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Tell the truth, Rep. Westmoreland

I was one of the many citizens of Georgia and Peachtree City to recently receive the “Update for Seniors” report from the office of Congressman Lynn Westmoreland.

After reading the report that he espouses to be “working to protect and preserve Medicare for our Seniors,” I couldn’t let the Congressman’s information go unchecked.

Mr. Westmoreland advocates he will “repeal the ‘Medicare Rationing Board.’” There is no Medicare Rationing Board. It doesn’t exist. The members of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), which was set up by the Obama administration, may not be appointed for another couple of years. It is an advisory panel set up to control excessive Medicare cost increases.

How does that “make the situation worse,” Mr. Westmoreland? The IPAB is governed and held accountable by a law that forbids them from rationing care, shifting costs to retirees or restrict benefits. No, patients are not going to die as your fellow Republican Phil Gingrey reports.

His “Path to Prosperity” advocates he supports “Personalized Medicare, similar to what Members of Congress have.” Why did he so vigorously oppose the same program that President Obama introduced, which was “similar to what members of Congress have”?

More double talk by Republican politicians.

His “Path to Prosperity” advocates he supports those with “poor health and low income” who will receive more support.” Really?

Everything I’ve ever seen out of Mr. Westmoreland’s office takes away from those with poor health and middle class citizens.

He advocates his “Path” will NOT change Medicare for people 55 and older? Everything I read doesn’t say that. There will be many negative changes for seniors with his “Path.” Additionally, if I were 54 today, I’d be pretty nervous about my senior years, just 10 years away. Brace yourselves.

Mr. Westmoreland, you want your constituents to “hear the truth from you and hear your plan.” So far you’re not off to a very good start about “telling the truth.”

Jeanie Fusaro

Peachtree City, Ga.



Maybe our politicians will learn we do check the facts. If a policy is valid and will help the American people, such as Westmoreland's Path, why not just explain it truthfully?

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