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PTC out-fines all other jurisdictions

If you roll through a stop sign or run a red light, you will pay more than twice as much in court in Peachtree City as you will for doing the same thing in unincorporated Fayette County.

In fact, you will pay as much for a busted tail light as you will for running a red light or for speeding 20 miles over the limit in Peachtree City, according to an analysis by The Citizen of common traffic fines in several local jurisdictions.

The analysis shows that in all but one subcategory, Peachtree City far and away hits citizens in their wallets much harder — sometimes twice as hard — for common traffic violations than Fayetteville, Tyrone, Senoia or Fayette County.

The amounts listed below in the various categories, where applicable, are for a first offense. Fine amounts in categories such as driving under the influence (DUI) and driving with a suspended license, increase dramatically for additional offenses.

When compared across jurisdictions, fine amounts generally, but not exclusively, tend to be higher in proportion to the population of the jurisdiction. The general exception to that premise are fines issued by Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies in the unincorporated areas of Fayette County. Running a stop sign and running a traffic light are treated as equally serious infractions in all jurisdictions, though the fine amounts vary significantly by location. The fine in unincorporated Fayette carries a charge of $70. Tyrone charges $110 for the same infraction, followed by $110 in Tyrone, $114 in Senoia, $140 in Fayetteville and $160 in Peachtree City.

The tendency of the larger municipalities to charge higher fine amounts is also evident for those receiving a ticket for a headlight or tail light violation. Tyrone charges $68 for the offense compared to $114 for Senoia, $92 in Fayetteville and $160 in Peachtree City. The charge in unincorporated Fayette County is $56. When it comes to speeding in non-school zones, fines tend to increase in 5-10 mile increments. By way of example, speeding 11-15 miles over the limit in unincorporated Fayette brings a fine of $84 while speeding 16-20 miles over the limit will cost $126.

In Fayetteville, 11-14 miles over the limit will cost $140 with a speed of 15-19 miles over the limit coming in at $171.

And in Tyrone, 11-14 miles over the limit carries a $131 fine compared to the $145 it costs when the driver is going 15-23 miles over the limit.

Driving up to 15 miles per hour over the limit carries a $135 fine in Peachtree City and a $114 fine in Senoia. And the fine for 16-20 miles over the limit will cost the driver $160 in Peachtree City and $171 in Senoia. Driving even faster than these speeds will result in significantly higher fines in all jurisdictions. While a relatively low cost infraction, the fine amount for “no license on person” varies significantly across jurisdictions. Fayetteville charges $16 compared to $50 in Peachtree City, $26 in Tyrone, $12 in Senoia and no charge in unincorporated Fayette County provided the driver brings the license to the county clerk’s office for verification. The fine is dramatically higher in all jurisdictions if the person cannot produce a valid license.

The fine amount for no proof of insurance is similar across municipalities. The cost is $25 in Peachtree City, $40 in Tyrone, $12 in Senoia, $35 in unincorporated Fayette County and no charge in Fayetteville provided the driver can verify the policy at city court.

The fine increases tremendously if the driver has no insurance policy. The fine in unincorporated Fayette is $420 compared to $570 in Senoia, $705 in Fayetteville, $842 in Tyrone and $964 in Peachtree City.

There are a few categories of traffic offenses that carry very high fines. Among those are driving on a suspended license, reckless driving and DUI.

The fine for a suspended license will set the driver back $571 in Senoia, $700 in unincorporated Fayette, $833 in Fayetteville, $842 in Tyrone and $1,054 in Peachtree City. For a charge of reckless driving, Tyrone charges $425 compared to $513 in Fayetteville, $570 in Senoia and $1,327 in Peachtree City. The charge in unincorporated Fayette County is set by the state court judge.

And as for driving under the influence, even with the first offense fine it is just better to stay at home or get someone else to drive. Senoia charges $1,079 and Fayette County charges $1,221. The same offense will cost $1,230 in Fayetteville, $1,233 in Tyrone and $1,319 in Peachtree City. As a way of comparing the cost of infractions depending on the jurisdiction, The Citizen looked at the fine amounts for about a dozen of the more common traffic violations that show up on police reports. Some fine amounts tend to be higher in proportion to the population of the municipality in which the violation occurs. However, fine amounts in unincorporated Fayette County are generally lower than in the municipalities.

The jurisdictions checked for charges on traffic violations included Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Tyrone, Senoia and unincorporated Fayette County. Though located in Coweta County, Senoia was included in the survey due to its close proximity to Fayette County.



