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Vote postponed on study to widen Crosstown Road

Funds to study a potential widening of Crosstown Road in Peachtree City are temporarily on hold.

The Fayette County Commission was ready Thursday night to vote on funding for that study, but the matter was postponed after the formal request and documentation from the city were not received in time for the meeting.

Peachtree City officials think the study will cost about $20,000. The city wants the county to pay for the study with funds remaining from the 2004 countywide transportation special local option sales tax.

The original estimate for the road widening project was at $5.6 million. It is eligible for funding from the county’s transportation SPLOST, officials have said.

At last week’s City Council meeting, it was noted that the widening project may no longer be necessary. The widening was once considered a crucial project back when the city and county had planned to extend TDK Boulevard from its current terminus near Dividend Drive all the way into Coweta County.

The TDK extension was sacked in June 2007 after it became public knowledge that Coweta County had approved a plan for 3,000 homes to be built just across the county line which would have sent a significant amount of traffic through Peachtree City.

That project, called McIntosh Village, has never come to fruition much the same as many similar projects have been on hold due to the slowed economy. Opponents of McIntosh Village have contended that the massive development was effectively deep-sixed when the road extension project was quashed.

Other city projects that are eligible for SPLOST funding include:
• Intersection improvements at Peachtree Parkway and Crosstown Drive, estimated to cost about $1 million;
• A cart path bridge over Ga. Highway 74 north in the Kedron Village area estimated at $1.6 million; and
• A cart path bridge over Ga. Highway 54 West near MacDuff Parkway and Wynnmeade Parkway. The city has about $500,000 in funds already from a state grant program but another $1.1 million is estimated to be needed from the county to complete the project.



I was led to believe the reason for the widening of Crosstown Road was in conjunction with the TDK extension. What has changed to require the study, now? Surely we have other higher priority projects that $20k could be used on.

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Seems they just have too much SPLOST money and they don't know where to spend it.

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