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Judge may draw his own Fayette voting district map

A federal judge has selected the state’s reapportionment office and staff to serve as the court’s technical advisor as he mulls over several proposed new district maps to be used in future elections for members of the Fayette County Commission and the county Board of Education.

The maps are necessary to create five voting districts in the county, with one specifically containing a majority of minority voters as required by the ruling from U.S. District Judge Timothy C. Batten Sr. His ruling in May determined that the county’s at-large voting system was discriminatory toward black voters in large part because it keeps them from electing a black candidate to either governing body.

The ruling is part of a lawsuit brought by the Fayette County and national branches of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which contended that the at-large voting was discriminatory.

Following its legal victory, the NAACP and several individual plaintiffs in the suit asked Judge Batten to approve a district voting map that creates a majority-minority “fifth” district that has no incumbent in office for that district.

Attorneys representing the Fayette County Commission have challenged that proposal and have submitted a different map for consideration by the judge.

In his order appointing the state reapportionment office as an expert in the case, Batten notes that he will use the assistance to determine whether to adopt either of the proposed district maps or instead to adopt a different map of his choosing.

Under the county’s longstanding at-large voting practice, every voter could cast a ballot for all five seats on both the county commission and the board of education. Under a district voting system, voters will be limited to just one of the five seats on both governing bodies: the one which corresponds with the geographical district the voters lives in.



You can thank the NAACP for reintroducing segregation back to the south.
This is not progress. It's racist segregation by hypocrites.

has really brought the 'haters' out of the closet. Thank heavens Ghandi, MLK DeKlerk, and Mandela preached and practiced love and non-violence. Getting 'back' at the oppressor or taker -away of 'privilege is a waste of time and effort. In communities /countries where people work together there is progress and peace. In countries where there is division and refusal to cooperate there is turmoil. All of the prophets, philosophers, taught this simple fact. We hear the words - but the practice over the generations has just been too difficult to achieve. Cooperation does not mean compromising principles as some seem to believe - but acknowledging that one may have a different path then yours to achieve the same goal. The words of The Ten Commandments are found in many different cultures - but mankind has a tough time adhering to the basis of civil law. America has come a long way since the 1700's. There are still citizens of other countries who look up to what we stand for - there is a growing number of countries who do not look up to what we do (or don't do). I know, this has nothing to do with a man being 'black' being elected as president. There are hypocrites on both sides of the American 'race' issue.

I don't care that Obama is black, I care that he is a left leaning liberal.

Understood and accepted. Your words have always expressed this, others have not.

I only have disdain for those who misuse distain.

When do we stop this black/white business??? Between the NAACP here in Fayette County, and the OBAMA machine in Washington, all of us are getting a full fire hose of RACISM. Everything seems to turn on separation and Black initiative. If you took every organization, school, caucus, etc., that has "black-" affixed to it, and then made it say WHITE for an alternative organization, it would be an horrendous social injustice... right?

Let's try it:

White-Senators' Caucus
Traditionally "White"college/university
White Pride
White Career Women
White Leadership Forum
White Womens Forum
Whites in Government
White Panthers

The list goes on and on and on and on..

Quite franky, I am sick of it. I have met very few "racists" by the historical definition of the word. The price to pay in society today and the workplace has changed that... But now, the pendulum has truly swung the other way.


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A lot of people who be tolerant (I have been pushed too long and too hard. You will see people voting for someone who will represent US and not force feed us all this dodo to make 12% of the population happy.

I'm sick of it too. Most are.

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Say you maybe 40 or so, you will live to see the 12% in third place tied with Orientals. Imagine that - blacks competing with orientals for their slice of the American Pie, thanks to Don McLean. Bye, bye miss american pie being the operative words.

So, who is in first place in 2050, you ask? Hispanics first, whites second and then the blacks and orientals. Ain't gonna be a relevant NAACP then.

Of course it will be unfair because the orientals have spent a lot of time in school and not much time on the street, so they may ease ahead of the black fatherless, thug inspired, drop out of school generation and by 2052 the blacks be in 4th place and the NAACP can mount a comeback. Can't call it blame whitey, but they will think of something. Oh yea, maybe they will target the yellow people instead of the white people so they can hold onto third place.

Hey sugar, want to move to Minnesota? We can get a cabin together.

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I'm much older than you. No doubt you feel the same as me. I had my child late when I felt he/she could be afforded, in other words, I was responsible, like I owed them a future. I loved them and wanted them to have a chance.

As for me, I lived a good full life I wouldn't take anything for.
I've seen it all, lived dreams, missed maybe a little? Loved it.

What I hate is by our apathy, what we have left for our children. By standing by and doing nothing, we are part of the problem.

The laws need to be changed and I think in the next election, it will be a ground swell for change. Now that we have had our nose rubbed in it...we know what is is time to do it. Anyone that knows me, knows I will be part of it.
Everyone needs to step forward, stop the charade and do what is right for our children. It is wrong what is happening now, they are being taught we owe the "harmony" group something. We don't

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A lot of people who be tolerant (I have been pushed too long and too hard. You will see people voting for someone who will represent US and not force feed us all this dodo to make 12% of the population happy.

I'm sick of it too. Most are.

You may have a tolerant bone in your body - but I have yet to perceive a tolerant word out of your mouth!!

[Quote]White-Senators' Caucus
Traditionally "White"college/university
White Pride
White Career Women
White Leadership Forum
White Womens Forum
Whites in Government
White Panthers[/quote]

These existed before the 'mandated Black' groups. It's in the history books - read separate but equal. A lot of us were sick of it - hence the Civil Rights Movement which started long before the late '50's, but it wasn't until that time that the federal government stepped in to stop the obviously separate and unequal practice in these United States. It's this history that some want to UNTEACH - but the younger generation is proud of the progress that has been made. There are communities in our country where brotherhood does exist, is practiced, and is working! Unfortunately, there is a group that retains a feeling of superiority because of the color of their skin, percentages, and not based on their own individual achievements. This group still feels it is necessary to denigrate minorities and women.

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How about if you run district primaries and at large elections? Each seat would have 5 candidates, ensuring a better selection and a high chance of a runoff. Look at it as post season play. Each district would have a candidate in the general election for each seat and let the best person win it all. I think it would be quite sporting.

Too many are content with yelling racism. .. but thanks for the idea. :-)

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