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Panasonic adding 150 more jobs in expansion of PTC location

The Panasonic facility in Peachtree City has added 100 jobs in the past year and currently has 50 openings for software engineers in high-paying jobs, the city council was told Thursday night.

The company is expected to hire another 150 people in the future as well, according to Emily Poole of the Fayette County Development Authority.

In a nod to Panasonic’s job creation efforts, the Peachtree City Council has approved a grant of up to $50,000, with several caveats including that the new jobs be full-time and pay upwards of $51,000.

FCDA President Matt Forshee said Panasonic looked at several different options for locating the new positions, including its other locations near Detroit, Michigan and also in Texas. But the company decided its best bet was to expand here, and that has meant turning a location once focused heavily on manufacturing into office space, officials said.

Instead of shutting down, as some worried a few years, ago, Panasonic’s local operation is now “growing and bursting at the seams,” Forshee said.

Poole also gave council a report on business retention and expansion activities which are her main focus at FCDA through the funding provided by the city.

Some four companies are undertaking expansion projects now, with an investment between $15-$20 million and an additional 50 to 100 jobs, Poole said. There are also two new companies looking to locate in Peachtree City who are expected to invest $20-$30 million and add 150 jobs.

None of these projects are at the stage yet where a full announcement can be made publicly, Poole added.

Poole also reported that an existing industry council has been formed to help bring the city’s industrial leaders together to network, find their common needs and allow them to communicate with each other. There is also interest in having a separate aviation industry council, she added.

The city has also improved the authority’s presence on the city website, with a spot on the home screen to provide potential new businesses with Poole’s contact information, which she noted was a suggestion that came from the city council.



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The contention that FCDA is not focused on PTC and we need to have our own Development Authority seems to be in error. Seems the rest of city council is more than willing to move on and prosper after defunding DAPC and forging an agreement with Fayette County. Not just for this reason, but electing 2 Haddix's in November would be a huge step backwards.

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This expansion proposals for Panasonic began involving DAPC and the FCDA. The planning was delayed and disrupted because DAPC was dissolved.

Why wasn't the grant handled last year, under FCDA, like it should have been? After all, we had our paid rep in place with the FCDA, etc.

Where is the redevelopment within PTC since DAPC was dissolved? It ended.

You really need to review history, as well, on some other projects that began with DAPC but now you want to give full credit to just the FCDA. The FCDA does not claim full credit.

<a href=" ">READ HERE</a>.

Some of the expansions you now heard about are what was talked in the article.

We need both the FCDA and DAPC, just as Fayetteville uses the FCDA and their Development Authority. The FCDA cannot and does not do it all. It is a partnership, not a competition.

An Economic Development Director with full Authority power plus 7 professional PTC volunteers can do far more than one person. As Matt, stated, he is too busy in the County to deal with PTC.

That Director could very well be Emily Poole.

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<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Anyone with a modicum of intelligence reading the article you referenced realizes that the biggest obstacle to development in Peachtree City is the petty squabbling and adolescent behavior from the dais. Fact is, with the soap opera antics I feel Peachtree City is fortunate that Panasonic chose to expand here vice the other locales they considered.
Resurrecting the DAPC issue in light of this good news is simply petty.

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It's not good enough to be "right" at times when there are all these people out there like Councilmembers or citizens who don't agree. MUST BURY THEM NOW! ME AND STURBAUM, ME AND STURBAUM! OH wait, now it's ME AGAINST EVERYONE ELSE and thanks for the 12K in defending my stupid mouth against a libel charge.

Cannot wait for some maturity and leadership on the PTC Council, starting from the Mayor's office on down. It's an added bonus to get rid of both Don and his wife's challenge in the same election. Not that I think Learnard is fantastic, but Cathy Haddix? What a joke.

Don Haddix's picture

Your deduction on what one should realize from the article is strained at best. It is actually nothing more than excuse to make an attack.

You are correct it has caused some issues. But contrary to what you want others to believe the concen by industries, other cities, etc, is the conduct of the Councilmembers. I have been told they know I am pro economic development and they are not.

Fact is many companies are still coming to me first. At least one of those listed in the current initial stages approached me and, after talking, I referred them to the FCDA.

Just going along with the majority and being silent would have hurt us badly. The speaking up was what encouraged them to proceed.

