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On private property, land grabs, Founding Fathers: Check history

Two weeks ago I sent you a email letter in response to Terry Garlock’s article about gas golf carts, which you never published. I’m thinking perhaps you may be biased as to its content, but perhaps one more attempt may be worthwhile.

Re: Mr Terry Garlock’s article titled, “Hands off private property like gas golf carts.”

Although his very long article starts with the association of personal gas golf carts being private property, the remainder of his article is a historical summary, starting with private property, outrageous land grabs, our Founding Fathers, the Bill Of Rights, and fearing government’s heavy hand.

If one writes about the history of how this country, America, came to be, concerning private property, seems to me you should start at the beginning, when the first Europeans arrived on this soil, and who “occupied” these lands during those times, prior to any “outrageous land grabs” by “heavy-handed” ancestors of our very own Founding Fathers.

Mr. Garlock writes: “One unique aspect of our country’s founding was the sacred rights of private property.” Is religion the protective factor of property rights of historical properties, taken from its occupiers, then divided, to give to, or sell, to others?

There were many “Trails Of Tears” in our history, from Maine to Mexico, from Alaska to Florida, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific. HistoryOnTheNet.Com shows a chart, listing 13 of the main tribes of Native Americans, and their own Trails Of Tears, due to the “heavy hand” of our very own Founding Fathers.

Hugh Buchanan

Peachtree City, Ga.



What you said above, "heavy-handed land grabs by heavy-handed ancestors, our Founding Fathers!"

So not only were they slave holders but inherited or married stolen land?

And they were not Christians, they were Deists!

A few hundred years ago no one owned any of the USA. The American Indians had planted their spears here, but there were hundreds of bunches of them and they never United to fight anybody with any effect.

So eventually Spain, England, the Dutch, of course, and France just walked ashore and claimed what land they saw, and all beyond (to where they didn't know). Virginia at one time on their map went all the way to Minnesota and beyond.
These people mentioned above eventually started granting land, which they didn't own, to various individuals and companies.

And the spread carried on to us! We own pirated land!
The "sacred rights" to private property depends upon who owns it, now doesn't it?
We have now gotten down to trying to save the gas golf carts.

Then we killed all of the buffalo except Ted Turner's!

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Are you saying that those in authority wish to make owners of gas powered carts extinct? If so, when should I expect the same for my lawn mower or weed whacker?

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Thanks for sharing. I don't know why The Citizen didn't originally publish your masterpiece in the first place. It contains so much insight and never before considered relevancy that it's almost a crime your letter was overlooked, but thank God you got it in this week's edition!

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Please don't do this to people they are going to believe you are serious.

of the day. :)

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