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Senoia voters to see 3-way race for mayor

Qualifying for mayor and two seats on the Senoia City Council ended Wednesday but the lone contested race will be for mayor’s seat. Three candidates qualified for the seat held by Mayor Robert Belisle who previously announced that he would not seek re-election.

Qualifying for mayor were incumbent Councilman Larry Owens, 65-year-old business owner and Senoia Downtown Development Authority Chairman Suzanne Helfman and 81-year-old retiree Don Rehman.

Mayor Robert Belisle, as promised, did not seek re-election.

Qualifying for the Post 1 seat held by Councilman Larry Owens had only one taker. That was 66-year-old retiree Chuck Eichorst.

The term held by Post 2 Councilman Jeff Fisher is also set to expire this year. Fisher qualified with no opposition.

The deadline for registering to vote in the November election is Oct 7.



Should not the Mayor have the proven ability to work well with council for the good of the city? Rehman has an ongoing lawsuit against the city and appears to have a very poor relationship with council and current mayor. Any person that can publicly call other people "murderous assassins" and lose his temper is not someone that I want representing our city.

Before voting for this man please Google him. He has a long history of failed lawsuits against those he sees as "wrong". After seeing him in action for the last four years in Senoia I have come to the conclusion he is the most egotistical megalomaniac I've ever come across. He has no legal training, no license to practice law, yet constantly tells city officials they should follow his advice over that of their attorney who is one of the best in Georgia on municipal law. His actions have cost the taxpayers about $10,000 in legal fees on a lawsuit the judge completely tossed out after telling Rehman it was the most ridiculous thing he had ever seen in his courtroom.
Senoia has come far in the last ten years. Please do not go backwards by electing Don "reefer-madness" Rehman!

I find it hypocritical and politically self-serving on Rehman's part by fighting the Senoia City government "tooth and nail" over the 2014 Charter change. The changes the city made actually puts the people back in charge of government by separating the legislative from the administrative. The Senoia government also imposed term limits on themselves.

Now after Rehman miserably lost his bid to stop the Charter change with the State of Georgia and Senoia government he is now using "Put We The People In Office - Not Politicians" as his campaign slogan. Have you no shame?

I'll vote for either Owens or Helfman. IMHO, this "Rain man" fella is a total fruitcake. He seems to cause conflict no matter where he lives.

Interesting day in court for Rehman vs. Senoia. Don "reefer madness" Rehman just had to pay out over $7000 to be held by the court for the city's legal costs. Once again the Judge had some choice words to the man who thinks he is a lawyer!

Every city, large or small, has some level of a 'lunatic fringe' group of people. For Senoia, this phenomena is exhibited to an extreme in the person of Don Rehman. No matter what the subject or discussion, he lashes out at the city government and/or other citizens with inane comments and twisted logic, as he sees himself as the sole authority in any context. He loses his case, after being told by multiple legal experts that he was wrong, and then lashes out in the media that 'the judge was wrong'.

Goldminer, you were so correct when you labeled him as an 'egotistical megalomaniac'. Kudos for your insight! Hopefully, the citizens of Senoia recognize the menace he would be were he ever to hold any position of authority.

Campaign slogan for concerned citizens - 'NOT DON'


I have a feeling that one or more of you are actually part of the Senoia Government but hiding your identity. I will no longer hide mine. I am Colonel (Retired) Don Rehman, candidate for 2013 Election to Senoia Mayor.
Let's bring this discussion out in the open and I suggest each of you that have commented on this Blog now identify yourself by real name. Let's not stand behind anonymity anymore but have the courage to say who we are. I have now taken a step in that direction - so let us see which of you have the courage to do likewise.

I made a promise to the Senoia Public when I ran for Senoia City Councilman in 2011 that I would try to get repealed Senoia Ordinance 46-7 which says: "It shall be unlawful for any person to have in his possession less than one ounce of Marijuana." That ordinance has a double meaning and can mistakenly be interpreted by the Public to mean males must possess Marijuana in an amount of one ounce or more of Marijuana. In any case the Ordinance is unconstitutionally vague. Anyway, I made a promise to do something about it in 2011 and just because I didn't get elected then, I still felt an obligation to fulfill the promise to do something about the matter, and I am.