You really do not know what your talking about here. If elected, you have a lot to learn. Not being insulting here, just stating you don't know as much as you believe you do. Economic development is protected like Executive Sessions. That means the public is not aware of all going on.

Whether you will be willing, is up to you. The others elected in 2009 on were not. As I said before, neither Imker or Dienhart think they had anything to learn and didnt even classes.

In fact, they had, at times, wanted to cut Staff training as well. After all, they could decide it all.

There is nothing petty about giving credit where credit is due. The facts are the facts.

This is the ideal time to point out DAPC played a role and deserves credit as well. Nothing petty about that.

Nothing petty in reminding you Doug Sturbaum, who works at Panasonic, is part of this expansion and is a wholehearted supporter of DAPC. He voted against them being dissolved.

I remind you that you are now a candidate, not just a mud slinging blogger. Time to act like one.

I remind you that after I replied to your post question you never answered mine. Do you support the a Comprehensive Strategic Plan or not? I clearly showed you it is integral to your ZBB proposal.

Do you have material to offer in support for a Public Safety Director position? I know I have done research but am still willing to hear more data.

Do you support DAPC or not? Why?

Don't say because of the arguments on the Dais. Correcting a wrong is never out of line to bring up. Next year won't be the same Council as this one.

I do not know one of your opponents but do know Shane. I can tell you she will have arguments, is pro tax and is pro Fleisch. Her central Agenda is Rec.

I also ask you, are you going to continue your approach as you have conducted yourself on the blogs? That would sheer hypocrisy for you to condemn the name calling, false accusations, etc of the 3 and then do it yourself.

I have never done the name calling. I always present facts to support my case.

Time for you to present your agenda, reasons, etc, Candidate King.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Grammer Check- Dienhart and Imker didn't even classes??? The horror. I'll never vote for either!

Reality Check- Imker and Dienhart don't like wasting money.

Memory Check- Me and Stubaum makes it's return 2 years after Dougie threw in the towel. How many beatings are you going to make this poor man take for you?

Knowledge Check- I think we will find out that most people prefer a Mike King gut feeling to anything you have researched.

Gut Check- You don't have enough backbone to make a decision. That's why there is a proposal for another committee. Just an FYI- we elected you and a city council to make decisions. Not to waffle and push them off until after the election (Fleish might want to read this one, too.)

And one more thing- Never done name calling? Your whole website is a thinly veiled attack on everyone that disagrees with you.

I am voting for Dienhart. Probably King. Maybe Ernst and definitely Lernard.

Don Haddix's picture

"Dienhart and Imker didn't even attend classes."

That is why several of Dienhart's proposals were removed from Agendas. He didn't follow procedure.

Also, why his platform of Council writing the Budget proposal is a non starter. It is both illegal and terrifying he thinks he as the skill and knowledge to develop department Budgets.

There is more, but I will let it go at that for now. But, it makes the point you need to know what is legal, etc, before voting or making statements such as they have.

Rule but gut feeling? Really? Wow!

There is no proposal for another committee.

Citing voting records and statements is not attacking, it is history.

I said I have never named called. They have called others, not just me, liars and worse.

It is your right to vote as you wish. Learnard, Fleisch and Imker are pro tax and debt. Dienhart has voted for every increase but one.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

mudcat's picture


Not in his vocabulary

Piss off everyone I can...

Feel free to use it on the 4 or 5 signs you put out.

At the last GOP breakfast Deinhart talked about his budget plans- No where did he say council should write the budget. Another Don Haddix "fact". Your whole website is questionable at best.

BTW- any taxes that council voted to increase was in direct response to both you and Logsdon bumbling your responsibilities. You ideas were specifically said by Imker and Lernard to be placing the city on the road to bankruptcy.

Sit back and think of the legacy you will be leaving behind this January. Near bankruptcy, being stripped of a traditional role in negotiations. Suing the city you were supposed to represent. Being sued for slander. Being censured. Arguing with your constituents. Amazing. That's a 2 lifetime's of mistakes in 4 short years.

Don Haddix's picture

Here is the quote and link:
<a href=" This will, for the first time, implement a system whereby council, after consultation with both the city manager and the Finance Director, determines the revenue ceiling, provides guidance for the upcoming year, and sets the priorities for city departments. Department heads will for the first time in recent memory be required to manage their departments with the resources provided just as you and I have to manage our personal and business finances."</a>

The Charter states the City Manager will create a proposed Budget. It is based on the guidelines given by Council at the Retreat.

