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Council approves CVB's budget

Thursday night the Peachtree City Council unanimously approved the $532,021 proposed budget for the city’s newly-named Convention and Visitors Bureau, formerly known as the Peachtree City Tourism Association.

The proposed budget shows the CVB spending $273,204 on sales, marketing and promotion efforts for the city. A large part of the CVB mission is to focus on events that boost the city’s local hotels and motels, which in turn provide revenue for CVB via the city’s hotel-motel tax.

CVB plans to spend $127,000, or 24 percent of its budget, on local tourism events such as the Great Georgia Airshow and the International Dragon Boat Festival.

Another $65,000 of the CVB budget is pegged for advertising and marketing, which is a significant boost this year, said CVB Chairman Kai Wolter.
The budget includes funds for the city’s July 4 parade and fireworks, Wolter noted.

The CVB also has agreed with the city to consolidate staff at the new visitors center, which shares space with the amphitheater box office. That has netted a savings of $48,000 as the CVB is paying for the equivalent of 1.4 full-time employees in part by merging duties among positions, Wolter said.

CVB is also reducing its legal expenses by nearly $11,000, he added. Councilman Eric Imker said he was very impressed with the CVB budget.

In the past two years the CVB has relinquished operations of the city’s amphitheater, which is now being run through the city recreation department, and the city’s tennis center, which is now operated through a private contract between the city and Canongate.



yellowjax1212's picture

So its OK to budget 500K for Tourism in a town with very little attraction to tourist but we will budget $0 to attract new businesses to town?
Seems a bit backwards to me.
But at least we will still have a fireworks show for everyone in the south metro area to enjoy.

Budgeted for $531,745

Airport $106,000
Marketing ? $273,204
Air Show,Boats,crackers, $127,000 parade
Adv. marketing ? $ 65,000

Total $568,204

I don't know what the $48,000 people savings is nor the $11,000 legal savings is. Did we lay off someone? Cut the lawyer's pay?

As you will notice the numbers do not add up as written. I can't find any way they do! Is the Hotel sales tax also the budget?
Is the Tennis Center debt there somewhere or in City Budget?
We must be considered a pretty good ad agency account for someone?
Anyone know who it is?

It must be tough deadlines causing such clear writing and investigating, or is it what was issued? Good or bad?

Mike King's picture

Why not ask the obvious and request an accounting of the revenue received from the Air Show?

Until now I had guessed that the town spent nothing, got nothing.
Good question!

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Instead of hearing this crap from Haddix about how it is "illegal" to do anything that makes sense, why don't we just get it together and use some of these dollars to recruit industry. I keep hearing from Haddix (and Doug - even though he never actually speaks out loud) and previously the brown clown how "illegal" it is to use hotel/motel tax for industrial recruitment. How about we get those 2 fools out of the way and just get the job done?

If Obama can use my tax dollars to fund a fish display or an insect research facility, you can't talk to me about "illegal" or "illogical" use of tax dollars. Get it together, you 3-2 people.

Live free or die!

I am no fan of Haddix and lap dog Sturbaum but they are correct when they say you cannot use hotel motel tax for recruiting industry. The GA Dept of Community Affairs administers the state law and if PTC used the monies for industry recruitment and DCA conducted an audit, any monies used illegally would have to be repaid by the city with penalties. Check out the GA DCA website. Sorry....wish it wasnt so but that is the truth.

The Air Show is not affiliated with the airport authority. Revenue generated from it does not go into the airport authority coffers.

Mike King's picture

You very well may be correct in the accounting, but many, if not all, of the Airport Authority are involved. Who is it you say does the collecting?

You are right in that the airport authority is involved with supporting and probably assisting with the logistics but they get no revenue from it as I understand it. The Great Georgia Airshow Inc, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and their host organizations, the Commemorative Air Force's Dixie Wing and Peachtree City Kiwanis, run the Airshow. The airshow hosts including local benevolent organizations (all volunteer non-profits) derive operating funds by supporting the Airshow.

So we give over $100,000 to the Airport (one authority to another authority) so that "benevolent" organizations can pocket the air show profits, which is held at the airport?
So Taxes support the "benevolent" organizations?
Which ones and why not others?

Sounds like a Nathan Deal set-up!

Perhaps, part of the reason is that the DAPC got stuck with the debt from some of the bad investments made by previous commissions. That was part of the reckless spending attributed to the DAPC that the current sitting commission had nothing to do with. This was the reason their budget was reduced to $35k from $150k originally--to service the debt.

I'm still at a total loss to understand the carte blanche given the Tourism Commission budget for more than a half million dollars and pull the rug out from under some of the finest volunteers in the form of the DAPC...I just don't get it. I'm sure DAPC wasn't expecting to have to go begging to keep their budget otherwise, they could have itemized down to the last pencil for their measly $35k....They have done more good for the city than that, just in their efforts regarding the shopping centers and that is only a small part of what they do.

How ever well-intentioned the FCDA may be, I think we are making a huge mistake to believe that they will look out after our interests nearly as well as our own commission.

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