Proof that the most over-policed city in GA is not at all interested in fighting crime or public safety. We have more cops in PTC simply because they are the city's revenue officers. We all know it. You can drive down 54 or 74 at any hour of the day and count 3 to 5 police cars with another "wallet" pulled over while blocks away a house or car is being broken into. Our larceny rate is the same as Fayetteville (check the stats), drugs are sold out in the open on cart paths, even our own police flaunt the law (On August 27th we set up LIDAR on Hwy 74 northbound at Villa Point and clocked 6 PTC police cruisers driving over 58 MPH in a 40 MPH zone in less than an hour. None were Code 3). We need to just change the logo on the side of the police cars to Peachtree City Dollar Patrol.

We all already knew this, but it's good to see it out there in our leaders' faces. City leaders take things seriously when they show up in the papers.

My wife and I were pulled over in the same vehicle for the same offense in both Peachtree City and Palmetto within two days of each other. Our tag registration had been suspended because our insurance had lapsed for about 12 hours while switching policies. When your insurance lapses in Georgia, the state computer system automatically suspends your tag. We had yet to receive notification of the suspension in the mail when we were pulled over. We had active insurance and licenses in both pullover cases, so we were only ticketed for a suspended tag violation. The Palmetto fine for a suspended tag was about $150. In Peachtree City, it was over $700. Same offense, same car, same insurance.

Not too long ago, both The Citizen and the other paper reported that Peachtree City police pullovers have doubled in 2010 compared to 2009. The ptc police chief said his pullover rate is still well below the average for cities this size. That is simply not true. After reading the story, I called similar sized cities and asked for their pullover rates (Kennesaw, Douglasville, Dalton, Rome) and none of them were even close to what we face here. Kennesaw's pullover rate was not even 40-percent of PTC's. The others were from 50 to 70 percent of what we deal with. I can't believe PTC's leaders spiked our taxes by 20-percent without seriously looking at cuts to our bloated police department. What a disgrace.

You are "fed up and not going to take it anymore. I want you to go to a window right now, open it, lean out, and say, I'm not going to take it any more!" OK?

Could we have the rest of the facts on your tag problem? I assume that at the instant that the cops ticketed you that you actually did have auto insurance as you said and that you eventually got the fines back, if you ever paid them?
The fact that technically you had no insurance at another time other than when the tickets were issued is simply a timing problem.

It is also unclear as to how you got tickets on different days and you must not have had proof of insurance!

Anyway, if you did have insurance when you got the tickets, the cops can't make it hold up in court and assume you drove sometime without it!

It is not the policeman's fault.

Now as to what is being treated by some as "excessive" auto tickets in PTC!
More than likely all those people were guilty. However a policeman's time maybe could be spent in more useful safety enterprises: night neighborhood watches, more often checking of retail establishments, more supervision of bars at closing times, road blocks after bars and restaurants are closed to check for DUI, etc.
Now our new Chief of Police, I think came from Florida. Many Florida areas make a living off tourists violating local crappy laws.
Let us hope ours wasn't hired for that expertise!

Also, I'm not sure that 2-1000 dollar fines do anything but give us a bad reputation. I don't think it does more to cure a problem than would a $100 one!

In other words, we must not make our budget with such stress!

You bring up a few good points, and a few bad. The real issue here is that the PTCPD doesnt use good common sence. let me ask you, would YOU go out in a area that you KNEW a roadblock awaited outside?? I would bet not, even if you didnt drink!

No other area in Atlanta has such a reputation......they cant all be wrong now can they?? Ate dinner the other night in Senoia, guess what the conversation was at the bar while everyone waited for their table....
They were here because of the BS that the PTCPD is!! They dont want the hassle! And PTC loses again....

I work in PTC (live in Smyrna), and I see all of the ridiculous traffic enforcement on a daily basis. I think that they truly believe that they are autonomous and not employed by "the people".

I agree 100% these are just bored too many and have nothing to do but bother people. They will stop you for anything and fabricate a story they can do anything they want. They are above the law. I have live here for over 28 years and had the chance now would never move here. The statement in the paper about more fines in PTC will turn people off about moving here. That was a big mistake. My thoughts only sorry.

The GOP (Grand Old Party) is in the throes of total destruction currently as a follow up to 75% of our current debt being piled up by Reagan and Bush.

They are nominating TEA people over their standard republican candidates since their people deserted them!

These people for the most part can't win!!!! A few maybe.

I hate to see it since we operate as a two strong party system.

Then I saw where the cops in Dekalb County quit writing fine tickets and were depleting the County budget by doing so. They wanted paid for holidays which was deleted in a budget crunch!
Sounds like a firing offense to me.

The other thing I saw recently is that one can't hardly read a newspaper without seeing a big color ad awarding some real estate agent (salesman or woman) a big award for sales!
Now I have learned to live with all of the false advertising, especially on TV, without government interference (due to recession) but hyper crap for non-sales is too much!

Now, yell out the window some more!