What you do not realize or perhaps do not know is that the case is on appeal to the Supreme Court of Georgia and the 7 Justices there granted me 11 additional pages for my Appellant's Brief. Additionally, the 7 Justices of the Supreme Court of Georgia, although I am not a lawyer, after seeing my Appellant's Brief with Case Law Authorities and a perhaps well reasoned approach to the case, ordered that I shall be given the privilege to appear before them as a Pro Se/non-lawyer to, in their presence, Oral Argue my case. That Oral Argument has now been scheduled for October 8, 2013 in the Afternoon Session beginning at 2PM with my case the 3rd one to be Oral Argued.

So, in spite of most of you on this Blog characterizing me as crazy and all manner of being an idiot and worse - whenever you say the Pledge of Allegiance the last words you have said so many times in your lifetime is: "...with liberty and justice for all." If all of you accuse me of lunacy, and idiocy at least we can mutually all take comfort in the fact that next month this alleged lunatic and idiot will at least be entitled to "justice for all" by the highest Court in the State of Georgia. I hope because of that impending Oral Argument you will not start calling the Justices of the Supreme Court of Georgia all sorts of names and derogatory slurs because in your view they are allowing an idiot/lunatic to have the same privilege as Attorneys. [By the way I am not a "wannabee" attorney - I am just an ordinary Citizen seeking "Justice".]

I would like to arrange a face-to-face meeting in a Public Place with as many of you as would be willing to come out of "hiding" and let's have a mature and frank exchange of ideas on the subject of Litigation and why I am running for Senoia Mayor. Your hurling insults at me here and implying that anyone who votes for me might also be crazy and a lunatic is not in the best tradition of open, honest, and mature debate. Let us please raise this discussion to a professional level.

Were a majority of Senoia Voters to elect me as their Mayor, I would perhaps be one of Senoia's most educated Mayors in its history [although there may have been a Mayor in the past with a PHD]. I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Military Science, a Master of Science Degree in Logistics Management, and a Master of Business Administration Degree {MBA] - all of that and more would not be bad for a Senoia Mayor to have in the way of education. I am also a graduate of the Senoia and the Coweta County, citizen police academies. All this education does not make me better than a person who even does not have a High School diploma - what it does indicate is a capacity to at least learn and to assimilate knowledge. My service to the Community in which I reside is unparalled by any others at Heritage Pointe Subdivision.

Further, it sounds to me like some of you may want a "yes" man for your Mayor, a sort of "play ball" guy - you may be implying, to heck with getting the facts, doing the analysis, and arriving at what is best for the City. Don't vote for me if that is what you want because I am not for Government by partial secrecy and lots of other adverse to public interests matters. All that will be discussed during the campaign.

So, I am ready to hold the meeting face-to-face with any/all of you - are there any of you willing to stand up and identify who you are and agree to the meeting or do you prefer anonymity and continuing to hurl insults and derogatory statements my way. Is what's going on at this Blog going to be what we teach our children how to act and react - if so I grieve for the future of what our society locally may moving towards.

Are we no longer a Society that at least listens to one another, professionally debates our respective ideas and positions, then either convinces the other to accept one's view or at least agree to disagree while still maintaining civility and maturity!


Colonel (Ret.) Don Rehman
Candidate for 2013 Mayor of Senoia

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You're not the other one. It seems to be way above your pay-grade.

When you walk down the streets of our city do you grieve? Does it pain you to know that everything you've been against and chastised is what is promoting our community in the media and making our city more livable?

I ask you, what good is an education, if you don't display the ability to use it? What good are accusations, if you can't prove it? What good is representing yourself in court, if you don't have the mental capability and tools to win? What good is any promise, if you can't make good on it?

I want a person in office that understands how to work well with others. I want this person to not only make sound decisions but have the ability to persuade others that his/her way is the right choice. I want a person that has the ability to make those around him/her better people. You have never exhibited any of these qualities or abilities (public record proves this).

I challenge you to prove anything that you have accused the Senoia government or any other community member of doing. I'm waiting...

