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Fayette high schools poll on 3 schedule options

The Fayette County School System on its website is currently conducting a survey to gain input on the idea of changing the school day for high school students. The change would provide students with the ability to earn additional credits beyond the currently 24-credit structure.

School system spokesperson Melinda Berry-Dreisbach said high school students, their parents, teaching and administrative staff and the community at large are being asked to give their input on options for altering the high school day.

The three options that surfaced at a meeting of the Fayette County Board of Education in July would increase the number of classes that could be taken during the school year, allowing more time for students to enroll in courses of their choosing along with those required for graduation by the Georgia Department of Education, Berry-Dreisbach said.

The three proposals include a trimester schedule, a seven-period schedule or a seven-period hybrid.

The trimester schedule would include five classes in each of the three semesters of the school year and provide the ability for students to earn up to 30 credits.

The seven-period day would allow students to earn 28 credits, as would the seven-period hybrid. The difference in the two is that students under the hybrid schedule would have seven classes on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays and four classes of 90 minutes each on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

“Increased graduation requirements by the state have made it more difficult for students to take elective courses of interest,” Berry-Dreisbach said. “This is why the school system is considering other options and needs input from stakeholders.”

A PowerPoint presentation reviewing the options and an online survey are both currently posted on the school system’s website at

The PowerPoint presentation explains why a change is needed, provides detailed information about the three options, pros and cons, and gives a side-by-side comparison of the current schedule and the three options, Berry-Dreisbach said.

The documents will be posted until Sept. 15.

Berry-Dreisbach said parents of students enrolled in the school system will receive an invitation to respond to the survey through Infinite Campus. Hard copies of the survey are also available at the LaFayette Educational Center.



Dondol's picture

FCBOE's mind was made up way before they consented to placate the populous with this bogus poll. Ask your Teachers and they will tell you, they told me months ago, its a done deal.

NUK_1's picture

Closing some schools? Changing the school calendar? What has been unofficially officially decided by BOE?

Dondol's picture

They are going to change to the 3-5 trimester schedule, where the kids go to 5 classes Mon,Wed,Fri and 3 classes on Tues,Thur.

NUK_1's picture

I assume they are going to the Sept-end of May schedule too then.

NO decisions have been made. The BOE received public input and will be looking at a mock calendar at the next board meeting.

I suggest if you are interested in the major decisions that the Board will be making in the near future that you attend every meeting; so that, your input can heard and you can hear exactly what is going on. When it comes to the schools too many non-factual rumors are always created.

NUK_1's picture that 2 of the main architects for this horrible financial crisis the school system is in and will be in for quite a while are still sitting on the BOE.

I'll say one thing about Clayco parents; when the BOE screwed over everyone from the students, parents, county, home values, etc with their incompetence, the parents rallied together and demanded the BOE members resign immediately and were relentless about it until they got results and several quit right away and the rest got tossed. Here in FC, Smith and Smola's complete incompetence has caused a massive shortage that will impact FC for years and the citizens in Fayette re-elected them both last time they ran even though it was pretty obvious the BOE's financial situation was terrible and going to devolve even further.

suggarfoot's picture

They can't pay for what they are doing they want of offer more elective classes and have the kids take more hours?

Wouldn't that cost more money? Why would you want to do that?

Let me educate you. An A from Clayton county counts just as high as an
A from Fayette county when you try to get into college. Why would you make the kids day longer, ask them to take more classes. It seems very counter productive to the kids and getting the budget in line.

and systems and when they take grades into account. You're just uninformed.

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