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Coweta to add 100 jobs from 2 new companies

The state and national economies continue to languish, but the same cannot always be said of Coweta County. At its September meeting, Coweta County Development Authority President Greg Wright told members that two unnamed companies have made decisions to locate in Coweta County. Those decisions are expected to add more than 100 jobs.

“One company hopes to be in operations within 6-8 weeks and the other plans to open early next year,” Wright said. ”At this point, the companies are not ready for public announcements but will mean over 100 new jobs for the community.”

While information pertaining to the two companies is not yet forthcoming, Wright after the meeting said business prospects in Coweta are at the highest level in two years.

Those potential projects, said Wright, include a wide range of business ventures and pertain to businesses such as automotive, distribution and healthcare. Potential projects also include both domestic and international firms, Wright added.

Wright said the interest in Coweta County matches well with the county’s diverse offerings, a factor that is significant in attracting business and industrial firms.

“We have I-85 running through the county, we have good shopping opportunities at Ashley Park and other areas, we have tourism including the newly opened Chattahoochee Bend State Park and we have the film industry through Raleigh Studios and at locations across the county,” Wright said. “It takes a well-rounded economic development program. Our diversity has helped us and is helping us through these economic times.”

Also at the meeting, Wright noted a possible expansion project associated with an existing industry. The company is hoping to bring a new product line to its Coweta facility, which would require an expansion of its existing building, Wright said.

Other recent or ongoing economic development projects in Coweta County include the construction of the new eight-story Piedmont Newnan Hospital on Poplar Road that is expected to open in spring 2012, the August groundbreaking for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America Hospital at Ashley Park along with other recent businesses opening in the Ashley Park area.


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