Not in a million years. You have proven yourself to be one of the nastiest human beings I have ever met (my family's opinion). If you want examples of this you only need ask. Any person who conducts an "Open Records" request will clearly see your true colors.

I am not asking that anyone simply believe me. If anyone has any inclination of voting for this man, please do yourself a favor and research him.

At 81 years of age I plan on enjoying life, not complaining about everything under the sun. Misery loves company.

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John Cleese
British writer, actor, and tall person

And as a final thought - Greece is collapsing, the Iranians are getting aggressive, and Rome is in disarray. Welcome back to 430 BC.

Life is too short...

Nice break in the action...Thx:)

A mature discussion among adults requires the ability of each person in the discussion to be able to listen to other participants, evaluate what was heard and respond with soundly reasoned and factual rebuttal.

Having observed many of your "presentations" at the Senoia council meetings and your online comments to this and other articles, my perspective is that a mature discussion with you is not possible. In the end, you consistently maintain that you (and only you) are correct. Anyone who disagrees with you is an enemy to be attacked. Even in your post, you attack the current Mayor and Council by implying/accusing them of 'partial secrecy and lots of other adverse to public interests matters'. Per one of the posts by Social Realist, you go so far as to 'publicly call other people "murderous assassins" '. Not exactly examples of leadership!

While obviously mature in age, perception is that you are quite immature in terms of social skills and common sense. While apparently well-educated, perception is that you have not obtained knowledge or wisdom from that education. You appear to lack many of the qualities to be an effective leader, among them 1)the art of listening, 2)openness to the ideas and opinions of others, and 3)the ability to persuade and create consensus.

As this article is simply about who is running for mayor of Senoia, consider this: A leader leads, a tyrant forces their will on others. Who in their right mind would vote for you, with your tyrannical tendencies? My hope, and belief, is that the citizens of Senoia have better sense.


I would hope that Senoia PD is charging folks under the State statue not a city ord. That way that charge goes on their record. So that Sir you are making a mountain out out of a mole hill. That 7 grand you could have just donated to the City to help spruce up the City park, that s my 2 cents

"The best way to become boring is to say everything" Voltaire

When I asked you to be honest about your identity several years ago you acted all offended and insisted on remaining "unknown". You are a hypocrite for now asking others to do so.
Education: So you have some college degrees but don't have the common sense of a normal 21 year old high school graduate. They would have known that an attorney of Mr. Whalen's stature knows a bit more about the law than you do. They might also realize that a Judge in the Superior Court might know a little more law than you. They would also realize that just because a case gets docketed at the Georgia Supreme Court it only means that it has not been assigned to a clerk for review before going to the Judges conference meeting. At this meeting the Justices decide whether or not to toss it. I guess your professors left out these facts in your education process. Of course you could have just consulted an attorney and gotten these facts.
Experience: You have it and it reflects poorly on you. Anyone can check the links I posted to verify these facts. You do not "play well with others". Your history of lost legal actions and statements about those you sued speak volumes to your character or lack thereof. Your "divine justice" statements which can be found on line re-enforces this even more.
Your attempt to "promote" yourself as a leader is a disgrace to the voting public. Given your track record of constant baseless conflict not only with the City of Senoia but also within the Heritage Pointe HOA clearly demonstrates the character flaws that would make you a disaster as mayor!!

I respect alot of military active and retired, but you are just a lifer, could not make it on the outside so you stay I'm service to make people's life miserable, now you want to do the same to the nice residents of Senoia. Get a real life and forget about running. People like you and your frivolous lawsuits are a waste of clean air and money. You need to check your self in to a place to get treatment for your disorder....mean and selfish old man who has nothing in life but his retired military status. That and !5$ will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks...get it to go we don't want your type hanging around

So why do you have to bring his military history into discussion? You show disrespect to all military retirees when you use words like "typical lazy military lifer". So tell us, just how many yrs did YOU serve our country?

your being upset with this person but to denigrate all the lifers is truly an insult and an undeserved one. Were you in the military? How long? I think anyone who serves their country in the military deserves our respect and thanks. There are too many who used any excuse or influence to get out of serving. I think you need to rethink your statement.

