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PTC wants to add $500K corridor study, upgrades to SPLOST list

If the “core infrastructure” sales tax is approved by voters countywide in November, Peachtree City may dedicate some of its proceeds to corridor studies in the hopes of addressing congestion issues, particularly on Ga. Highway 54 West. The City Council is holding a special meeting Friday morning at 9:30 to vote on a measure that would set aside up to $500,000 of the city’s SPLOST take for such studies and upgrades.

Councilman Eric Imker brought up the matter at the Sept. 5 council meeting, suggesting that the city might perhaps look at using sales tax money to pave a scaled-back extension of MacDuff Parkway which could be connected to Ga. Highway 74.

While that would provide a path around the clogged intersection of Hwys. 54 and 74, Mayor Don Haddix cautioned that CSX Railroad would not approve such an at-grade crossing.

The agenda item up for consideration Friday morning would not add SPLOST funding specifically for any MacDuff extension, which has not even been vetted by engineers at this point to determine if such is even possible.

If the tax gets voter approval in November, Peachtree City is slated to get $14.5 million for road and cart path resurfacing.



keep finding more reasons for the voters to say NO way to this SPLOST. Stop fronting for Vanessa, she's a big little girl, make her stick her neck out with these ideas of hers that you keep bringing forward.

CSX parks their trains just below there. 2 tracks along that stretch of 74. Sure, let's add an at-grade rr crossing. Heck, throw in a commuter train, commuter parking lot and a station there, too, while you are at it. Make sure PTC has to fund it all, too.

That pr stunt in front of the over half million dollar 2nd senior pool hall that she just purred over will be the last half million she will get out of the taxpayers here. She has a cool half million in her Jersey girl piggy bank at home, let her fork it over.

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It is starting to look like you will have the 3 votes to either support or dispose of this ridiculous expenditure of $500,000. I hope this doesn't get voted on before the election.

Plenty of cart path repair issues exist if you need to spend $500,000 somewhere. You can't drive your golf cart on a useless study. Besides, hasn't this been studied before? Several times? Just do the real-time traffic light thing and then build a bridge to connect McDuff to 74 when some developer has enough money you can extract from him.

Live free or die!

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It is indeed folly. Peachtree City's input into the corridor is merely a recommendation to DOT. They, DOT, make the decision.
Half a million bucks would go a long way toward repairing cart paths, recreation fields/areas for our kids, and the list can go on, but you get my point.

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Sounds like Vanessa can kill any chance she has of being Mayor by supporting this thing. I think she is still there and able to vote, so that will be on the record and impossible to overcome. Of course Kim could vote for it as well, but that won't do her in because her competition is limited (see, I'm being nice).

So George, looks like you and Harold have a runoff. Should be interesting.

I hope Terry agrees with you and Mike, we sure don't need a majority on council who want to study and survey everything - we need some decision-makers and leaders.

Live free or die!

"we need some decision-makers and leaders"

we already know and thank god it is not you.

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That's a pretty good excuse for not making many decisions. You have one? An excuse that is.

Live free or die!

I was against this when Councilmember Fleisch was touting it before. We, as a council, were supposed to be working with GDOT- we sent them a letter. There is no way our taxpayers should be on the hook for this.


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As I noted on my other post, this is on because of Fleisch, Learnard and Imker.

GDOT just closed two offices in our District due to lack of money. So them doing a study and paying for improvements? Really? The Councilmembers knew this before pushing for this add to the SPLOST List.

The cost of a connection from Fischer to 85 would be far less than working on the 54 Corridor.

Plus ignoring the studies done in 2008 and 2009 does not change the reality. George, Vanessa, Kim and Eric all wanted to pretend it didn't happen. GDOT knows it did.

To make it even more interesting, when Cathy challenged Learnard on adding two more lanes to 54, she is defending it on her website.

Cathy and I both oppose this. It does not have to happen, but it depends on who gets elected. Fleisch and Learnard will support the study.

Be realistic here, George's wanting the a study contributed to this Agenda Item. George, Fleisch, Learnard and Imker also support the SPLOST, which is key to all of this.

Another big reality is nothing can be done to 54 without GDOT permission.

