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3 boys, all under age 16, get 20-year sentences for carjacking

Three teenage defendants have pled guilty to robbing a woman at gunpoint in the parking lot of the Kohl’s department store at the Fayette Pavilion March 14.

The pleas accepted last week by Fayette County Superior Court Judge Fletcher Sams were entered by Kevin Jamal Matthews, Quentin L. Hardy and Quintez Deshon Smith. Although the defendants were all under age 16, they were indicted as adults and thus faced the much steeper penalties of Fayette County Superior Court instead of juvenile court.

Each defendant was sentenced to a total of 20 years in prison after admitting to charges of armed robbery, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and theft by receiving stolen property, according to Fayette County Assistant District Attorney Warren Sellers.

The incident happened March 14 around 5:15 p.m. when the defendants approached the victim as she left the store, Sellers said. One of the defendants put a gun to the front of the victim’s head and ordered her to step back from her vehicle, and her purse was taken as she was shoved to the ground, he added.

Matthews, Hardy and Smith entered the victim’s vehicle and left the scene, fleeing north on Ga. Highway 314 as they were pursued by Fayette County sheriff’s deputies into College Park, Union City and later Atlanta before they were apprehended, Sellers said. The chase reached speeds of 130 mph, he noted.


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It's tragic that these three kids - yes, they are kids, being under 16 years of age -- become thugs at such a young age and now get to spend the best years of their life in prison paying the price for being so stupid. Would be interesting to know what kind of home life they had...not an excuse, but would be interesting to know. I hope this sends a message to the rest of the thugs to stay out of Fayetteville. Good job, Judge Sams.

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From what we know about adolescent brain development and the changes for rehabilitation of youth, jail is not the place these youth should grow up.

The crime that they did was horrific. It is only by the grace of God that it wasn't.

We know that long sentences do not deter crime. There are plenty of long term studies that show this. We know that jail is the worse place for a youthful offender. Again, studies show this time and again.

We know that rehabilitation can occur and that the long term prospects for youthful offenders are better when they are given a chance of rehabilitative services. We chose to punish rather than rehabilitate.

This is going backward in criminal justice reform and besides, it is a terrible waste of money. More importantly, it is a terrible waste of youthful lives.

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What would you consider to be a reasonable sentence? 20 Years sounds good but in reality we both know that these "children" will only serve a fraction of that. What would be an reasonable sentence if the one had pulled the trigger and killed the victim? Oh and some studies do seem to think that longer sentences deter crime.

While in jail. That I am sure of.

Go talk to the victim about what kind of kids these cowardly thugs were.

Your compassion is misplaced.

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I think you're confusing non-violent crimes like drug possession or even dealing the stuff or something like property crimes with actual very real violent crime, which is what happened here.

On the first part, I would 100% agree, but that's not your point. On the latter, no way in hell. These idiot thugs were armed and ready to kill. Those are the kind of people that in fact do need to be in jail and for a long time.

American society imprisons two types of people: a) those that we are mad at and b) those we are scared of because they threaten us. We need a whole lot less of (A) in the prison system. The (B) people can stay in jail, regardless of their age/maturity/culture/race/upbringing/whateverthehell.

These pieces of trash are in the (B) category if you have missed the point entirely.

Excellent clarification!

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It's the World's smallest record player and it's playing "my Heart bleeds just for you"

Typical Liberal claptrap..

It's Societies fault......
Mommy didn't hug them enough.....
They didn't get the $300 shoes they wanted....
Whities keeping them down....
and on and on and on...

As Barretta used say... Can't do the time... Don't do the crime.

It is a choice. They made a bad one.

Now they get to see where choices leads them... Providing them a soft landing
spot teaches them NOTHING.

I can't count how many "disadvataged" youths I arrested and then had to re-arrest them after they committed another crime..

Most ended up commiting a major Felony or even killed someone after being in the "system" for years.

It is called PERSONAL RESPONCIBILITY... We all have it.. Many just don't excercise it.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

are you saying that they didn't know what they were planning (and yes, they PLANNED it) was wrong? Of course they knew it was wrong. If you want to be involved in character and behavioral development of youth, perhaps you should enter at the front of the train rather than the caboose! There is a possibility that those stern sentences will serve as a deterrent to others comtemplating similar action--ever think about that? No,you wouldn't.