Bob T.'s picture

I apologize to everyone for not staying on topic but ......

Why did you attack this mans military service? I guess it is because he used his military rank in his post. I know lots of military folks that do the same thing and I guess they just forget that their rank and status as a military veteran/retiree does not mean anything to lots of civilians. You are correct about his status and rank will not buy a cup of coffee. Oh, you left out the useless Medals in the price of that there coffee ! LOL

Your comments about lifers were out of line. I am retired from the military and disabled at the age of 60 due to my time in the service. Yepper, I am an ex lifer and proud of it. :-) I would still do it all over if I had the chance.

Now, back to the subject.

I , well first off my anger with this individual did not allow me to proof read my statement. I apologize to all veterans and service men and women. Most of you are great. I too, served in the Viet Nam era ( 1969- 1980) and have a disability. The Lifer mentality is what angers me. I got out and left it behind as far as my caraer went. I did not have to keep my authority figure. I love my country and have no regrets for my service to my country. If they would have this old man back I would gladly don the uniform again. Just keep the " brass and stripes" out of politics. I felt with him using his title he was trying to bolster his lawsuit by using the title. I did not expand enough, he is just the type lifer that cannot leave his military life out of the civilian. Once again my deepest apologies to the men and women who serve and have served honorably in the defense of the greatest nation in the world.

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It takes a strong person to admit that sometimes we say some things that maybe needed a filter on them first. According to my wife, this happens in my household occasionally, but I deny that completely :)

Thank you for your service and I know exactly what you were trying to say in regards to Rehman.

Having a husband and several relatives in the military I have established a heavy sense of compassion and understanding for all those who serve. Nevertheless, you were "spot on" with what this man was attempting to do. This person seems to have been unable to adapt to civilian life and he is now attempting to force the community into some sort of "rank and file" formation. There appears to be a huge disconnect between himself and his audience. It saddens me to a certain degree.

According to the links provided by "Goldminer" he was unable to hold a job once he exited the military. He was unable to convince the Federal Gov't to act on his "Whistle blower" complaint and decided to sue his employer himself unsuccessfully ($146K) after he was fired. After several frivolous suits that appear to have been dismissed with prejudice he moves to Senoia. Florida voted into legislation a vexatious litigant law (5 frivolous complaints).

He was only in Senoia for a short while before filing a frivolous ethics complaint with several charges on an elected official. That appears to have backfired miserably on him when he was unable to prove any of his allegations.

He runs for Senoia city council and loses very badly (19%). He makes campaign promises like changing the zoning ordinance, ethics ordinance and marijuana ordinance. He is unconvincing, so it doesn't go in his favor.

He files suit against Senoia in an attempt to change the marijuana ordinance. The judge calls it ridiculous. During the second hearing he is made to pay relief to the city ($7K+) because of the frivolous nature of his complaint. Now he awaits the clerks review at the Supreme Court. His statements are misleading and false because the court has not accepted his case as of yet.

Now this same man who is seemingly known to have multiple disputes with the current elected officials and city staff is now asking the public to allow him to work side-by-by with the very people he is attempting to sue.

That is what I am trying to say, thank you, I will make sure brain is in gear before mouth is in motion next time

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Reckon we got the same mentality. No apology really needed, just a clarification. My wife tells me I need to engage brain before opening mouth more often. LOL... Thumbs up to you for your reply and a Salute for your service Brother. :-)

Now, the wording of that law is not proper in my opinion. Maybe it needs clarification. Depends if a person takes it literally or interprets it differently. Reminds me of the time a Sarge told a troop in the squad to go get a haircut and not come back until he had done so. Sarge had to go find the young trooper after a few hours went by. The youngin did not have the money to get a haircut and was going to wait for payday to get his haircut. hmmmmm.....

