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Jesus Feast culminates Saturday with worship in amphitheater

The mission and intent of the Jesus Feast that will be held Saturday at the Villages Amphitheater in Fayetteville is simple: it is a time to focus on the One who is at the center of Christian life.

“The Jesus Feast will be a time to glorify Jesus and to pray for area businesses and our governments, and we are emphatically not promoting anything other than Jesus,” event co-organizer Joyce Beverly said, adding that people from all churches and denominations as well as those who are unchurched are welcome.

The free event will begin at 7 p.m. and is the culmination of an area-wide 40-day focus on the miracles of Jesus. The event will include scripture reading, singing, prayers and communion. A worship team of musicians has also been assembled specifically for the event.

The Jesus Feast, sponsored by The Emerging Daniel Company, was conceived by Fayette County business women Joyce Beverly and Angie Samples. The impetus for the project stemmed from their desire to lift Jesus up in this community and nation.

“We realized that people in the community and in the nation are so fearful right now,” Beverly said. “They’re desperate for answers in every aspect of life.

“Like Peter walking on water when his attention was turned to Jesus, we really believe that if people turn their attention to Jesus there’s no reason to be afraid,” Beverly said. “We’re not looking for human solutions. We’re looking for supernatural solutions.”

Samples and Beverly said the 40-day “feast on the Bread of Life” was intended to focus on that supernatural power and the love demonstrated by Jesus in the 40 miracles and then to come together for a community worship event that is centered not on performers, institutions or personalities, but on the person of Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords.

“It’s easy to forget what we know as Truth and focus on circumstances, like the economy,” Samples said. “For the people who can agree that Jesus is the King of Kings, this is a call to come and rest in Him and experience more of His love.”

Although many community leaders and representatives of various organizations are participating in the event, the Jesus Feast is not about who will be participating; it is only about Jesus, Beverly said.


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