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4 teens charged with robbing 2 Fayette County H.S. students on campus

Four students have been arrested and charged with preying on other students in the last couple of weeks at Fayette County High School in Fayetteville.

The four male students snatched a purse and a cellphone from two other students on the FCHS campus, police said. Charges include robbery, theft and gang activity.

Arrested Sept. 6 were the following:

Trenton Headley, 17, student at FCHS, from Fayetteville.

Tyrek Armstrong, 17, Open Campus, from Fayetteville.

Michael Powell, 17, Open Campus, from Fayetteville.

Juvenile, 16, FCHS, from Fayetteville.

Open Campus is an alternative school located on the old Fayette County High School campus at 205 LaFayette Avenue next door to the new high school. It provides online and individualized course instruction.

Here’s the news release:

On Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012, the Fayetteville Police Department, with the help of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, executed four search and arrest warrants. Two of the search warrants were in the City of Fayetteville and two were in Fayette County.

The warrants stemmed from an investigation conducted by the Fayetteville Police Department into the theft of a purse and a robbery by sudden snatching (cell phone).

Both events occurred late August and early September at the Fayette County High School. The victims were students at Fayette County High School.

Two of the persons arrested were also Fayette County High School students. The other two were students at Open Campus.

All four are being charged with robbery by snatching, theft by taking, and gang activity. Further charges may be pending. Property and evidence was seized from three of the four search warrants.


kcchiefandy's picture in full operation in Fayetteville! I wonder when they'll open Brooks HS in S. Fayette Co.?

1. Alternative School - students who attend here usually have been expelled from regular classes, or have been incarcerated for criminal activity.

2. Infinite Open Campus - students who attend here usually have a medical condition hindering attendance in regular class situation, seizures, cancer, recovering from family or personal trauma; rape, pregnancy, etc has difficulty keeping up with regular class instruction. AP Classes are also taught at Open Campus. FC Open Campus is one of the TOP TEN in the nation.

There is a difference in these two educational services. Look at it this way, the rapist who is a member of a gang in one of our local 5 high schools probably attends (if held accountable for crimes against victims) the Alternative School, and the victim suffering from PTSD due to the rape probably attends the Open Campus Program. If the rapist and friends in the gang (who are probably athletes) kidnapped and drugged his victims at midnight and raped them for hours has not been charged with a crime yet, (because he has nice wealthy parents) he and friends are still probably (racking up victims and) attending our local High Schools or State Colleges.

Isn't diversity wonderful?

RKS's picture

Looks like Fayettedale High School is a lot like Reeferdale High School.

Reeferdale High School? I mean really?
When I was in high school, in Peachtree City mind you, a student in my class was busted for cocaine in his vehicle on campus,and this wasn't the first or the last cocaine bust while I was attending school there.
It can't be as bad as my younger brother being offered cocaine on his first day of school at White Water High School this year, he is in the 10th grade. I would rather him be offered marijuana than cocaine any day.
But that is beside the point, do you honestly think Riverdale High is the only school that is full of pot smokers? If you do, then you are a very naive parent :)
P.s. Riverdale smokes pot because it is cheaper than cocaine,and they don't live in Peachtree City or Fayetteville, in a 200k something home, whose parents work for Delta, NCR, Cooper Lighting, Piedmont Hospitals, etc, so they don't get as big of an allowance as the Fayette County kids, therefore all they can afford is pot.

Yes Social Butterfly, waaaaay more potent than reefer being used these days! I can assure you when they are drugging our little girls and sexually assaulting them for hours they are not using reefer. Chemicals (GHB is common and easy to access and such)are the drug of choice, easy access, and very dangerous. Hair analysis can reveal substance!! Sounds like ties to gang activity??

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Is one of the main reasons people move out of a community, the other is drug use that perpetuates crime. No one wants to drop their kids off at school and find out sometime during the day that they have been robbed, beaten or threatened by fellow students. It suggests that the school administration has lost control and that learning has been replaced by fear.

Generally, as reported in this publication, FHS seems to be having more and more problems with these issues.

Please, not all the blame can be on School Admin; if law enforcement fails/refuses to hold attackers/perpetrators accountable, then what are the victims & BOE to do??

This behaviour is repeated again and again, and as they get away with it one time they increase severity each time thereafter. Some will say when you hear of kids going "off" to a military type training or school for a couple months, this is one of the means of dealing with with these criminals, but it doesn't seem to be working.

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Administrators are hamstrung by the administrators at higher levels and parents that don't back up the disciple metered out by teachers. We have created this decline in learning by our empowerment of thugs through "rules".

The fact is the parents of these teen thugs would take these teachers and administrators to court, or worse call them racists and bigots, have marches outside of school to protest "unjust actions". You don't have to be a genius to figure this out, you merely have to be a teenager in a school that wants to cause trouble and know that your parents will always back you up.

In my day, you never wanted to come home if you were disciplined at school....the parents always backed up the teachers....always. If you wanted to be a thug, you had nowhere to turn.

The fact is there are those in our society that just don't care or want to be educated. We should not force them to go to school.

PTC Observer - I understand the fear and intimidation with threats of Unjust Actions from thugs; BUT
You know victims (aged 2 to 92) ignored by the "just-us" system could do a 180 with your assessment and the victims may have a day of reckoning. Victims could be the ones making noise, exposing their suffering for a variety of crimes they've endured. Ummmm, now that I'd love to see!!

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This was my beginning point in this string, the fact is that most civilized people don't take vengeance, they simply move out, leaving behind the kind of community that supports thugs, perpetuates crime on its citizens and delivers up to its children fear instead of excellence in education.

This what happens when communities stop focusing on education and discipline can focus entirely on looking for scapegoats for their children's thuggery.

You can see this happening in every major American city, excellent education simply moves away from this, the children that want to learn are the real victims of parent empowerment of their unruly children.

The solution? Parents that care about their children's education standing up and supporting their school's discipline of their children, and changing the "rules" to let administrators and teachers command respect in the classroom.

Finally, there are those that aren't interested in learning, they are interested in getting out of learning. We shouldn't force them into our schools to the detriment of children that actually want to learn. Let these non-students go their own way, discover on their own that they will end up in jail or work as a janitor. We should stop trying to make a round peg fit into a square hole. We can't "save" everyone, just look at our prisons. Many prisoners are the very children that disrupted and threatened other children in high school, used drugs and made poor life decisions. All with their parents support and encouragement. Let them go.

First, the blame goes to the "kids" who preyed upon and robbed other students.

Secondly, no blame should be put on anyone other than those who did it, and they should spend a long time working to change their ways.

But at what point will we realize that stuffing two thousand kids or so into a brick building with narrow halls, low ceilings, and fewer windows than ever is a bad idea? Even the good kids feel trapped.

Plus, what is the hold-up (no pun intended) on school uniforms? You can make any argument you want against them, but you won't find a single case in which teachers, parents and students say, "switching to school uniforms was a disaster." It can't hurt. Make them dress for success. At the high school level they should walk in that door wearing slacks, a nice shirt and, heck, make them wear a nice jacket too and tie. If you want them to be civilized and ready for the real world, start now.

Oh, and if they can't be rehabilitated, send them to Florida.

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