So, it is illegal to proceed this way via the Charter, not to mention incredibly foolish to think Council has the knowledge, experience or skills to do so. Dienhart has demonstrated he most assuredly doe not.

The reference to "first time in recent memory," is nonsensical. They have always been required to do so since day one.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

What you posted does not say Deinhart or Council will do the budget. It describes oversight and input. Changing the law would only require collaboration between the city Councilmen. Something that you, to date, have not been able to do at all.

Don Haddix's picture

There is no other way to accomplish what he states. Plus his other post:
<a href=" biggest part would be rolling out zero based budgeting. City council would set the budget and staff would spend accordingly. Now, staff comes to us with a budget and justifies why they need the total amount of the budget. We then set the millage according. This is backwards. We have the estimates of our intake- that's the magic number we must budget towards."</a>

Further, a ZBB requires Citizen input and a Plan. He opposed both.

Plus, wrong again, on only requiring Councilmen. It is Councilmembers, not Councilmen, and it requires the State Legislature to change our Charter.

Amusing you say I have not been able to achieve collaboration. I have, in fact,and saved PTC over a million a year, etc. All of Dienhart's initiatives have been defeated. Some didn't even make it to the Dais because they were improper.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I think you might actually believe this stuff you write. If you read the whole statement, it us clear that meant council will set the total dollar amount. What have you saved us money on? I have heard several on your council state that you have had no budget input. This includes a recent letter to the editor from Imker. You have consistently proved throughout this conversation that you lack both the ability to listen and read. You are an embarrassment to this city and will not be missed. Keep blogging Donnie. You lose votes every time you spew forth this garbage. Any voter who does rudimentary fact checking will be looking elsewhere with their vote.

NUK_1's picture

There is no need to have the charter modified to tell the City Mgr. and department heads we have to have a budget to not exceed "X" number of dollars total. Stop trying to stretch the truth here or start communicating what you are trying to say in a lot clearer and maybe more honest and non-political manner. For once.

Amusing you say I have not been able to achieve collaboration. I have, in fact,and saved PTC over a million a year, etc.[/quote]

Amusing how any of your initiatives that get voted down are all everyone else on Council's fault, but *you* personally, on your own, saved PTC over a million a year. Quite an amazing feat or yet another case of you not being able to communicate in a straight-forward and actually honest manner with the PTC citizens.

Don, November is right around the corner and enjoy your retirement. You did what you thought was best and frankly I think it mostly sucked except for the Tennis Center disaster that I give you praise for spearheading a great turnaround. Hell, I actually agree with you on DPAC for that matter.
Still, your leadership "skills" are horrendous and you have a public personality that would piss-off the Pope even, just like you have about anyone else in the political arena you come into contact with.

We'll both find out in two months who has a clue and who is out of touch with reality.

Don Haddix's picture

Setting a total Budget cap is not the same thing as what Dienhart said.

With a cap the City Manager still creates the Budget within those restrictions. Dienhart says Council will create the Budget.

As I said, my proposal saved the money. It was not an easy task to get the vote in the affirmative to pass them. Without my fighting to get it done, it would have never happened.

So, I have good ideas but because you don't like me, personally, you would vote for those who created the problems. Amazing.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Please learn to read. It is most assuredly what he said. Both above and at the GOP breakfast.

NUK_1's picture

I didn't say I disliked you personally. I don't know you personally enough to have an opinion either way on that. What I stated is your very public political persona here and the newspaper and about anywhere else really rubs me(and a lot of others) the wrong way.

I think you go out of your way to hold grudges, alienate the very people you have to work with in order to succeed(and get supporting votes), and then blame others for your own inability to lead. You have a nasty habit of attack, attack, attack, belittling others' accomplishments, and over-hyping your own.

It's not "personal" with me; I just don't think you've been an effective Mayor at all and do not deserve re-election.

One could have the greatest ideas in the world, but if the person cannot clearly communicate the plan nor gain consensus, then its time to move on.

Alienation of others when they do not agree with ones opinion, doesn't normally win them over.

Plain and simple, we need fresh blood to invigorate PTC

Don Haddix's picture

For Mayor, who would that be? Four of the candidates are not fresh blood. Jolly needs to first serve on some Committees, etc. to get some experience.

