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McIntosh game up in the air at this point

Two McIntosh Chiefs battle for the football in a crucial play Friday night at Jones County. McIntosh trailed Jones County 22-14 at the half, tied it at 22-22 in the third quarter, fell behind 28-22 at the start of the fourth quarter and then took a 29-28 lead with 12 seconds left. For all the scores, click here for Photo/Clay Teague.



I tried to look at the scores on this site and my computer protection asked me not to do so: dangerous! Weird!

Has anyone ever figured out why McIntosh hardly ever has a passable football team? It has to be the "feeder" system, or poor recruiting.
I have no objection to playing the game with what you honestly have, but why are the other County teams so much better? Is their budget better?

While on the subject of sports, can anyone say why Georgia in general has such poor winning teams? Braves may even not make the playoffs after buying many new players, and may lose if they do in first rounds.

UGA is still recruiting horses instead of scholars and still can't win. I'd much rather see scholars (like Yale) and then losses.

Basketball---forget it. Hockey---gone!
Pro teams are supposed to win occasionally, high school, doesn't matter.

Is our country trying to obtain jobs the same way as the Braves buy players? Letting Washington do something about it? Even the President is supposed to hire people, they say! Industry has tax cuts and low interest now and it hasn't helped. They want more.

Jobs must be created by Industry---the only jobs Washington can create are tax paid jobs, at which they do well. Does nothing for the economy.

It is BS for any President to say that he can provide jobs if only congress will vote as he says! The only thing that will provide jobs is something the House will not allow---give more money to Industries who cooperate about hiring now! Just as does the rest of the world---credit is gone.

I have been hoping for a republican candidate with some sense to compare with President Obama for the 2012 elections, and today's polls show Rick Perry is the man! I don't know who they call for that poll but it had to be TEAS.

Perry wants state legislatures to elect Senators--as it was many moons ago.
Perry wants jobs produced like he did in Texas (all tax jobs and $7.00/ Hr. Bush even produced more jobs than Perry in 10-15 years in office.

Perry wants Social Security voided and workers savings put into it's place. How's that working now? (401/2 -k) It is not important if he eventually allows those now on SS to not be changed, we are talking about our kids and grand-kids--he doesn't think that far out, I'm afraid.

Perry wants to try for America to mix fundamental religion and governance. That is why we came to this country---to get away from that foul type of government---just starts wars and revolutions.

Perry wants another gun law but to allow everyone to carry open artillery, just like they do in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, and many other places of death and destruction. Why do we then need cops? They are likely to get shot.

NO, this man is a loser, there aren't enough insane votes for him to be able to win. Just how would he get ANY minority votes, women's votes, student votes, intellectual votes, and those who want to vote for the winner!

Might I suggest that the republicans either choose Huntsman, or find another republican who has some common sense and uses ALL good ideas.

Then I can honestly consider who I will vote for eventually.
Remember we have several more years of hard times, or harder, and who can best help get Industry on the ball.

Not sure how you mixed sports with politics. This is a sports article not politics. Oh wait a minute I forgot the coaches that are hired by McIntosh are politically connected. My bad no wonder they can't find away to win, coaching and a climate that all kids on the team should play in the game. Feeder programs are also an issue. Look at what they did to Peachtree City Packer football (Peachtree City little league football) they are now called the Chiefs and all the good players found another place to play.

This supports my marginal analysis theory! Politically connected coaches with a philosophy of 'everybody plays' is fine for kids that don't have to rely on football to expand their college options and just want to have some fun while in high school! If that is what the parents at McIntosh want, that is fine but don't expect to every field a championship team! This suggests that Starrs Mill is more blue collar at the margin! Can this be true!?

Go Panthers! (not the GSU ones)

you should know that the money in your parent’s pockets does not determine if you can play football. There is a different culture at Starr's Mill vs. McIntosh. Weight lifting and training are the differences in the players. Looking for an experienced coach with a winning philosophy is another key to winning. Money has little to do with it. Kids play football because they love it, 99% play for the love of the game. The other 1% play because dad wants them to and may have a chance for scholarship money.

Why are the Braves falling apart? Not a fan but admire the good players they have.

buy heart, but some parents with money and athletic kids may select other less contact-intensive sports for them, especially when young and the roots for playing football are set--its hard to learn to run into somebody at full speed and like it when you are in high school. Also, if the coaches are hired based on politics rather than coaching ability/performance, this indicates to me that the parents want this kind of coach and the accompanying philosophy of everybody plays. When everybody plays, nobody is really that good due to the dispersion of reps. This suggests to me that being good/winning is not a top priority for the parents/boosters because they have other monetary backing for college, whereas parents on the margin financially may select the district with the traditionally strong football team/culture of winning to get a better chance of entry into schools that may otherwise be out of reach. Anyway, just a rehash of what I said before, maybe clearer, or not.

As for the Braves, I think they are physically/mentally breaking down here at the end of the season. Also, I think they thought they had the wildcard wrapped up a couple of weeks ago and quit trying to win every game. I think they will pull it out in the end, but only by a game or two.

Your post is spot on. There are some who rely on the High School's football program to get them to the next step (college)

Braves have some good players and need to work on hitting the ball more. The pitchers in the playoffs will test every batter. My Pirates fell apart mid season. Had something to cheer about this year even if it was for a short time.

Oh, if you are still a Pirates fan after some very lean years, I commend you! Come Back to the Five-And-Dime Willie Stargell, Willie Stargell! I am very much a fair weather Braves fan! Can you take back Nate! I guess we will pay him off to say sayonara after this season!

Football tends to be a blue collar sport, so parents that are now on the margin between blue collar and mid-level managerial level incomes may emphasize football over other sports, whereas those that are comfortably able to foot the bill for four years of college at UGA, Tech, or perhaps even Duke or Vandy, may view football as competition for SAT prep time or merely as something to do and have 'fun' at during HS.

Might be the case at Macintosh, I don't know. Haven't lived here long enough to know all the angles--but I'm getting there!

I would be interested to see how many Stanford football players come from blue collar or less than affluent households, where the parents recognized that high IQ, good grades, and a 4.4 forty on a 6'3" 245lb frame might get their son a free ticket to Palo Alto!

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If he ONLY thing McIntosh High never excels at is football ... so what? One of the top-ranked schools in the state and multiple state titles in every other sport?

around here at least. When looking at schools, many parents with athletic children will opt for the school with the stronger winning tradition, creating a kind of snowball effect. At first I thought the weakness of the McIntosh FB program was due to it being primarily a soccer school, thereby diverting talent away from the FB program. However, Starrs Mill has an equally good soccer program AND a strong football program. So, there must be something else at work. Coaching perhaps? The socio-economic lay of the district from which the schools pull? Would be interesting to see a breakdown of household incomes for each district. Perhaps the presence of the high-end neighborhoods in Kedron reduce parental interest in football, but then again isn't Whitewater Creek zoned for Starrs Mill? My theory is that upper income families look at football as merely a sport, competing with other after-school activities for their kids, whereas families that are marginally affluent see football as a way to pay for college or perhaps gain entrance to a school that would otherwise be un-affordable or out of reach scholastically. If so, this would suggest there are more marginally affluent families in the Starrs Mill district. Why marginally affluent? Because its those factors at the margin that move the needle one way or another!

Marginal analysis rocks!

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