1. Good kids don't commit these types of violent crime.

2 Good parents and good citizens don't condone or make excuses for these kinds of violent crimes

3. If you don't want to accept punishment for your crime don't commit a's really that simple

These "kids"??? are already lost. Once you can put a gun to an innocent persons head you are already a waste of clean air that can't be reformed. There is no cure for evil minds raised by evil parents , fed by violent rap songs and violent video games. There is no cure for any of that.

The only good criminal (no matter what age) is a dead one. Let's keep the clerk of court and the sheriff's office busy with processing CCP(carry conceal permits) .

It really is a nice fantasy that criminals could be rehabilitated sadly we have not seen any evidence of that....even in Disney movies.

The only thing I agree with is that it is a waste of money to have to feed these 3 in prison. It's a shame they left the crime scene alive.

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I couldn't agree with you more.

Catch 'em and/or kill 'em. Well, that is one solution - but some are looking at the reality of after 20 years of prison, what has been done to change this behavior so that we don't have to deal with bigger/badder crooks?

Give me a break . What drugs are you on? I am a senior citizen raised in the 50-60's. We did not do this type crime. When we did something wrong we got our butts torn up, and not just by our parents. The moral to this story is we had respect for our parents teachers and law officers and anyone older. Than we were. We did the crime, probably rolled. A yard with butt ribbon or egged someone's house, then we got punished by our parents and then apologized to the people we committed our crimes on. And life's funny, no one from my graduating high school class of 765 kids was involved in any gang related activity, carjackings, murder etc. So why do kids do it today? Lack of discipline from parents and touchy feely people like you. Your mother must have dressed you funny when you were growing up to make you think this way.
What I am saying is if you are going to do adult crimes the you should do adult time. Professor Feelgood put that in your pipe and smoke it and stay away from that left handed tabacco that has warped your thinking.
I am glad my parents and teachers taught me right from wrong and wore my ass out when I got out of line. Bring back the good old days

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if that gun was put to ...your...head. If those kids hadn't gotten caught, no doubt someone else would be dead by now.

Somewhere along the way, people like you have gotten lost. The best we can hope for is that our laws will protect the innocent. That woman was the innocent party.

The judge did the right thing. He also protected the rest of us from these little thugs killing one of us next. No doubt it sends a message to the others little thugs to go some place else.

What we are looking at is bad breeding and lots of it. With all the birth control out there, some are having kid after kid. You notice I said "having"...I didn't say raising. There are people so low, they have them for unearned tax credit. Yes, that is right, if you don't work, the Federal gov gives you about $2500.00 a kid at the end of the year, despite the fact you had ...NO.. income. If you have 5 or 6, it adds up at the end of the year and you have enough for a respectable pimpmobile complete with rims.

In my eyes, the death penalty is not such a bad thing. That is what those 16 year olds could have very easily given that poor woman if they had been in just a little bit worse mood.

We need to get the animals off the streets so the law abiding can go about their life. That is what the laws are for.

My concern with any sentencing is the lack of rehabilitation found in the prison system of today. I have absolutely no sympathy for the carjackers. They will still be young men when they are released. Will they return to society as able to act as contributing citizens or hardened criminals after 20 years in our current system? If these young men fall under the guidance of the Black Muslims in the system, surveys show they are more likely to not return to prison. (What is the Christian religion doing to change the recidivism of Christians?). A hardened, poorly trained 30-40 year old male is a dangerous addition to society . Thank you Judge Sams for administering justice under the law.

Since you feel it is wrong to incarcerate these young thugs--that they deserve a chance at rehabilitation, why don't you agree to take them into your home and give them that opportunity? Make them part of your family, let them live with you and your spouse and children, grandchildren.etc. After all if they are given the right opportunities they will become fine law abiding citizens and make you proud, right? Let us know how that works out after a few months. That is if they haven't wiped out your family, stolen your money and vehicle and gone on a crime spree.

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