So who is your pick and why?
A fresh majority that is not tax and spend and listens to the citizens would end change everything.

Cathy and I are 2. Just need 1 more. Logsdon, Dienhart and Fleisch have proven they do not listen. They rejected every survey and effort to gather data because they didn't like the answers.

Your fresh blood comment is not going to happen for Mayor.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Are you so delusional that you actually think that arguing on this forum is doing you any good. Donnie my boy all you are doing is covering the grave!
I'll hold my nose and vote for the hysterical female before I'd vote for you or Otis Campbell. You've taken yourself out of the race by coming on here and arguing with people like an agitator and not like a leader.

mudcat's picture

and she's the logical choice. I know it is unfair to judge all men based upon the Haddix behavioral model, but we really, really need a change from this stuff and I believe Vanessa is the one to do it - along with Ernst and King.

She is kind of famous for histrionics. I know alot of people in local politics. She has a reputation that she gets upset, yells at staff and walks out of meetings from what I have heard. I've seen her freak out on a staff member once as well. I'm just a voter- amazed that she would do that in front of me. I was too young to vote then. But I'm not now. I'll pass on Vanessa simply based on the fact that I think I would be miserable if I had to work for her. The additional fact that spends too much and ignores the younger people of this town to pander to the elderly doesn't sit well with me either.

Whether or not its true about The Big Hair Lady, I've heard similar comments. My aversion to her is her reluctance as Council Person to act or vote on anything unless its postponed or some kind of study done before she will come down on a position. Taking time to make the right decision is admirable at times but seems to me it was her way of kicking the can down the road. And her letter to the paper announcing her candidacy was pretty weak imho. The fact is it is an extremely weak field of candidates for mayor. Would love to see Terry Garlock or Mike King on that roster.

worked with her at City Hall, she's prone to through fits when things don't go her way. But at least she's smart enough not to come on here and do it like Donnie.

mudcat's picture

Vanessa that is, if you think she's a diva of some kind. I think divas are the worst - especially when they are in real estate, like that's some high faluting profession. Geeez. Writers too. I have seen that Rhonda person go totally diva insisting she be paid ahead of time for a corporate event - ruined the whole thing for me.

However, I have been around Vanessa several times and never saw anything resembling that behavior, so I will be voting for her.

Husband doesn't support him so dandy Don is going to attempt to bully him into becoming a supporter, because, you know how much people like being pushed into a corner. This is Don's personality. He can't help it and and it shows why he must not be re-elected.

Don Haddix's picture

On one hand you say I have gotten good things done. That is being effective.

On the other hand you say I have not been effective and you will vote for those who have done what you believe I have been effective in changing.

Anyway you look at it, I find it a contradictory stance.

Let me ask it this way, who of the Mayoral Candidates do you find better for PTC in their Agenda? Exactly what have they done and what what do they want to do you support. Straight up and straight forward question.

And please, no "they are nicer" kind of response. Their track records of false claims and accusation that they have lost on denies that. Nor is that a reason to let someone move an Agenda forward that hurts the City.

Husband, might as well include you in the question. That will tell me a lot about what you want for PTC.

I don't hold grudges. But I do fight for what I believe in and do not tolerate false accusations.

It is also interesting when I push back on the Councilmembers, you call it an attack. When they push back you are silent.

Just saying you cannot have it both ways.

With all of the "attacks" you and a couple of other bloggers have done on me, it is only fair to question ask you what you want to see done in PTC.

Now is the time to flip it around and ask you some of the hard questions. Time for you to stop making "cliche" and "sound bite" "attack" and give a substantive answer.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

NUK_1's picture

Your comments on "false accusations" are rather self-serving. It was YOUR e-mail about Logsdon and "part drunk" that cost the City 12K and a whole lot of embarrassment. Then, your pursuit to make sure YOU didn't have to pay for YOUR own utter lack of judgment by running off at the mouth made it even worse. Then the Council itself wanted to hold you accountable in a foolish attempt and the end result was you all looked like some crap from Clayton County.

I'll tell you exactly why I am not voting for you: I don't want to see another repeat of a blowhard Mayor like you or Steve Brown wrecking PTC in order to make headlines and constantly having a war against everyone else. That's not leadership at all. Standing up for you what you believe isn't the same as demonizing everyone else that might hold a differing opinion. Both you and Brown have never got that nuance whatsoever.

