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Water director Parrott demoted

Effective today, Fayette County Water System Director Tony Parrott has been demoted to the position of a Class I Water Treatment Plant Operator.

This news was released by County Administrator Steve Rapson, who indicated the demotion was "based upon inadequate performance of responsibilities as the water system director."

The demotion provides a significant hit to Parrott’s salary, which will drop from $118,444 a year to $56,467 a year. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division has been notified of the personnel change, Rapson added. EPD is involved because it determined the county violated 10 safe drinking water rules and had 141 deficiencies in the water system which needed to be corrected.

In Parrott’s absence, Rapson said the water system is technically under his direct supervision, though plant managers Bill Stevens and Tom Henninger are overseeing day-to-day operations and will consult him for anything they need.

For more details on this story, read Wednesday's edition of The Citizen.



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