

If nothing else we now know more about the man with the mouth who some of us elected mayor. Can't find anyone who admits it, but there has to be some of you still out there. Be careful this time.

Live free or die!

Hoosier Fan's picture

I will admit to having voted for Mayor Haddix four years ago. I made a number of comments on this forum supporting his candidacy. Also, I encouraged my friends to vote for him.

I have spent much of the last four years apologizing to those friends.

There, that's off my chest.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Just guessing you won't be getting on the Logsdon bandwagon and Vanessa may be a little too vague for a Hoosier Fan which leaves George. That's fine with me. Be sure to vote in the runoff as well.

Live free or die!

What's PTC going to do with Haddixmania running wild on you?

NUK_1's picture

Better eat your vitamins and say your prayers all you little Haddixmaniacs!

This DOES sound like something from pro wrestling. I can't imagine the arrogance in this case, but after re-reading Mrs. Haddix's diatribe to The Citizen and showing what an arrogant and petty loudmouth she is, I shouldn't be surprised. Seems to run in that household.

They now have 12G's to spend from their PTC war chest.

This will be interesting.

I would never vote for a lady with a mouth like that, unless we were voting for a union official for the Teamsters.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

This is funny stuff. I don't know if these people are actually serious or if it is a big FU on their way out of the city.

Clowns looking for a circus. My goodness. How embarrassing for the city.

Oh well, a few more weeks and we have King, Ernst and Logsdon (or maybe Diehart). Either way the maturity and IQ level on council is raised at least 100 points.

Live free or die!

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Loving that! It should be on the homepage of the city's website :)

mudcat's picture

Fireworks tonight were very good. Not crowded, a minimum of tarp hogs - saw none from Coweta County. A good show and great weather.

Cathy Haddix? Are you kidding me? Where in the great history of mayor's wives in PTC would you find one who would actually run for office? And try to be on the same council with her husband - fat chance. Is she nuts? Is he? Ok, I guess the answer is yes, but really now, Cathy - what are you up to? Is there a reason here or is it just to tweak Kimmy?

Not that this has a chance of happening, but if Cathy wins a seat on council and hubby loses to Vanessa (this part could very well happen) how is that relationship going to work out? I'd almost be tempted to vote for the scrawny little thing just to watch the show, but I won't.

mudcat's picture

Cathy Haddix who I actually met - ironically near Fresh Market is not my choice over Kim. What is she thinking? Or is she thinking?

Shayne and Stephanie may be women as well, but I don't know anything about them, but will reserve judgement until they actually say something.

I want Vanessa to be Mayor and that hunky cop and that sexy Mike King to be on council. Kim too. What could possibly go wrong that would be worse than what's happening now?

So I guess this make it official, the Pumpkin that has been sucking up to hizhoner is really hizhonor's wife. I love my city but I am very embarrassed to tell people that I am from Circus City GA., formerly Peachtree City. Honestly mr. mayor , candidate Cathy , just bow out and save us some embarrassment.

Disgusted Voter

Note: The lack of caps is intentional, hizhoner has done enough to disgrace this city. Now for his grand finally he brings in a circus act. Cathy for council. Sorry I am feeling ill so with this in mind its off to the loo.

PS, oh never mind this is just sickening

Robert W. Morgan's picture

"The only sure thing is that holdover Councilman Eric Imker will have at least two new faces to work with starting in 2014, and he might have up to four new compatriots depending on how things shake out at the ballot box."

Erica being the senior councilperson and only holdover? I want you all to be sure you keep that in mind before you vote for someone you don't know just because they have a pretty yard sign. I do know all the mayoral candidates besides Jolly, but I have never even heard of the late (meaning previously unannounced) entrants for the council seats (except for mrs. mayor). No matter how much we may crave complete change, bad things can happen when we vote for people we don't know.

Live free or die!

They prove me wrong.

"In a last-second qualifying shocker, the wife of Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix has qualified to run for the Post 3 city council seat currently held by Kim Learnard, who is seeking re-election."

You can't make this stuff up!

Hoosier Fan's picture


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