You've been attacked by other Councilmembers and you brought it all on yourself by coming on here and the newspaper raising hell against them over and over to where you poisoned the well.. Is it surprising to you that they might respond in kind? This is in no way a defense of their own political immaturity at all, but you brought all this on yourself and seemed to actually enjoy it, Don Quixote.

What I expect out of a Mayor or councilmember is some civility at bare minimum. That would be a nice start. The good ideas and the agenda for the betterment of PTC is great, but when you go to war with everyone else, how do you expect others to suddenly say "oh, he may have a point?"

Barry Goldwater had a lot of good ideas and got crushed running for President. Ideas aren't always enough and sometimes you have to LEAD. You have failed miserably at that, IMO.

As far as who I would vote for: about anyone but you. I've seen you for a couple years on Council and 4 years of Mayor. I don't approve whatsoever. I don't think your occasional good ideas overcome your antagonistic and belligerent political persona whatsoever.

I'll probably vote for Deinhart. You can go ahead and run him down yet again and again and again and it really doesn't matter. As far as the usual "he's a tax and spender" reply that you're chomping your teeth about right now, I don't mind paying a little more, frankly, if that is what it takes. I like that a lot better than waste-of-time surveys and polling voters who elected you folks to lead, not follow or poll everyone.

To be honest, I don't think we have anyone in the mayors race who is a really strong candidate. All have faults. But they stood up for the challenge and to me, I will have to pick the lessor of the evils. (Not sure who it is yet).

I have gone thru your website and read your posts and I am not impressed. While I see a few good ideas, they are not presented very well. What I haven't been able to see during your 6 years on council is you being able to present your position and gain the support of others. It just wont work unless you can lay down your guns and learn to "horse trade" a little. Not every issue has to be won nor every defeat fought publicly in the papers. Take a look at your website, you have alienated everyone who has worked with you in the past and potentially in the future. Not one time, have I found where you built up someones good attributes or good work.

Unless you are willing to change your approach, I'm afraid, if re-elected, there will be another 4 years of constant battles.

Answer me honestly. How often have you asked one of your fellow councilpeople to meet you for coffee or lunch in order to hear and understand their thoughts?

I am looking for someone who will bring in new high paying job opportunities, who provides a police and fire department that make us feel safe, a city that can continue to market PTC as a great place to raise a family and provide recreation activities for youth, adults, and seniors.

PTC Observer's picture

Without leadership, they are meaningless. Therefore, your ideas are meaningless.

Still waiting to see the public endorsements from your supporters and their reasoning for their support. I don't see anyone stepping up for you Mr. Haddix, if you have leadership skills, you should be able to get them out there in front. Still waiting.

What you posted does not say Deinhart or Council will do the budget. It describes oversight and input. Changing the law would only require collaboration between the city Councilmen. Something that you, to date, have not been able to do at all.

What you posted does not say Deinhart or Council will do the budget. It describes oversight and input. Changing the law would only require collaboration between the city Councilmen. Something that you, to date, have not been able to do at all.

mudcat's picture

dem 2 Haddixs, I mean. You get elected and you'll have one on your right and another on your left. Funtime at meetings.

I have personally been present when EDC Emily Poole described Councilman Dienhart as "the one that gets it"- it being economic development. Can't wait for the circus to end and government to begin with Dienharts election as mayor.

Don Haddix's picture

Where and when? I honestly do not believe you, seeing as I have had meetings with Emily.

But, I am leaving her out of it since she is a County employee.

I will say she is not an EDC. We have no EDC, since that is a real job title of a municipal Staff employee who has zero Authority power and is under the legal limits of a City Employee.

That is why Development Authorities exist, to do what Staff cannot legally do.

Again, a lack of knowledge is shown by you and Dienhart.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

At the GOP Gun show a few weeks back. EDC? That's what I had heard, I think, Lernard call her at some point.

I'll defer to you on the subject of lack of knowledge. The very phrase should be your campaign slogan.

Don Haddix's picture

You heard it second hand from Dienhart. That explains it.

I don't need to call Learnard, she has struggled with the legalities of EDC vs Development Authority from the beginning.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I heard it come right out of her mouth at the event. No one said to call Lernard. I'm done for the day. Every time you post something it proves you can't/won't listen to people. Thats one of the reasons you can't effectively lead and why you will be a one term wonder.