Early in my enlistment I got caught with a bottle of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill in my barracks. The Commander sent me to the barracks to get rid of it then report back when I had done this. Well following instructions I drank it. Late in the day the commander comes looking for me and finds me wasted in my room. I explained I had to drink it because it cost me 75 cents and I only made 49$ a month. I was put on a work detail 2 hours a day for thirty day, in addition to my regular duties. My first detail was to paint the officers latrine. I asked the Chief Master Sgt what was I to paint. It looked freshly painted the reason for my question. He said" If it dont move paint it". So being a smartassed teenager I painted the toliets, urinals, mirrors and sink. Well Chief almost had a stroke and called the commander in. The commander had a look of shock on his face and asked me why I did something so stupid. I explained to him that the room did not appear to need painting, so I asked the Chief what to paint. Well you get the picture. The commander was having a problem stiffleing a grin, and sent me away, and I never returned to the work detail. We,the commander and I crossed paths again years later and immediately started to grin.

back to on topic

Rehman, there are several questions from people that you have conveniently failed to answer on this thread. Man up, Sir.

: "It shall be unlawful for any person to have in his possession less than one ounce of Marijuana."

Crystal clear. The City of Senoia will prosecute you if caught in possession of less than an ounce as per the ordinance passed by the city.
If you are caught with more the State of Georgia will prosecute you as per state law.
To arrive at any other interpretation you must project and make assumptions that go beyond what is written. The judge spelled this out clearly to Don "reefer madness" Rehman twice. The city attorney explained it several times at open meetings of the Senoia City Council. The mayor made numerous attempts to explain it.
The problem is that Don's ego does not allow for others to be correct. I've attended over 80% of the council meetings for the last six years. I've watched this man in action. His constant harassment of the city officials has simply been a political tactic to stir controversy where none exists on the hope of being elected to satisfy that same ego. It's not about "service" for him. It's about gaining a position of authority that he no longer has in his life.
At one time I felt pity for the man. He has managed to drive that out of me now.

Means zip to me but it would have been very clear if the language said "Individuals found to be in possession of less than one ounce of Marijuana will be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor; those found to be in possesson of one ounce or more will be arrested and charged with a felony."
Hey,it'sjust a printing change and surely makes it very clear.

Means zip to you? Are you under the assumption that it is legal in any way? If not, it should already be clear.

I don't care what Senoia Ordinances say---is that clear enough for you? And who in the hell reads those ordinances anyway--maybe those who must enforce them.

That clears it up nicely.

I care about the law where I live, not where you live.

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AtHomeGym, I agree with you that this wordsmithing would correct the issue at hand. You are on target. This is a very simple fix. Why can't the city just make this little change and close this lingering issue? Maybe Rehman will shut up about it then so that he can find something else to complain and sue about.

Mr. Rehman, your actions are not helping the city at all. Start doing something positive that promotes the health of the city and citizens or leave well enough alone. Apparently your "rank" and "higher" education has gone to your head and eliminated any common sense you might have ever had. You, Sir, need to Stand Down and start listening and learn how to process that input.

I had a Commander like you many moons ago and he busted one of my best troops who was having financial issues because the young man's ex maxed out the charge cards and bounced checks all over creation. We were working to help him fix the issue when this new commander found out about it and took a stripe right before the promotion cycle. High Year of Tenure forced this guy out of the service. Then the commander wanted my help to get orders to Florida to be close to his kids in college. I have no idea how his orders got mixed up and he ended up in Maine. hmmmm..... speaking of Maine......... read between the lines..... :-)

Not really valid since your version would have actually been unconstitutional as Mr. Rehman mistakenly claims about the original, as least to my understanding. Unless I am mistaken, a city cannot create ordinances specifying felony charges, as those are reserved for state and federal level. Real issue is not the wording of the ordinance, it is simply Mr. Rehman's intentional misunderstanding of the meaning. From past observation, it is a common ploy he uses in his seemingly unending attempts to validate himself.


Gentlemen and/or Ladies,

I can't tell the gender of who is who from the anonymous names of those of you that continue to write words of seemingly hate and all manner of accusations against me. So, thus, I began my greeting with "Gentlemen and/or Ladies" since I cannot be sure of Gender but wish to be "politically correct" now that I am running for the Office of Mayor of Senoia.

To those of you that defended in this Blog the sacrifices that Military Service in the United States Armed Forces brings to the serving individuals and their families, I wish to say a profound, sincere, and heartfelt "God Bless" and thank you for your Military Service. During the first of my two tours of duty in Vietnam during the war, my wife with then two small children thought and grieved for 2 days that I was dead, blown up by the Viet Cong - but by the Grace of Almighty God I had escaped injury when the place I was billeted in was blown up.

