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PTC likely to eliminate voice control for pets

Peachtree City pet owners may soon lose the ability to keep their pets under voice control.

At Thursday night’s City Council meeting, officials will consider adopting a requirement that all pets be leashed when off their owner’s property.

This would be a sweeping change for many pet owners who have become accustomed to walking their dogs on the path system unencumbered by leashes. However, several residents have told the City Council they have been accosted by uncontrolled dogs that were unleashed while they were on a path stroll.

The matter will be discussed at Thursday's council meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. at City Hall on Willowbend Road just off Ga. Highway 54.

The change will bring Peachtree City in-line with the county’s leash law regulations, which is a consideration because the county’s Animal Control division handles animal complaints in the city.

Peachtree City Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark also has asked for voice control to be eliminated as an option because a leash law will be far simpler to enforce.

There are no proposed restrictions on the type or length of leash because of the current staffing levels of the animal control division and other city departments, according to a city memo circulated to city council members.

City staff have also investigated the possibility of allowing pet owners to become certified in voice command training, but no such training course is available, according to the memo.



We can't even control humans with voice control.
With rare exceptions, only sheepherders, a few cattle dogs, stage show people with trained dogs, and some military and police dogs can be partially controlled by voice (except when interfered with by other dogs or people.)

We never had voice control here to eliminate!

Trained dogs only respond partially to their individual perpetual handlers----not other members of the family. What one member if trained, could do that walk every day 365?
It is similar to prohibition not working.

Aren't we responsive to voters sometimes stupidly?

Now I suppose people will use 500 foot long Bungee leashes!

Hopefully the city council will not forget to set a limit on the maximum length of a leash as well. I say 6 feet sounds about right!

This leash length thing will require several councl meeting for open discussion! Data will need to be gathered and experiments run! Opinions like yours don't count much.
The leash for cats, as I understand it, can be longer than a dog's leash since cats seldom run out any distance to attack other cats or dogs.

It will take at least three years for any kind of tickets to be written or arrests made since no one seems to have not a single person, ever, to enforce any law passed, so I hear. Kinda like manpower available and sent at the closing of the Red Room or the Country Club! Or Y-Nots!

Or any place with liquor on Friday nights at closing. That liquor tax money pays the bills.
However we will eventually report public fornication by officials in abandoned sub-divisions! (we have abandoned sub-divisions?).

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"Peachtree City pet owners may soon lose the ability to keep their pets under voice control."

Have they ever had that ability?

perfect sense! Recently, I was out on my golf cart when a dog came running full speed across the road onto the path right in front of my cart! I had to slam on the breaks to miss the dog- The owner just looked at me as if I were in the wrong- How dare I be in his dogs way!!

Thank you I think this should be enforced. Why would anyone think the world loves their dogs (and kids). I am afraid of dogs and many children are.

It's about time.
A few months back, I contacted the city council after an incident in which my golf car was approached by a large German Shepard. Given, the dog did not appear agressive but with an infant in the cart, I was rather concerned. We assumed at first the dog was loose as there was no one in site. As I was about to pepper spray the dog (the dogs front paws were in my cart), a rather slow moving golf cart turned the corner and called the dog. My husband commented that driver really needs to keep her animal in site (the owner was a good minute plus behind the dog). The lady told us where to go and how we must have done something to antagonize her dog and had we pepper sprayed it, she would have sued us.
This dog may have responded to it's owner voice command but what good is voice commands when the owner is no where in site.
This is not an isolated incident either. There are far to many owners who believe it is OK to allow their dogs to run ahead and do their business while they lay back.

I have also had my far share of encounters where dogs have not responded immediately to the owners commands. On one occasion (3 years ago), I had a dog jump on me while I was jogging. The owner was near by. The owner had to call off the dog several times and then has the audacity to chuckle and tell me how their dog must really like me.

I am not saying that every dog does not obey their owners voice commands as I have encountered some very well behaved dogs in the time I have lived here but I would rather be safe and require all dogs to be on leashes then read about one incident which could have been avoided where a dog attacked a child, etc.

Well if you don't see the act then the pooper scooper isn't needed!
Has anyone ever seen anyone pick-up poop by their dog on the paths?
Data says 90% do not. (you know Data? Used to be on star trek or something.)

More lies and excuses are told about people's dogs and cats than did Judas.

We've used voice control with our dog for over seven years with no problem. While we hear anecdotally about people feeling threatened by dogs, I think this is a very small minority of people.

If the council changes the law, I'll be disappointed that the vast majority of pet owners that comply with the law are being punished because of a few that don't follow the law.

Too many exceptions occur in a small city!

Buy a farm!

How about going after the cruel owners who run their pets half to death on a leash alongside of their golf carts. Why can't you get your rotund, lazy body off the golf cart and walk them. You need the exercise more than they do.