Had a gun show? The GOP uses party money to show guns?

It wasn't really a gun show. My bad. It was a fundraiser, I think. Everything there cost money.

For the clarification. We're guns sold?

So maybe. They raffled off a couple. Sheriff Babb competed in a shooting competition. They had several shooting competitions. Food and some old white guy singing.

My kinda politics. Well, except for the old white guy singing.

"As Matt, stated, he is too busy in the County to deal with PTC."

May I ask where and when Matt Forshee said that? I don't see it in the article. And given that PTC has the only industrial park in the county, I find it hard to believe that Matt would say such a thing. If he has a manufacturing prospect handed off to him from the GA Dept of Economic Development, you bet your sweet bippie he's going to take them to PTC Industrial Park.

You keep harping on DAPC and what it did with economic development. I will give them credit for working with the businesses in the Crosstown Shopping Center and those improvements. But that could have just as easily been handled through the Planning Commission or a board of volunteers from the community.

This is no slam on the DAPC volunteers but the fact is DAPC had little if any real authority. FCDA has the power to issue bonds which I don't believe DAPC did.

The GA Department of Economic Development recognizes FCDA as the lead marketing and economic development entity in Fayette County. To have another development authority is a waste and not best for Fayette County or PTC. Matt does an excellent job and I'm sure if he needed help you would know about it.

Which begs the question....what is Matt's stance on DAPC? Does he think Fayette County needs it?

Don Haddix's picture

Matt said it during the FCDA Update in the Announcement portion of the Agenda. Not everything said is reported in the papers.

He said he was completely focused on the Studio.

No, the Planning Commission could not do it. It is not their job and is actually illegal for any City Employee, Commission or Committee to do. They have no power to spend a penny as well.

DAPC has exactly the same power of the FCDA. A copy of the State DA Law is on my website.

The State recognizes all Authorities. They are formed vai DCA. Who gets what depends on the nature of the request.

Yes, Matt calls me at need. So does Emily. I have given them a few interested companies that came to me, not to them.

You need to understand not everything comes via the State. I would say most do not.

When Logsdon told him, at a meeting, he was thinking of dissolving DAPC, Matt told him not to. He told Logsdon we need DAPC to do what the FCDA does not.

Same with the other Authorities. They were created by State Law to do what cities and counties cannot.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

You are correct, Matt doesn't devote every minute of his time on Peachtree City. Emily DOES devote a substantial amount of her professional time to Peachtree City. Please- tell the whole story. Aren't you dizzy yet (from all the spinning you are doing here)?

Yes I realize that the state "recognizes" all authorities. My comment was when the state has a prospect for Fayette County, FCDA is the authority they reach out to. Are you saying there have been instances where the state reached out to DAPC instead of FCDA? If so, please provide an instance. Are you saying DAPC had the authority to issue bonds like FCDA? Please provide a link to the FCDA Update where Matt said he was too busy for PTC. I'd like to see it in print before I buy it.

Don Haddix's picture

There is a Special Call Council Meeting Thursday at 9:30 AM.

Here is the Agenda:

The Mayor and Council of Peachtree City will hold a Special Called Meeting on Friday, September 13, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. in the large conference room in City Hall at 151 Willowbend Road. The purpose of the meeting is to address the following two issues:

(1) Cancel the September 19, 2013 meeting, and

(2) Consider the following language to amend the City’s proposed SPLOST list:

“Allocating $500,000 in funding for the study and construction of transportation improvements to include movement upgrades, signal upgrades and other fiscal corridor upgrades (including new roads) which may be needed to improve the operational movements of traffic throughout the city.”

The first is due to all the Agenda Items being delayed for one reason or another. No Agenda... no Meeting.

The second is per the 3 Council Members wanting a 54 Corridor Study. As I noted on the Dais, a study must be attached to a project. 54 West alone is not a project.

Do not ask me to justify $500K for a study. If the SPLOST passes, which I oppose, this would take away from road and path projects.

Obviously, if we do not have enough money to meet our current needs we don't have enough to take on new.

Plus, remember the letter to GDOT I opposed? If GDOT was going to do this why are they wanting to alot money for it?

Ask them, not me.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
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<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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