I entered Military Service as a Private E-1 advanced to Private First Class, applied for Officer Candidate School [OCS] and became a Second Lieutenant, met my wife at my first duty station upon being commissioned as an Officer and we have been married over 59 years. I'd like to relate one story from my military service then will drop that subject.

As those of you that have served in military service realize, most Army officers cannot get beyond the grade of Captain unless they do well in company command. I was given Company Command of a Cable Construction Company while it was in the field in Germany. Its mission was to lay cables that would connect by wire the various tactical communications facilities in an Infantry Division in the field. Shortly after I took command the Company first Sergeant asked to speak to me privately and said to me that I didn't know a thing about cable construction and to let him give the operational orders to the Company while in the field and the orders would look like they came from me; and at that point that I felt comfortable he would step back and I would issue the orders. The smartest decision I ever made in my lifetime was to not say "First Sergeant who do you think you are talking to" - Instead, I said "Okay Sarge its a deal" and I shook his hand in gratitude. Thereafter, in a few weeks I learned all about cable construction, took over from the First Sergeant did all the technical planning and operational Orders and ended up with the most successful Company Command anyone could ever hope for. Throughout my entire 26-1/2 years military service I had the greatest respect for the Non-commissioned officers and the enlisted men who are the backbone and the strength of our United States Armed Forces. The fact that I was blessed to get from Private E-1 to Full Colonel with 26-1/2 years Active Duty Military Service I attribute not to my efforts alone, but to those of the numerous persons with whom I had the privilege to be associated with that worked with me, were loyal and supportive and to all those who were my "mentors'. So, I am not a "Power Drunk" retired "Tin Soldier" as many of you in this Blog may think me to be and you write about me thus - but rather a proud of his Military Service and many sacrifices American, who now wishes to be the Mayor of Senoia.

As regards my past which one or more of you wishes all to examine, the facts are that after retirement I went to work for a Defense Contractor and as the person in charge of Logistics Management I discovered that my employer was committing Fraud against the United States Government by inflating the prices for parts for repair of military equipment and falsely charging the United States Government for logistics analysis work that was not being performed; etc.. I reported this to the Company, trying to be a loyal employee, but I did not know that the dishonesty went all the way up to the CEO of that Company. Instead of stopping the fraud that I had reported, the Company retaliated against me and then fired me. Meanwhile, I reported the fraud directly to the Government and a criminal investigation started. Evidence of the fraud was obtained by the Government but at the Federal Trial on my wrongful termination lawsuit the Federal Judge decided to prevent the Criminal Investigators from testifying because the company had not yet been convicted of any crime. An appeal all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States was unsuccessful. While I lost, I was proud that I had been a whisleblower and did not participate in Fraud against the United States Government. It cost me about $145,000 in litigation and it cost the company 1.2 million dollars; however, a few years later the company went out of business because the Government stopped giving military contracts to that Company because of the documented fraud. The people who unfortunately suffered were all those innocent employees who had nothing to do with the fraud because the entire management of that Company were crooks.

So, so much for that part of my past, now let's get back to Senoia matters. [Although I now imagine some of you will be making your usual "remarks" about that and will refuse to let go!]

To the person who indicated here that my case is not scheduled for oral argument at the Supreme Court of Georgia, Sir or Madam, you don't know what you are talking about. The Supreme Court of Georgia has just published the October 2013 Oral Argument Calendar and my Appeal is scheduled for October 8, 2013 at the 2 PM Oral Argument Session. So as a non-lawyer, granted the privilege of Oral Argument, I will be standing in front of 7 Justices of that Court and respectfully presenting my case to them. I have urged all here to await the outcome of the case but some insist in taking me to task before the case is finished. There is more at stake here for the Citizens of Senoia and for the Public in every City in the entire State of Georgia than you can ever imagine - but this Blog is not the time and place to go into that.