We need the CSP to get costs under control. Not more taxes.

Mike King needs it for his ZBB proposal, as well, and the citizen input from the One PTC and Survey, which George rejected.

All of this continually points to needing to change course.

Cathy and I are ready to make those changes. George is not. I do not know if Mike and Terry are.

Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor
The Comprehensive Statrgic Plan in in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I am being serious when i say I think it would be a disaster to have ANY wife/husband team on ANY City Council...

Tell us why ot would be a good idea.

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It has been and is a reality now in GA and other states.

She is a citizen, voter and wants to serve.

Where are your concerns with Paul and Chuck Oddo being brothers, business partners and a Councilman and Commissioner at the same time? The County and Fayetteville do have to engage in discussions of joint efforts and issues where it does not always serve both parties well.

I do not and didn't have any problems with it.

Now, how about the points I made on the $500K, SPLOST, etc?

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I have nothing more to add to this discussion.

Good luck in the future.

The first thing she needs to do is check her spelling. What is a "Communter Rail"? Did you both have the same elementary school teacher who forgot spelling lessons? If your websites have so many spelling mistakes, how can we trust any of your work?

Why do you both think that slinging mud will work and get you elected? Think again.

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If the best you can do is a typo, we are in good shape.

Really have to love it when citing someones voting record and statements is slinging mud. That means the mud had to first come out of their mouths before it could be cited.

Contrasting platforms and records is what elections are about.

Thanks from bringing up the rail issue. Learnard actually defends her pro rail stance on her website.

Good luck with that in PTC.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Defamed former mayor - CHECK
Sued by former mayor - CHECK
Made the city pay for lawsuit with former mayor - CHECK
Was given an opportunity to pay back 12 thousand dollars for above and refused - CHECK
Hired atty that was currently suing the city on another lawsuit to defend himself - CHECK
Censured - CHECK
Rejected by other mayors to represent them - CHECK
Rejected by his own council to represent them in negotiations due to those nagging personality issues - CHECK
Rejected by the Tea Party for all of the above - CHECK
Rejected by all major political parties for all of the above - CHECK
Pretended to be an independent throughout the Bush years- now pretends to be a Republican.
Bloggers - did I miss anything?

Seems that Donnie doesn't want to talk about HIS record...

I have heard all 5 of you speak at various places. Well, you tried to speak but wound up reading a convoluted statement once. The other time the Tea Party wouldn't let you speak (because YOU didn't follow the rules, ironically. You whined but they stuck by the rules). My point? What you say NEVER matches up with what everyone else is saying. So I suppose that you, being a shining beacon of truth, justice and the American way, are telling the truth while everyone else is lying? BTW, on a related subject, we are all waiting on the edge of our seats for you to answer the many questions you have ignored on this forum. What business contacted you prior to locating here? What input have you provided the city on budging- since nearly bankrupting us? Where is our 12 thousand dollars? Why do you continue to subject us to this nonsense?


We have had enough studies of 54 and the 54/74 intersection. It is a charlie foxtrot of the first order and needs to be fixed. To spend more time and money to delay addressing this issue does nothing to serve the taxpayers especially those of us on the Westside of PTC. It may be interesting for certain candidates to know that there are more residents on the Westside than just Planterra, and they do vote.

Instead of just complaining here are some suggestions from someone who lives this journey everyday.

1. No right on red at 54/74 4 - 7 pm. This especially impacts 54 West as those merging from 74 treat it as a 4 way stop.

2. Close the cuts at Hacienda and Line Creek Liquor/ Enterprise. These both have no turn off requiring drivers to nearly or actually stop on a 45 mph road to turn in. There are turn off lanes at Walmart, Mac Duff and Chevron all within 100 yards of each other.

3. Use delayed red at Mac Duff for cross over traffic like at Planterra/ Walmart.

4. Change timing and length of Best Buy and Avenue lights. These actually create jams at 54/74 as there is no where for merging traffic to go. However I will note that is beneficial for our traffic cop quotas.

End of the day we claim we are a planned community in PTC so why have we allowed this problem to grow without a plan?

