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Water director Parrott demoted

Effective today, Fayette County Water System Director Tony Parrott has been demoted to the position of a Class I Water Treatment Plant Operator.

This news was released by County Administrator Steve Rapson, who indicated the demotion was "based upon inadequate performance of responsibilities as the water system director."

The demotion provides a significant hit to Parrott’s salary, which will drop from $118,444 a year to $56,467 a year. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division has been notified of the personnel change, Rapson added. EPD is involved because it determined the county violated 10 safe drinking water rules and had 141 deficiencies in the water system which needed to be corrected.

In Parrott’s absence, Rapson said the water system is technically under his direct supervision, though plant managers Bill Stevens and Tom Henninger are overseeing day-to-day operations and will consult him for anything they need.

For more details on this story, read Wednesday's edition of The Citizen.



Really slow and really painful for everyone.

Your right MLC. Very slow and indecisive. This whole situation would be a great case study on how not to manage.

We all knew following last weeks article where the operators indicated the system was broken, there was no way Tony could come back and lead.

In a few short weeks, we went from Barlow proclaiming Tony as a great leader, to Rapson suspending him for 2 weeks, and now a Rapson demotion. Guess if he doesn't quit, next week, he may be on lawnmower duty. I won't hold my breath waiting for Barlow to cast the second stone. He will now hide behind Rapson or state that this is a personnel issue and totally ignore his earlier comments.

Yesterday marked the 45th day since the EPD inspection, so the county had to respond Friday or today. My guess is that since we lacked a Class I Operator, Tony has to stay or risk the county paying a fine. Does this now cut short his vacation?

I'm sure it will really be a comfortable work environment when Tony shows up for work.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Step by step he is ridding us of this incompetent redneck. I mean have you ever talked face to face to this dope? Seriously defective.

Anywhoo, Rapson is doing the right thing to avoid the Lisa somebody-type lawsuit against Chippy and the city. End result which seems best for the county, Parrot gone, someone else in charge, employees re-energized. What could be better than that?

Rapson is doing it right. Brown's solution (off with his head) would cost the county and the taxpayers at least $400k - for the lawsuit, legal fees and the settlement. Maybe a few dollars more for the chest-beating press release the brown clown would send out. Which of course is only $4 per citizen, but too much for me.

Thanks for looking out for us, Steve. You da man!

Live free or die!

But he had this same option a week ago. Only thing now is he completed the letter to EPD. If this was the plan all along, then suspend him for two weeks pending further review. Nope, 2 weeks and straighten up he said.

There are first year law students who could defend this demotion.

A good firing would light a fire under every other under producing worker.

If I suspended someone, then went back to my boss saying my punishment was not right, I need to fire or demote, my butt would be out the door for: a. Not doing my due diligence, b. being indecisive, c. Not showing good leadership, d. All of the above.

Personally, I would enjoy hearing his excuses in court. Then the real dirt would finally be exposed.

Cyclist's picture

This will be interesting.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I just talked to an employee who told me that one employee quit last week and several others are looking for new jobs because of management's incompetence and unwillingness to take responsibility for their actions and/or lack of action. Maybe the wheels of justice are finally catching up with the water department's managers! The employees are embarrassed and angry that so much is being blamed on them that was not their fault. They are complaining that management would not listen to Class I Operators who had been there for years and knew what was wrong but got no respect and were talked down to and overruled by unqualified managers.

Not sure this is the best answer for the citizens. He needs to go. He has less support than OBAMA does for attacking SYRIA.


PTC Observer's picture

"Effective today, Fayette County Water System Director Tony Parrott has been demoted to the position of a Class I Water Treatment Plant Operator."

Great decision making on this guy, congratulations. Nothing like marginal thinking. Which plant will our new Class I operator run? Who's impacted? Let us know so we can prepare.

Talking about weak knee responses!!!

Tony Parrott has total control over the county leadership. He's bad enough that they slap his pay and they later give him a huge demotion but he's not bad enough to fire???

Don't like this at all!

ptctaxpayer's picture

The County Administration's response to this water crisis is about as meaningful as rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Parrott should have retired at $118,444. He surely is old enough to retire. What are the qualifications of Bill Stevens and Tom Henninger and Steve Rapson????


I went over tonys head because he put peoples lives in danger and they followed me around waiting for me to make a mistake. They gave me jobs that were not in my job description and i finnaly made one i left the drop box keys in drop box and before i could turn around and get them a marshal was there and thats there reason for firing me! I was there 20 years and wasnt written up for anything untill i went over tonys head. Wow he doesnt report antifreeze in the water and just gets demoted! He should be in jail! If you live in ptc and had some unexplained medical problems in 2007 it might had been from the water in The county. Contact me i can prove it!

Still no meeting minutes posted from the Aug 28th water committee meeting.

Mr. Rapson, when can we expect this to be posted?

approved at the next meeting before they are official minutes. There is a meeting this morning, so minutes will probably be posted later today or tomorrow.

to me at least.

Stand on all this and did they have any input with the recent decisions?

You stumped me with that one. I do not know. I would make a wild guess that this was done with HR and management, not with a volunteer board.

But then I ask, why have a volunteer/appointed board in the first place? This was a personnel decision, but I thought the reason for having the board in the first place was for oversight.

If you were demoted and fired after whistle-blowing you should have been able to sue

Starting now i got the paper work uo to prove it all. A lot was going on
In my life the becuse of tony prrot. I am talking to an atourney now.!!!

Tony parrot should have been fired and striped of all benifits! Because wheno someone gets the nerve to check out the relationship with tony and the inengering co mallet. Something is wrong there. Money is changing hands and i would bet on it. But nobody wanrs to open that can of worms. Also the meters are sopose to be bid o has always been badger meter why everything is supose to be bid ou! Ho can those two companys get the lowest bid for over 20 years without help!he deserves chrimal charges and other peoe as well!

Don't you worry, there will be a for lease sign at 101 Devant St. #804 soon. No bid baloney is over now.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Come on dude, Tony Parrott is worth about $10/hour (assuming he cleans up after himself and uses breath mints) so is he going to risk the $118k by taking kickbacks? He'd have to be an idiot. Redneck is one thing, but a cheat? No way.

Live free or die!

But I wouldn't just look the other way. People are greedy.

Wonder also if he has some money issues since he wants to work 10 more years at 1/2 his former salary. One would think he could have retired when it hit the fan and made as much and then work a side job.

Now he's willing to work under everyone he used to screw over. Good luck with that Rapson.

tortugaocho's picture

Same story with rest of Water Committee ? Good logic, Morgan, but who else WOULD benefit from corruption ? Maybe we blow up that monument statute and see whose names are on that "Water Commission". Let's see who has made money off of this. This may be one of those pollution stories where the water committee looked the other way because it would cost too much to have done certain things the right way.

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