In conclusion, those of you who, from hiding your identity, wish to continue to hurl insults at me, it's a free country so you have every right to continue to waste your time. My candidacy for Mayor of Senoia offers an alternative for the voters if they so choose. The spewing of anger and insults here at me in this Blog only serves to demonstrate that those who have other candidates of choice that they will vote for, want to in effect "poison the electorate" against this Candidate in a manner and a style that is disgraceful to the finest traditions we Americans possessed for so many years. As Jesus said on the Cross moments before he died, I now say to those of you who continue with words of hate: "Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do"!

Colonel (Ret.) Don Rehman
Senoia Resident and 2013 Candidate for Mayor

Is it hate when someone posts a URL to a website where a citizen can gain an understanding of your character, a website where YOUR OWN WORDS condemn you?
Is it hate when someone posts FACTS that demonstrate your character, facts that are validated by your own words and/or actions?
Is it hate when your fellow veterans berate you for trying to use your military service for personal gain?
To each of these questions, I believe the answer is a resounding NO!

To the other side,
Is it hate when you use a term like ‘murderous assassination’ against others?
Is it hate when you threaten lawsuits against neighbors when they disagree with you?
Is it hate when you constantly accuse the Mayor and Council of illegal activities, all the while knowing that your accusations are false?
To these three, the answer is easily yes.

Your quote of Jesus was offensive, but also inaccurate. We know exactly what we do! But I will counter with a paraphrase of another Scripture –
“Get the log out of your own eye before you try to remove the speck from mine!”


Is it hate when someone posts a URL to a website where a citizen can gain an understanding of your character, a website where YOUR OWN WORDS condemn you?
Is it hate when someone posts FACTS that demonstrate your character, facts that are validated by your own words and/or actions?
Is it hate when your fellow veterans berate you for trying to use your military service for personal gain?
To each of these questions, I believe the answer is a resounding NO!

To the other side,
Is it hate when you use a term like ‘murderous assassination’ against others?
Is it hate when you threaten lawsuits against neighbors when they disagree with you?
Is it hate when you constantly accuse the Mayor and Council of illegal activities, all the while knowing that your accusations are false?
To these three, the answer is easily yes.

Your quote of Jesus was offensive, but also inaccurate. We know exactly what we do! But I will counter with a paraphrase of another Scripture –
“Get the log out of your own eye before you try to remove the speck from mine!”


Pound the drum loudly, look at me, look what I did---the rest of you bloggers want equal time---LOL
Seriously Between you and the clowns in PTC running for office , and airing all this in the blog format is an embarrassment to this area. It reminds me of elementary school, I can run faster, so, I can jump higher, my dad can beat up your you know how I feel but you do not know my story, because if I wanted the world to know the gory details I would fight city hall, run for office and write a you know the rest of the story....good day (last sentence borrowed from a friend)

My greetings to all who continue hiding their identities and insist on continuing to sling mud while in the "stealth mode",

There is an old saying: "God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change ... the Courage to change the things I can ... and the Wisdom to know the difference."

I tried but failed to raise the quality of the discussion on this Blog. I suspect that because of the "harsh" nature and the low depths to which the discussion sinks in this Blog and others, over time those Citizens who would have liked to exchage differing views, have been driven away or quickly decide not to comment on any subject, because they see how quickly they can get "pounced upon" by the few who continuously "dominate" such Blogs as these and only like comments in support of their views.

At this point in time I have more important things to do than attempt to fruitless try and engage in dialogue with others here; persons who remain in "stealth mode" and continue to hurl insults which tend to leave what should be a mature and interactive discussion - at a level which is "immature" at best and rediculous at worst.

I have a campaign to pursue to become your Senoia Mayor and a worthwhile and nessary court case to complete - so I cannot continue to play in the "Blog world " you dominate here. So I leave this Blog and turn to more necessary and productive pursuits. By the way, no need for any of you to move out of Senoia if I should get elected its Mayor, because I shall faithfully serve all no matter what their views may be nor how much "mud" they have flung at me. It is facinating how much "dirt" one can throw while hiding behind an anonymous identity, that the same person would not have the "guts" nor the "courage" to say and put their real name on it.