Take Care,


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All of those have to be approved by GDOT. The timing is done by GDOT, now, per the the 2009 time synching agreement the developer paid for. It is their road.

Is there any harm is talking to GDOT about the ideas? No.

In fact I copied your ideas and sent to our traffic engineer for his first see general impressions.

Is GDOT going to agree to closing a curb cut? About 90% odds of no.

Reality is we constantly communicate with GDOI of traffic issues on 54. There just is not a good answer. We have a 10 gallons of water traffic problems on a 5 gallon bucket road.

A Plan? We don't have one and has been a huge gripe of mine for 6 years. It is why I keep bringing up the CSP. This would be part of it.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Thank you for repsonding Mr. Mayor. I do appreciate you passing those ideas along maybe some good can come.

Although I understand the GDOT monster does not always listen to reason, I also see PTC has not gotten them to treat our situation with urgency. Given the stature of our state representaion I am not sure we are best using our assets and influence. We cannot accept the current state and need our leaders to not only give us words or studies but actions and accomplishments. We get the service we allow.

I do not understand your developer comment GA 54 is not a developer road. But if you mean the development across from Mac Duff, we need it fixed.

As far as the cuts, no one can argue these are safe. They may have been appropriate at one time but no longer.

Thanks again and good luck with your campaign.


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GDOT is very interesting to deal with. I have met with them where half way into the presentation they said, "OK." Other times, could not even get a conversation going.

GDOT is an extremely political entity. They are caught between various Federal and State interests. They have plenty of their own internal politics.

There are a lot more conversations having taken place and still taking place than the citizens know. You start one today and can have an answer the same day, or same time next year.

Bottom line is they are powerful and know it.

Right now, I am aware of certain issues going on between them and places like Atlanta. While you would think Atlanta can get what it wants, not so.

Making it worse is Federal Law makes the ARC our MPO, so they have a voice in most everything as well. What does that mean? More politics with the power plays within ARC over who gets what.

In the ARC, we are a small fish.

The developer comment refers to the CCD agreement where the CCD paid GDOT the costs of moving to a synchronized corridor signal system. GDOT accepted the money and installed the system. It includes those cameras you see mounted above intersections.

There is always arguments going on. Change the system to improve flow for certain side roads, etc, then Walmart complains the traffic is backing up too far for their store.

Change that and Planterra Way, MacDuff, the Avenues and 74/54 get worse.

At Flat Creek, the wait during rush hour is at least 4 minutes just to get a green light that goes red fast.

Curb cuts, traffic lights etc are controlled in placement by MUTCD Federal law. Signals and signs, by another whose name escapes me at the moment.

That has resulted in no curb cuts, where needed, and cuts in ridiculous places, such as entry and exit to the Post Office. Minium 500' for cuts and 1,000 for lights, except where special need can be proven

It is frustrating, time consuming and expensive with long delays.


<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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The response to your suggestions, from Staff is:

1. I can certainly ask this question if they think it will help. Would be enforcement issue that may have limited effect.
2. I can ask on this as well. Effect would depend on the number of vehicles doing this movement.
3. Not sure what they are proposing on this one.
4. We will be spending a lot of time and energy in looking at operational improvement possibilities for all these intersections.

The concern on number 1 is enforcement. Clogging the intersection is an ongoing problem. Also, there are those who would claim it was being done to issue more tickets.

On 2, how many people are using that cut? If a few, maybe. If a lot, it would be a problem to close, as that would create U turn issues.

Staff is not sure exactly what your intent is on number 3.

On number 4, improvements have been a point of major discussion. The City Manager and I have gone over a number of issues.

Big problems there are the amount of traffic and money.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mr. Mayor thank you for the timely response. Here are my thoughts to your points.

1. Today we have the motorcycle cop and the Suburban Cop sitting on the intersection writing tickets to people who enter in green and do not make it through. No right on red is more black and white as an enforcement deal and it keeps traffic flowing.

You will note that each thought is tied with cutting down on the chain reaction of brake lights. Each time someone turning from 74 to 54 has to brake to yield to a right on red car all the cars behind are now braking.

