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15 year-old PTC golf cart streaker arrested

Updated Friday at 7:05 p.m. — Update: Peachtree City police have arrested a 15-year-old male who exposed himself to five women on the cart path system in the area of Flat Creek Road.

A statement released Friday afternoon by Lt. Mark Brown said a 15-year-old juvenile from Peachtree City was arrested at approximately 4:30 p.m. on five counts of misdemeanor indecent exposure and one count of misdemeanor sexual battery. The juvenile was arrested after an extensive surveillance operation conducted by members of the Criminal Investigations Division, Brown said.

Brown said the charges resulted from incidents earlier week, and previous incidents on the multi-use path system.

The juvenile is being held at the regional youth detention center pending a court hearing in the Fayette County Juvenile Court.

"The police department would like to take this opportunity to thank the public for immediately reporting suspicious behavior as a result of these incidents," Brown added.

After reports of the incidents and prior to the Sept. 7 arrest police urged residents to call 911 immediately to report any suspicious activity to give them the best chance of finding the perpetrator. Delays can make it difficult if not impossible to find a person or persons responsible for wrongdoing, police said.

Police also urged path users to take their cellphones with them, and if possible to locate a golf cart decal number, but to be careful not to confront anyone involved in suspicious activity.

On each occasion, the suspect would pass the victim several times before exposing himself, police said. Two of the incidents were reported Wednesday afternoon soon after police sent an initial news release on the matter that was published by several media outlets.

The suspect was initially described as a white male in his late teens to early 20s with wavy hair, average height and a thin to average build. The suspect was reportedly driving a burgandy or maroon-colored four-passenger golf cart with a white top, police said.

The suspect reportedly passed the intial victim, who was walking, several times before he exposed himself to her, police said.

Police were out looking on the paths for the suspect based on 911 calls, but there was a significant delay before the incidents were reported, police said.



the area where this happened?

It was pretty dark out at 8PM last night.

Too bad the ATV cop who was out on the paths Sunday afternoon wasn't out to catch this perv. last night.

My daughter and I saw the ATV cop Sunday afternoon. Right after we passed some teenagers smoking pot by the lake. He did not even stop when he passed them, and there is no way he should have not caught that!


obsessed with teens on skateboards being pulled on the backs of carts. He drove right by a cart with no registration, too.

"The suspect also is reportedly driving a dark-colored four-door passenger golf cart" ... ??????


Where does it say four-door. Read it.


Where does it say four-door. Read it.


Where does it say four-door. Read it.


[quote=CindiAllen]Where does it say four-door. Read it.[/quote]

An earlier version of the story did initially say four-door.

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Why are the flashers always male???? ;-(

Coming soon to a night club near you in glorious PTC!!

You are totally right, he should have been using his second set of eyes in the back of his head to catch the un-registered vehicle that he passed, and he should have used his third set of eyes to catch the pot smokers; you are so right, he is just not as good as you are, maybe you should take a Stab at it! You can make a citizens arrest...or continue sitting on your a** at your computer typing up ridiculous comments about the people that work really hard in our community.
I am assuming that in the cops mind, that the kids being pulled behind the golf cart on skateboards were top priority considering it's dangerous and an accident could have occurred.
An un-registered vehicle is important as well; but I'm sure that had he gone after the un-registered vehicle instead of the kids, you guys would be hounding him for spending time on an un-registered vehicle instead if the potential accident that the kids were trying to cause. Am I right? Always.
And for the reefer smoking kid/people/teens whoever, it may be illegal, but it's not deadly or dangerous in any way and it wasn't about to cause an accident on a busy golf cart path; in fact studies have proven that in regards to driving under the influence of marijuana, the only side effect is driving too slow, and if that is your concern for cause, then all persons 65 years and older, all Asian women, and my boyfriend should be banned from diving, because 35 mph in a 55 mph zone is FRUSTRATING. :)
Bit O' Wisdom
In all honesty, I probably would have asked the same questions that you guys did (what about the pot, what about the un-registered vehicle), but in the years since graduating high school and jumping into the "real world" a.k.a. "high school with grown-ups" I have learned that, if you do not speak up or get involved in the process, then you have no one to blame but yourself. :)

Well, I guess someone will get a good deal on a house, as this kid just shamed his entire family and they probably will want to move.

Are there really people out there who still don't know that we have the best darn cops in the state?

Criminals: you will be caught in PTC.

Best cops ever!

Double post. Oops

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And in fact this is a great organization to become involved with. It is not fetching coffee for the regular officers as is the case in some locals, but it is public safety and sometimes background work on actual cases. Can use another 20 people on this force - call and inquire. You can be as visible as you want or totally in the background. You won't be sorry.

Live free or die!

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needs help.

Yea, why are the flashers always male.
Darn it!

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