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Assistant chief and out of contol spending

The recent front page article about the hiring of a new assistant police chief of Peachtree City is just another glaring example of citizens not being well served by their elected officials.

Let me start by saying I am not a resident of Peachtree City, and would never buy property in Peachtree City for exactly what this article shows.

Peachtree City government on a close vote decided to spend taxpayer monies to hire an assistant police chief to a position that is not needed and did not exist before.

The $91,000 is just the start of the expense of this position. An employee of any business or institution cost approximately 124 percent of their salary in additional benefits, insurance and taxes paid on their behalf.

In addition I would almost guarantee you this officer will be assigned a full expenses paid police car full time (in business it would be a company car). The total cost to the taxpayers of Peachtree City for this additional and unnecessary officer will likely top $150,000 a year.

Perhaps you noted in last week’s paper that Fayetteville was reducing its spending in the face of difficult economics times and reduced tax base, while Peachtree City will burden its citizens with even higher taxes. As if Peachtree City’s taxes were not already the highest in the area.

Now to why this is so bad for Peachtree City residents. I am only one, but there are many many more like me who, because of the out of control government spending in Peachtree City, will never buy property there.

Fewer buyers of property mean less opportunity to sell property. Less opportunity means less value. Less value means lower equity in your home. It’s hard enough already to sell a home; why make it harder?

Many people I talk to believe Peachtree City has an abundance (way more than they need) of police officers as it is.

This is of course is evidenced by Peachtree City officers sitting still in their very expensive police cars in the turn lane medians waiting for some poor fool to fall into their snare.

This shows the crime rate in Peachtree City is low, the officers have too much time on their hands, which would indicate there is an excess of Peachtree City police officers.

And please don’t give me the public safety excuse — it’s about generating revenue.

To hire an assistant police chief to a nonexistent position is bad enough, but to hire the man because he was friends of the police chief is an insult to the qualified police officers with tenure in Peachtree City. If the position were truly necessary, wouldn’t they hire from within?

Please understand I have said nothing negative about Mr. McCollom or his qualifications. I’m sure he is qualified and a man of good character. I just think the position is unnecessary, particularly when Peachtree City officials should be looking to reduce spending and reduce the taxpayer burden. This might even encourage people to reconsider buying in Peachtree City.

To the residents of Peachtree City, from an outsider looking in, I don’t think your best interests are being served by adding expenses and raising your taxes while suffering a declining tax base. Your call, not mine.

Briggs Arrington

Fayetteville, Ga.



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