Colonel (Ret.) Don Rehman
Senoia Resident and 2013 Candidate for Senoia Mayor

1] You failed to force a change of the subject. Many here are focused on the facts of your past and present actions. You do not want those facts presented.
2] You failed to force your opinion on others. Many bloggers challenged your "fuzzy math" and you do not like it.
3] You failed to "come out" with your identity when you were bashing councilman Fisher in these blogs several years ago with your groundless and frivolous ethics complaint. Remember I directly challenged you to do so then. Where were your "guts" and "courage" then?

Yes Colonel [Ret] Don Rehman, there is something we can agree on at last. You are a failure!!!!

Did I hear you say that if you can't stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen?

If you're having difficulties explaining yourself and not answering pertinent questions (avoiding) from the general public on this forum how in the world are you going to function as a Mayor? Will these perceived "hit and run" tactics that you have targeted the government with now be turned towards the public? The very thought of you attacking me as a constituent is very concerning.

In the real world the best way we have to predict the future actions of a person is to look at the sum total of that persons past actions. The links I posted clearly demonstrate, some in Rehman's own words, his actions and give clear insight into the mans character.
Despite numerous court rulings all the way to the U.S. Supreme court he still maintains they all got it wrong. Numerous judges, numerous attorneys and through all those layers they all got it wrong. Only he knows what is right. Then in his own words he describes how "divine justice" reaches down and he gloats in the misfortune of those who the legal system vindicated.
Now for a repeat with Senoia. He has lost two rounds in the court room of a respected judge. His case fails against the arguments of one of the best attorneys for municipal law in Georgia and yet he still maintains only he knows what is right. Only Rehman knows!
Look up the definition of "egotistical megalomaniac". Fits perfectly into the context of this mans repeated actions.
Now his response is to claim he is being unfairly attacked simply because others show a factual basis for an opinion that differs from his.
Nobody forced this man to run for office. He made a choice to enter an arena that opens up your life for others to publicly oppose and challenge your actions.
Given Rehmans track record, his own gloating words of "divine justice", and his continued actions the voters of Senoia have a solid basis for rejecting this candidate. The very definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over expecting different results.
The track record is clear.


Do not attempt to play the “victim card” with me. I have witnessed you needlessly take aim at government officials and staff, as well as neighbors, for years. Now that the shoe has been placed firmly on the other foot you lash out by basically calling everyone in the public with an alias a “coward”.

You continue to reference “God” as though he were some sort of instrument to be brandished at your convenience. You attempt to provide scripture in an abusive manner to support your dialogue. Sir, would you like me to publicly post every unchristian word and phrase that you have used to express yourself over the years. I highly suggest that you refresh your memory by reviewing the material that you keep on file before answering the question. Stop acting like a foolish hypocrite.

You may have taken my previous words as an insult to your character, but that doesn't make any of those words less truthful. I think you should take ownership of your past actions by demonstrating a little accountability for what you've stated. Simply revealing your identity as though you should be considered in the same manner as the “second coming of the Messiah” gains you nothing.

Whatever value you have cast on the revealing of identities serves very little purpose in truth. Nevertheless, I have no problem with this demand. Since I have viewed the public records I challenge you, to your face; prove through the use of factual findings that the City of Senoia government has met in secrecy, prove the City Charter to be unconstitutional, prove the Ethics Ordinance to be unconstitutional/abomination, prove that the City government acted illegally in executive session, prove that your neighbors actually defamed your reputation and committed perjury as you have allegedly claimed and I will remove my so-called “stealth mode” as you call it. Support your accusations or discontinue making false claims.

Its time to either put up or shut up!

Although it will probably never come to pass - I am hopeful that someday this Newspaper that furnishes this Blog for Public Comments, will perhaps modify the procedures/rules and not allow persons to post under anonymous names and continue to hide their identity; so that they could spew their "hate" speech. I would imagine that if there were a requirement for mature adult dialogue resulting from the writer's real name being publicly disclosed, it would be a real "revelation" of who specifically is using such cowardly tactics. What is happening is that some people hiding behind anonymity here, are conceptually acting like "school yard bullies" and instead of adding maturity to the image of Senoia are themselves directly contributing to "destroying its Reputation" while falsely accusing others of doing so.

Don Rehman

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