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PTC planners to discuss open space rezonings

An update of Peachtree City’s land use and zoning maps will include changes to a host of city-owned parcels of land that are currently zoned for open space.

The rezonings will only affect city-owned parcels; no private property will be rezoned as a part of the new land use and zoning maps that will be considered this month by the city planning commission and city council.

The new maps and new parcel zonings will be discussed at Monday night’s meeting of the city planning commission.

The commission meets at City Hall at 7 p.m. and the meeting is open to the public.

The city-owned parcels up for rezoning will be divvied up into two categories: those that will be zoned open space-public and those that will be zoned open space-conservation. The OS-C zoning is reserved for city-owned greenbelts, while OS-P will be used for city-owned passive parks and active parks including sports fields and the like.

The distinction also has a reflection in terms of whether a cellphone tower is allowed on the property. Celltowers are allowed on parcels zoned OS-P as long as they can meet the setback requirements from the road and nearby residences and schools.

The celltower issue has cropped up recently as a contentious one with several residents insisting the city not allow celltowers in any city parks or recreation areas.


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