2. See above here we have someone coming to a stop on a 45 mph roadway. many times without signal creating an unexpected stop for many cars. Improve flow by reducing these sudden stops that have a ripple effect.

3. Please share that since there is no straight signal, cars are coming close to hitting each other as most turn until that one comes across traffic turning out from Mac Duff.

My point remains, we do not need to spend $5 on a study we need action.

Thanks and good night

Don Haddix's picture

I passed it along.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Anyone know why a plan to widen 54 has not been discussed?

I'm not sure there is room- you could cut through the parking lot of Donnie's gas station or you could tear down the shopping center with Panda Express. Not sure either is really doable.

by any means. I can also ignore your ignorant posts. As I know others already are doing.

Don Haddix's picture

It has been discussed, back in 2008 and 2009.

It would take out golf cart paths, some buildings, access to shopping centers, two auto bridges, 3 golf cart bridges, etc. You would have six lanes with a concrete barrier dividing east and west traffic.

There would have to be a whole new 74/54 intersection, again taking out 3 shopping centers.

Moving that close to homes also means sound walls.

Traffic is already backing up to the lake. So, where would the merge from 3 to 2 lanes be, east and west? Would that create a traffic problem area with a lot of accidents?

I wish we had a good answer. We don't.

It is also why I am looking for solutions outside of PTC.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Robert W. Morgan's picture

You will be available full time for that in January. I guess the ultimate irony would be be Mayor Harold Logsdon serving allegedly part drunk with newly elected councilperson Cathy Haddix. I feel another movie script coming on.

Live free or die!

Busy Bee's picture

The city will have a new source of revenue - they will be able to charge admission to council meetings. They can also sell popcorn. Great entertainment! A fireworks show every meeting!

and should have been years before. until the situation with the bridge at Coweta border is addressed, we will continue to bottleneck, plus the fact that approximately 80%, perhaps a little less, of the people working in ptc do not live here.

I do not understand how that is so hard for the politicos/ GDOT to figure out. 54 is the only crossing point between Tyrone-Palmetto to the north and Rockaway to the south. If this changed, the choke point would die down.

It is not rocket science. .


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<cite>Councilman <strong>Eric Imker</strong> brought up the matter at the Sept. 5 council meeting, suggesting that the city might perhaps look at using sales tax money to pave a scaled-back extension of MacDuff Parkway which could be connected to Ga. Highway 74.</cite>

Let's examine this idea...

You want to take a road, which is in no way suitable to handle that volume of traffic, and convert it from a collector for neighborhood traffic into a city bypass...A road with two golf cart crossings, one of which is not protected by any kind of traffic device and situated right next to a bend...A road which, at the moment, has two stop signs to clog up traffic and will most likely require more if any Centennial or Ashton Reserve residents ever hope to leave home in the evenings...Yes, let's take THIS road and connect it to 74, but by all means, let's NOT spend the money to do it right.

Oh, and don't waste $500k for someone to tell us we have traffic problems and that there is no good solution...We already know that.

A letter from council proved fruitless. Calls from the mayor go nowhere.

These are state roads. Until we identify the right person to lobby for us, we are up a creek.

Here's a suggestion:

Ask Coweta, Spaulding, Henry, and Clayton county for assistance and support since this will also help their constituants.

The first thing to do is pull all the existing documents together and take videos on the really bad days.

Then get all of our representatives (city, county, state) to initiate a meeting with our GDOT rep. (I believe he is in Columbus). If we the people don't push for this, then we are not getting the most from our elected leaders.

PTC may be a small city, but with help and collaboration with our connecting counties, we have more power and leverage to sell them on these issues.

Our problem right now is swag. No one has yet to earn it. But if we pull together with our neighbors and our combined elected officials, we have a better chance of gaining GDOTs attention.

Don't throw money at this. Use the power of our votes. If our reps don't help, we simply vote them from office.

In all honesty, we need the loudest most obnoxious official for this one and he happens to be the county chairman.

Think about it

Why folks continue to pussy foot around the issue boggles the mind.

