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Resident asks for caution on new Walgreens size

A Peachtree City resident Thursday night urged the Peachtree City Council to do all it can to control the size of the new Walgreens drugstore that will be built at the intersection of Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway.

The Walgreens will be built on the same site currently occupied by the Ruby Tuesday restaurant. The restaurant building will be torn down and replaced with a new Walgreens structure.

The new building will be three times the size of the existing structure, and that is what Phyllis Aguayo told council she was concerned about.
Aguayo said over the years the city and citizens have battled to keep that signature intersection of the city looking nice although restrictions that were put in place nearly 20 years ago will expire next year.

At the time the Ruby Tuesday was approved, there was an understanding there would never be any larger or taller buildings than the restaurant allowed on the site, Aguayo said.

“i hope you will look at the history of this and use whatever influence you have to make sure we put proper size restrictions and protect the buffers so we have very little change there when Walgreens comes,” Aguayo said.

The architecture for the new building will be considered at a future date by the Peachtree City Planning Commission. Because the property is already zoned for commercial use, the city cannot deny the redevelopment project as long as it meets all other applicable city ordinances.



you're a day late and a dollar short on this one, sweetie. It's a done deal, where have you been?

Yes are absolutely right!

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The planned community concept will be chisled way by our city fathers and our planning commission. Was there not something they could have done with the now expiring laws? Was there something they could have done to keep the small building size in place? Is there not something that can be done to keep cell towers out of our parks? What will be the next issue to come up to destroy our planned community?

Whether we like it or not, our community will be taken apart piece by piece in the name of "progress".

Where were you on this one Larry? Did you see it coming? Was there something that the city could have done to stop this "progress" and keep the character of the city that we all love?

Take time and read the proposed zoning rules for cell towers...that should answer the parks question.

As for Walgreens, the property was sold, Walgreens is the owner and made their one on staff presented size regulations on that lot..since it most likely expired with the zoning regulation on the first owner.

Planned communities move forward as society moves forward. Actually, if you go back to the founding fathers, and the orginal plan you will see a city with twice the population that we have now and many more apartments and mixed income housing to accomodate them.

Which "plan" are you referring to?

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we'll see when the Walgreen temple is built. When it is, we will all know what "plan" I am referring to, it won't include a Walgreen monster at that corner next to an already existing pharmacy. Great planning!

"no one on staff presented size regulations on that lot.." Why not, did they not consider it as part of their planning duties to see this far ahead?

The fact that council votes on cell towers in city parks give me no comfort that they won't vote for a "monster" in a park; not a concept that I moved to PTC for and will likely move to stay away from.

Ruin the character of the city and you lose the city.

Thanks for your service.....

I'm sorry, but I do not understand your last reply.
If you want to discuss it, I would be more than happy to call you or meet you to review it.

Meanwhile, the land use plan is posted on the PTC website. Feel free to look at it and/or contact the PTC Planner to identify if that parcel has written size stipulations. Also, you can not restrict or dictate what is built there. You can regulate through zoning definations such as commerical, industrial, residential and the various types but you can not say "no drug stores allowed because there is one next store".

As for cell towers, please read the Federal Telecommunications Act carefully, then look at the work that the planning commission has been doing regarding revisions to the PTC telecommunications policies.
You will find the answers you need in those documents.

Planning Commission is working very hard to maintain the character of the city....but it can not just say no to the cell phone companies or Walgreens who owns the land.

Again, I am more than happy to speak with you and meanwhile, read the documents I mentioned above to provide some answers as well.

AND, feel free to get involved, Planning Commission is seeking 2 new people....its always best to get involved.

My e-mail is me a note, I will provide you my telephone number and we can speak in detail if you wish.

That "drugstore next door" has been closing for 2-3 years! It is my drugstore and I know.
I usually have to wait one or two days for 2/3 of my medicine since they have gotten rid of most of their in-house inventory already.
It is a matter leases in my opinion!
Once Walgreens is built, there will be insufficient access to that store.

That construction around that whole square there at Peachtree Parkway and 54 is flawed. Getting into Wachovia Bank is like solving a close and tight puzzle at certain times of the day! How about that turn into the bank from the parking lot of the center? How about the method of entrance from 54, both places---E and W?
Getting into Chic-Fil-A from any direction is a newcomer's nightmare and our safety!
Planned, bull?

Prior to leaving the planning commission, those issues were not yet resolved...

I respect your opinions, but I use Peachtree Crossing Shopping Center and I personally have no problems with Wachovia or Chic-Fil-A.

If you are this passionate on this issue, I suggest you write to the city planner or planning commission and speak up. Or, better still, volunteer for planning would be a strong voice based upon your knowledge of traffic patterns.

Best of luck.

They are going to build, like it or not. Don't worry though, in about
a year or so, it will be abandoned just like the many empty retail spaces we have in town now. Maybe the city can paint the storefronts like the ones in the Braellin shopping center. We are a long way from the border, but PTC is beginning to resemble a remote Alaskan fishing town or a Mexican border town with the brash colors. Triste pero verdad.

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