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Government innately inefficient, corrupt

Tim, I would love to have cheaper healthcare.

1. The solution lies in letting insurance plans compete across state lines.

2. Not having government mandated minimum coverage requirements which drive up the cost of basic low cost plans.

3. Killing all the lawyers or at least getting them off the backs of doctors so they do not have to pay huge malpractice premiums and practice defensive medicine.

4. Making the tax treatment of individual insurance plans deductible like company sponsored plans.

5. Setting up pools for self-employed people so that they can get better buying power against the insurance companies.

The solution is not government-managed healthcare. All levels of government are innately inefficient and corrupt. There is almost nothing they can do better than the private sector.

In a free country, you should be free to make your own healthcare, retirement, and investment arrangements. Nowhere in our Constitution is the right of government to manage or offer healthcare, Social Security, food stamps, industrial/individual subsidies, etc. spelled out.

The 10th Amendment actually forbids the government to do what is not spelled out in the Constitution or its amendments.

So if it is not legal, why do socialists like yourself keep pushing this crap down our throats?

Have you not learned from the last hundred years of failed socialist/communist countries. Big government with cradle to grave protection has been tried over and over again. It only leads to one thing — Bankruptcy!

Democracies have historically been short-lived forms of government for one reason. Once the masses of the people realize that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury, the country soon goes broke.

I, for one, am not going to let you bunch of socialist destroy this country. Hopefully you and the leeches and moochers of the left will lose the Senate and the Presidency, so that things can be set right before this country follows Greece into bankruptcy.

If that does not work, then I would not be surprised if we have a second Civil War in the near future — The producers vs. the moochers.

There are a hundred million or more people in this country that still treasure freedom and individualism over government control and benefits. They tend to be the most educated, high earning, and resourceful among us.

So in summary, If you want to embrace socialism, please go elsewhere, because it does not belong in America.

Bill Gilmer

Fayetteville, Ga.



You begin your letter with a reasoned argument and inexplicably degenerate into a mordant and inimical tirade that greatly weakens your position. Profundity is antithetical to name-calling. Perhaps we should skip down the yellow brick road reciting "Socialists, leeches, and moochers, oh my!"

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Nice Vocabulary. English teacher?

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Mr. Gilmer’s letter makes him sound like a wild eyed, free market worrier*, armed with simple solutions for complex problems.

“Kill the lawyers, another Civil War?” No problem is too big that a little mass murder won’t cure, eh Mr. Gilmer?

Mr. Gilmer must think he’s the ‘Pharaoh of Fayetteville’ and all those that oppose his will must be banished, like the Jew from Egypt?

Move along folks, nothing to see here, just another victim of right wing radio and television propaganda programming.

*No, I didn’t spell it wrong.

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote for the Democrat.

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