MacDuff was always meant to be a cut through only it was suppose to have been paid for by the developer. I have often wondered why anybody would buy there because of this.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Other People's Money. There's not one thought in anyone's mind that green lighted this idea about actually improving traffic. It is solely with how to deal with a windfall of dollars from taxing other people so it makes them look like they are trying to do something that makes them look like serious government types who might get reelected by a clueless bunch of voters.

The other thing is you can easily get the result you want (McDuff connecting to 74) if you pay enough for the study. But as any fool knows (or should) the study doesn't change the width of the road, the location of the cart path crossings which must become bridges or tunnels if this is an actual collector road and it sure won't convince the railroad that a surface crossing is ok.

This is a colossal error and the three that voted for it do not deserve to be in office - except for Kim who needs to win for unrelated reasons. Vanessa not going to be mayor because of this public display of arrogance. Fortunately the money will never get spent because it will never come into the county because the SPLOST will be voted down. What kind of Fayette County voter is going to think that $500,000 for a useless study is a good use of tax dollars - even if some are sales tax dollars from the Clayton and Fulton people who shop at The Pavillion.

Live free or die!

Shouldn't the State Senate Majority Leader (R-Tyrone) have some ability to help?

The more pressing question is how many people are willing to make a stink and get action.


If he was ever asked to help.

Lets face it, we don't have any long term politicos that have any pull. Therefore, we need to gain the value in numbers with the help of our neighbors.

Hopefully new talent on council will step and lead, That would include setting a plan for us ground troops to help get things done.


Yo's picture

I've been grass rooting a push for traffic circles... like perennial CNN best places to live Carmel Indiana. Here is a great link . Helps with traffic. Cost savings in eliminating Traffic light costs. Keeps PTC unique and special. I think they have 70 Circles with a larger population and industrial base.


that is the most stupid shots of paragraphs in history.

stand up and say this at the next council meeting, it will be a hoot.

Who woke pumpkin up!? And Morgan is right, WE NEED DECISIVE PEOPLE, we need leadership, I have had enough of studies and waste, if and when you step up to the plate be ready to swing, this is not T-ball. All of you concerned citizens go out and vote and lets clean this embarrassment of a city government up.
By the way, lets try No turn on red at 54/74 for a sixty day period, it will cost little and may help

You are right. I have already said that we need to work with GDOT to block the light and reconfigure the traffic. Killing some of turn lanes would be a good start. I agree that we need a leader that can collaborate with state agencies and other local governments. I believe I am that person, and you have my pledge that wasteful spending will end with my election.

I know I will be voting for Terry, the mayors race, no Lodgson, No HaddOX, just keep talking I am listening
btw that should have read no Haddbull.

Don Haddix's picture

As I stated during the discussion of this study, GDOT would not do it.

I cited documents, etc to prove my point, but the Councilmembers, including Dienhart, ignored them. Just like they ignored the results of the OnePTC and Survey.

Fleisch stepped out and had a meeting with GDOT on her own. They told her flat they would not do any study or work at their expense. Said Peachtree City would have to pay for the study and changes. That the full Corridor is a grade "C," not meriting study or work.

That is why this $500K was added by the Councilmembers and passed. As I told them they could not do just a 54 Study, which the City Attorney confirmed.

Nor, as Imker, said, they could only spend maybe 5% and the rest on repairs.

That will not fly. The law you do the whole project, not part. The whole project is total city study, not just 54.

As well, it is deceiving the voters on the purpose of the project.

I have worked with GDOT successfully because, in part, I do my homework before going to them.

I have worked successfully with legislators to get one bad bill vetoed, others changed, etc. But, even they struggle dealing with GDOT.

Dienhart's claim and proposal here is already dead.

<strong><em>Peachtree City Mayor</em></strong>
The Comprehensive Strategic Plan Proposal
Is in the Updates Forum

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

mudcat's picture

Nobody believes you or respects you. Nobody is going to vote for you because you attack your fellow council members. Certainly no one thinks you know anything about the issues because you always make it about you - instead of the issues. Please consider the fact that you are a horrible embarrassment to Peachtree City and just stop bloviating on here and then simply go away. I hear England is nice this time of year.

What does the "corridor" consist of?

What is a grade C?

Don Haddix's picture

Depends on the topic. The whole corridor is many miles long across multiple counties.