I felt the same way about the lazy owner in the golf cart until I had a very active dog that needed more excercise than I could provide by just walking. The cavet is that the cart path is hard on the paws.
I don't doubt that many have good dogs that would not harm anyone. I don't doubt that some have voice control over their dog. Unfortunately in my case my dog is rather on the mean side & always looking for a scrap. I always keep mine on a leash for this reason & it causes a problem when we round a bend or come to a narrow in the path. I recently encountered a very in command dog running w/ its bike riding owner.

Hot asphalt and concrete burn blisters on dog's feet also.
That is just pure ignorance. I expect one day to see a bare-foot two year old baby running behind a cart!

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Why are we passing new ordinances when we don't enforce the existing ones? Are we suddenly going to add PTC personel or are we going to wait until someone complains as we have always done?

Ordnances for the most part are intended to be used in court for law suits.

They aren't enforced anywhere regularly----not even by complaint usually.

There is a reason for that: If cops enforced every ordinance they saw or were shown by issuing tickets and if the tickets ever got to court, then the cops would known as trying to make money as they are for speeding tickets and broken tail lights.

It is not really a lack of personnel. They have to be somewhere all of the time--might as well be where there is an ordinance violation.
They can be shown 30-40 today by just driving around.

For instance: want to walk through all of the store fronts and count the fire lights out, and the blocked aisles, extinguishers, etc.?

How about just viewing lawns for violations? I am looking at three right now, and see several more every day.

Texting alone would keep then hopping!

This is not knocking individuals cops and firemen and women--they are told what to do.

It's amazing the insignificant things that attract the attention of the leaders in government.

My guess is that either enough people (or one person) raised a stink or they're thinking liability on the city. Some one gets bitten and files a lawsuit against the dog owner for the dog and the city for not requiring a leash. Might be a stretch but its all I could think of.

Why not have the City Ordinance mirror the County Ordinance? That Ordinance makes sense to me, provided citizens are aware and comply. In my view, the County doesn't advertise the ordinance and promote compliance nearly enough (read: not at all! Might be a good job for some of those 300lb Marshals who cruise the paths at Lake Horton on their 4-Wheelers!

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Well said, but you know darn well PTC is not about to mirror the county ordinance as it likely makes much more sense than what our Council and staff can dream up. Was it not our own police department that separated a blind man from his seeing eye dog some years back so they could charge him for DUI?

Perhaps if PTC would put buckets on their 4-wheelers and issued scoopers for the drivers, a benefit could be derived along our paths and in public parks. We do realize that the PTC public has a habit of letting Fido poop where he pleases and leaves it for all of us to enjoy.

If you walk a dog, carry a plastic bag and pick up the poop, damn it!

If I remember the article the blind guy was driving a cart, drunk, and was being directed by the passenger, who was also drunk, where to go with the dog on the back of the cart.

Mike King's picture

Yep, you got it. The only time in history (that I'm aware) a blind guy was charged with DUI (albeit on a cart path) only to be tossed by the Sherriff's office after our finest separated the dog from the disabled guy.

It was also during that time frame that a golfer was charged and fined for crossing the street between holes 16 and 17 at Flat Creek with an 'open'
container of beer purchased from the course less than five minutes prior.

What's your point?

"1 in 6 people work for the federal government".
Try about 7.8% and that’s if you include all military personnel and postal workers.

"a blind guy was charged with DUI"
Sam was charged with reckless conduct "due to the blatant disregard for public safety". Oh, BTW he wasn't let off by the Sheriff's office. He went to court. It was the passenger, owner of the cart, that was drunk but since he wasn't driving he wasn't charged with DUI.

Is there any chance that you'll at least try and look something up before you open your mouth and remove all doubt?

I spent an hour trying to find the citizen article, no luck. But I did find others. I knew there was something funny about his post. Turns out I was wrong too.

Mike King's picture

2006 federal numbers for all government employees was just under 20 million. Total numbers for American labor force (2005) numbers was just over 149 million. With a bit of interpolation even Bonkers can realize that the 20M to 129M approximates one in six. I would have expected better from you.

The initial charge was DUI until PTCPD made the change. One of us is aquainted with individuals involved and it doesn't appear to be you.

Is there any chance you'll remove those toenail scratches from your mouth?

<a href= Government Gets Bigger</a>

Study Counts More Employees, Cites <strong><em>Increase in Contractors</em></strong>

By Christopher Lee
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, October 6, 2006

The federal government keeps getting bigger.

“The Republican Party's oft-stated affinity for smaller government has not applied during the Bush administration. According to a recent study, not only is the number of federal civil servants on the rise, but so are the numbers of employees working for <em><strong>government-funded contractors</em></strong> and for organizations that receive government grants.”

“Roll all of those together -- and mix in the numbers of postal workers and military personnel on the federal payroll -- and the "true size" of the federal government stands at 14.6 million employees,”

News Flash:
Government contractors are NOT government employees!

