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3 arrested for pointing guns at Fayetteville officers

Fayetteville police arrested three people last night for pointing their guns at police officers after they exited a home on Buckeye Lane around 9 p.m.

Police had the area under surveillance after an anonymous complaint of activity in the area coincided with a previous arrest police made of one of the subjects, said Fayetteville Police Capt. Steve Crawshaw.

Prior to the incident, police noticed a car stop in the street near the residence to have a conversation with someone who went back into the house at 125 Buckeye Lane. Officers observed that person appear to reach into their waistband where a pistol was located, police said.

Two people soon after exited the home and one officer heard what he believed to be the loading of a firearm, and as the duo went down the driveway they were talking about trying to find a person they had seen in the area, police said.

Officers by that time had taken cover and shortly thereafter identified themselves as police officers and ordered the two to drop their guns, as one had a rifle and the other had a pistol, Crawshaw said. The suspects then pointed their guns at the officers before deciding to drop them, Crawshaw said.

At the same time, a third suspect, armed with a rifle, ran away from the house into the waiting car in the street, police said. Officers were also able to apprehend that person, Crawshaw said.

Arrested and charged with one felony count of aggravated assault with a firearm were Hidalgo Carlos Villanueva, 25, of Bridgewater Lane, Newnan; Charlie Howell, 32, of 125 Buckeye Lane, Fayetteville; and Macon Norman, 17, of 130 Buckeye Lane, Fayetteville. Villanueva was also charged with possession of marijuana (less than one ounce).

Police later executed a search warrant on the home, and the investigation is continuing, Crawshaw said. It is possible additional charges may be filed in the case, he said.



grassroots's picture

Two officers or twenty? If just a few that's pretty bold. The gunmen bold and stupid but alive.

Cyclist's picture

at the officers and they'll live to tell about it.

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I'm surprised (and somewhat impressed) the officers held their fire. But if you point a an identified firearm at a police officer, you are taking your life in your own hands and only have yourself to blame if the outcome is not as what happened above.

CarDealer's picture

These guys drew down on the police officers and no shots were exchanged?? What's up with that?

I'm just say'n

mjm1204's picture

This article is poorly written.. definitely some information missing.

Officers heard someone loading a weapon? They took cover?

I just find this story hard to believe the way it was written.

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Shoebox's picture

and rid us of gun weilding drug users! Take them to jail...they are not the citizens we want in this great city!

deaconblue's picture

And they pointed their weapons at the police officers. Whoa how dumb can a person be, haven't they learned anything form all those years of watching T.V. and waiting for them checks. Unless of course one wanted to commit harakiri by cop.


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