Here, we are talking about the PTC Corridor, from the east City limits into Coweta County for maybe a mile.

That is the Corridor we must deal with for any kind of traffic relief. Just looking at Wilksmoor or 74/54 is a waste of time and money.

We also have to look at the secondary roads connected to 54. Hwy 54 is not stand alone.

We are already looking at practical tweaks to make traffic better. It is not a new issue to us, but is a constant frustration.

You also have to remember the cost of any fix. In example, Learnard talked about adding two more lanes to 54. Beyond the pavement cost, you have right of ways, sound walls that would have to be added and 3 auto and 2 golf cart bridges to replace.

Then there is moving golf cart paths and buying buildings, such as the Aberdeen Shopping Center Bank building, parts of Ridgelake, and so on.

We are talking several $100 million here.

Talk is cheap and can sound good, until you drill down. Then you find the fixes are worse than the problem and/or simply are not there.

A fancier light control system? We are already synched. More roads. Where? More traffic lights. A joke to think that is an improvement.

The Study is a an election sound bit with nothing solid backing it. Like the old, "Chicken in every pot."

Below is a chart from a website explaining grades. You have to remember the "C" is the average over the whole Corridor and the whole day. In actuality it is Grade "F" from Wilksmoor to about the Lake during rush hour, but far better at other times. Then it gets progressively better as you move east.

GDOT looks at the whole day, not just rush hour.

The following section pertains to only North American highway LOS standards as in the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) and AASHTO Geometric Design of Highways and Streets ("Green Book"), using letters A through F, with A being the best and F being the worst.

A: free flow. Traffic flows at or above the posted speed limit and motorists have complete mobility between lanes. The average spacing between vehicles is about 550 ft(167 m) or 27 car lengths. Motorists have a high level of physical and psychological comfort. The effects of incidents or point breakdowns are easily absorbed. LOS A occurs late at night in urban areas, frequently in rural areas, and generally in car advertisements.

B: reasonably free flow. LOS A speeds are maintained, maneuverability within the traffic stream is slightly restricted. The lowest average vehicle spacing is about 330 ft(100 m) or 16 car lengths. Motorists still have a high level of physical and psychological comfort.

C: stable flow, at or near free flow. Ability to maneuver through lanes is noticeably restricted and lane changes require more driver awareness. Minimum vehicle spacing is about 220 ft(67 m) or 11 car lengths. Most experienced drivers are comfortable, roads remain safely below but efficiently close to capacity, and posted speed is maintained. Minor incidents may still have no effect but localized service will have noticeable effects and traffic delays will form behind the incident. This is the target LOS for some urban and most rural highways.

D: approaching unstable flow. Speeds slightly decrease as traffic volume slightly increase. Freedom to maneuver within the traffic stream is much more limited and driver comfort levels decrease. Vehicles are spaced about 160 ft(50m) or 8 car lengths. Minor incidents are expected to create delays. Examples are a busy shopping corridor in the middle of a weekday, or a functional urban highway during commuting hours. It is a common goal for urban streets during peak hours, as attaining LOS C would require prohibitive cost and societal impact in bypass roads and lane additions.

E: unstable flow, operating at capacity. Flow becomes irregular and speed varies rapidly because there are virtually no usable gaps to maneuver in the traffic stream and speeds rarely reach the posted limit. Vehicle spacing is about 6 car lengths, but speeds are still at or above 50 mi/h(80 km/h). Any disruption to traffic flow, such as merging ramp traffic or lane changes, will create a shock wave affecting traffic upstream. Any incident will create serious delays. Drivers' level of comfort become poor.[1] This is a common standard in larger urban areas, where some roadway congestion is inevitable.

F: forced or breakdown flow. Every vehicle moves in lockstep with the vehicle in front of it, with frequent slowing required. Travel time cannot be predicted, with generally more demand than capacity. A road in a constant traffic jam is at this LOS, because LOS is an average or typical service rather than a constant state. For example, a highway might be at LOS D for the AM peak hour, but have traffic consistent with LOS C some days, LOS E or F others, and come to a halt once every few weeks.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>


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