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County Commission to be asked to fence, gate Kenwood Park

A recommendation to install entrance gates and some fencing at Kenwood Park will be considered by the Fayette County Commission at its meeting Thursday night at 7 p.m.

Those recommendations are being made by the Fayette County Recreation Commission, which has been studying the matter since 2009.

In a letter to the County Commission, Recreation Commission Chairman Charles McCollum noted “safety concerns” from several property owners adjacent to the park where fencing either four feet or six feet in height could be erected. Such fencing would not be around the entire facility, he noted.

The recreation commission is also recommending the installation of either electric or manual gates so the park can be closed at night.

“The recommendation by the recreation commission is for security reasons after hours and not for the prevention of the use of the park during park hours,” McCollum wrote.

The recreation commission’s recommendations were developed after a lengthy study of the issue which included input from the North Fayette Homeowners Association, a review of other counties’ practices and performing some park studies, McCollum wrote.

The recreation commission is also looking for guidance from the county commission on whether it should formally consider the possible adoption of parking regulations and a user fee for the park, McCollum added.



PTC Observer's picture

Aren't these the same people complaining that the county wouldn't finish the park a few years ago? Weren't they up in arms about it? Didn't they notice that the plan called for no fence around the park?

Geez.... does the spending ever stop?

Let's just put fences up around all our parks, it's only money.

Cyclist's picture

try an electric fence. That should work. ☺

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