<a href=" Federal Workforce Tables</a>

As it turns out 14.6 is <em>just under</em> 20, but just barely.

The articles above is just some of many that are readily available should you actually attempt to read and understand something before making a fool of yourself.

You might want to try it once and a while.


I was working with Sam when this happened.

In your world, someone 6 feet tall is "just under" someone 8 feet tall.

I will ask, how a thread about "voice control" came to this?

The golf cart incident referenced above cracks me up every time I remember it. That is what caught my eye.

Oh yeah, ban voice control...or at least ban the folks who "think" they have voice control.

As for why I responded here it was because Mr. King, once again, spouted off something that he pulled out of his arse as 'fact', yet in actuality is total B.S.
He seems to have a habit of doing that.

As for your post title of "14.6 is actually more than 25% under 20... ", again Mr. King's mouth runeth over with, "2006 federal numbers for all government employees was <a href= under 20 million<a></em>." when in actuality it was only 14.6 including all government contractors and military personnel.

My point being Mr. King has a bad habit of using what he calls ‘facts’ that he has clearly made up.

I think from now on I shall refer to him as the "Sean Hannity" of these blogs such that he is incapable of providing any evidence of real ‘facts’ and thinks people should just <strong>ass</strong>ume he's correct in all matters of which he speaks.

Mike King's picture

Just for you bad:

Would you care to reveal from which orafice your figure of 7.8% came? I thought so.

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Glad to see I'm not the only one who LOL about the whole golf-cart-blind-man-passenger-dog etc story once again. What a cluster and I wish there was video of it.

Still a funny situation to me. Only in PTC.

I think the blind guy was just trying to help.

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Let's not forget to put a leash on all of the cats that roam the neighborhoods and pee on anything they think significant to mark.
My neighbor's feels it necessary to spray my ground level air conditioner. Delightful!
Does anyone know a good deer poison?

You could always try going to the County Govt website, go to A-Z Index, click on "Animal Control, access the county ordinance, print and provide a cy to your neighbor(s).

Can't do that to cats-----cat lovers will riot!
Cats have a right to pee and mess on flower beds and scratch car hoods at their leisure----especially at night.

That's worser than having a child's sandbox used as a kitty litter. You are really off topic because this is a waste issue. I always wonder who goes around & picks up after the deer, the o'possum, the rabbit & squirrel, of course the coyotee.

PTC Observer's picture

What about all those unsupervised deer? I have actually seen them dead in our streets!! We need to do something!

Betchya got a cat? Who roams.

Woody's picture

First it's those "loud and smelly" gas golf carts. Now, it's dogs accompanied by their owners, "but they aren't on leashes." "Whaaaa! Government needs to protect us!"

Is there anything else stupid for which PTC citizens want government protection? Hey, how about those stray golf balls? Shouldn't golfers be made to use wiffle balls so that no one could be hurt? And, might as well make golf tees that decompose to "save the Earth."

Just put up a sign at the city limits that says, "Entering PTC - We're just like your mommy."

Thanks for visiting. Seriously, have you spent any time on the paths? Sounds like you just like lobbing verbal shots.

You are not insinuating that dogs are never trouble on the paths?

Of course one doesn't get bit by a dog everytime you go onto the paths.
People don't get killed every time they drive!

It keeps many OFF the paths however, and a few do get intimidated and actually molested by dogs.

Build a fence.

your babbling gets old.

Towers have been built causing some to babble,
Conversation not wanted no matter the import,
Is labeled as babble as if picked by scrabble.
The world is made of many people of that sort.

The truth being of course is that name-calling
Is the outlet when no other answer can be found.
And when arguments made, is clearly causing crawling.
Nevertheless, lack of thinking keeps them bound.

What may hurt the other fellow, but will not hurt me,
Has come to mean I am the only one needing attention.
If my possessions irritate others and they can not see
That what I want and need is the correct contention.

If all things were like I like and want--nothing more--
Then just maybe we would all be very happy to the core.

There was one amendment to this new ordinance that has not been published in the paper. They are considering a leash law with a muzzle for all old people who talk to themselves and answer their own blogs, and posts. Be careful........I would hate for your handlers to have to put you in solitary confinement. Be safe take your meds.

I'm sure you would feel differently the first time someone's dog under "voice control" came charging at you or your pet while you're minding your own business on the paths. What exactly would be your solution to a problem like that? I hardly think that leash laws, which are common just about everywhere, are an imminent sign of a nanny state.

I can't believe people are so outraged becaue their dog can't roam without a leash. If you or you child was harmed you would feel differently. On more than one occassion, strange dogs have run up to mine (who are ALWAYS on leashes and don't seem to suffer). The owners eventually show up and laugh about how friendly their pooch is. I have a friend whose daughter was killed by the neighboring dog who she had known for years. Grow up. and put your cats on leashes, while we are at it. Why are they allowed to go completely unsupervised? Seriously silly.

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