Everyone already knows this.

We always have to go outside of PTC to go out to eat, and meet friends. None of our friends will come to PTC to shop or eat. All of our surrounding counties and cities thank the cops. They make a killing off of people from PTC.

Even with all of this extra revenue our local wasters of money still want to raise our taxes. To pay for what?? Has anyone seen any of this extra money used for a good purpose?? Thanks for the laugh and proving what we already know.

Mike King's picture

But, but our mayor says that PTC folk will not shop outside our town. What gives?

I can only speak for myself and my friends. I do buy groceries here for the most part; unless I'm passing a Trader Joe's while running errands.

It is what it is. We do have to pay for the illegal tennis center loan, I guess things will never change in the revenue/pay money to the mob thing we have going here.

I'll keep following my friends when it comes to socializing and spending our money where it is appreciated.

I do all my shopping, except groceries, elsewhere!
And like others that have commented, I go out to eat outside the
city also.

Every time a new business resturant opens it closes are right we have to go outside of PTC for shopping and dining....raising our taxes for what is only to raise salaries!

PTC Observer's picture

our police department for keeping PTC safe for all of us.

Keep up the good work!

Your head is in a hole! Look around, the medians are bare, the grass isnt cut, etc etc. KNOW WHY?? Its $$$$ PTC is loosing their rear ends because of the PTCPD!! They are over bearing! Fire half of them, especially MB, and let the last half work on real crime and stop hassling people for petty stuff......just look around and start counting how many businesses are NO longer in PTC.....frightening isnt it?? Now look at Newnan, they are expanding, look at Senoia, new sidewalks restaurants....hmmmm see a trend??

People will leave with their feet and wallets.

I highly doubt businesses are leaving because of the police. Panasonic did not move because the police arrested everyone. The little Kroger didn't shut their doors because the police ticketed them. The chicago eatery didnt close because they got sick of cops harassing them. They closed because of money. To think the police are the reason is just silly.

I had one subcontractor who refused to come work a job in Peachtree City. He claimed his guys were constantly being pulled over because they drove old pickups.

The weird part is watching the Sheriff's Department and the PTC PD running radar on the same street at the same time. The place is beginning to look like a cash cow.

suggarfoot's picture

Before I quit All State...for MANY reasons.. I quizzed them about why my rates were so high. They look for any reason to gouge you. PTC and the area gives them plenty.

It seems that all these tickets they give makes this a "HIGH CRIME AREA" in Allstate's book! ( I said any reason to raise didn't I?)

So don't think of yourself being protected..think of yourselves being a cash cow for the area, then pimped to all the other buzzards like Allstate to feed on.

Sickening isn't it?

Well, maybe it is a crime to over fine where it does no good!

Hate we are a "high-crime" area. Bet New Orleans and California are considered "high crime" areas and areas where many do not have reasonable cost insurance.
Afraid insurance of all kinds will soon be nationalized so that all peoples can be included without going hungry paying for it without subsidy from others.
Sometimes we are forced into Nationalization by bad business practices.

suggarfoot's picture

Truer words were never spoken. They are digging their own graves.

I thought I was going to fall out of my chair when AllState said that to me.

Yeah, they put us 'high crime' by the number of tickets written in the area! I had a ticket that I went to court n fought. I, of course lost, so it went on my driving record and ALLSTATE canceled me. I just thought they were stupid and didn't change my home insurance at the time. They like to do what is called 'cherry picking'. (google Allstate and cherry picking and see what you come up with) Not changing my homeowners insurance turned into a huge mistake!

I posted this a couple of years ago because I was so outraged.

Allstate also pulled a dirty little number on me later on my homeowners. I saw someone else write in about 6 months to a year ago describing the same thing as happening to them. I urge everyone to pull their policy with them and look at their deductable and see if it is what they asked for and if your house is valued at what you asked for.

I called at least 3 insurance companies. Told the same amounts to them that I wanted my house insured for and the deductible I wanted.

They all were pretty much the same, so I went with the last one, AllState.

My fault in this is that I should have NEVER trusted the agent. When the policy came, I didn't go over it with a fine tooth comb. I assumed wrongly the agent was honest.

When we had the hail storm, I pulled my policy to see if it covered hail. I got the shock of my life!!!!!

Instead of giving me the 1,000. deductible that I asked for, they wrote it for a 5,000.00 deductible!

They also DEVALUED MY HOUSE down to somewhere around 178,000. instead of the amount over 200,000. plus that I asked for!

They wouldn't make it good and kept telling me I should have read the fine print!

I fought it and called Oxy moron's office...OMG AM I SOOOO GLAD THAT SCUM BAG LOST!!!

I told them what happened, they said someone from their office would get in touch to 'interview me'. Never happened. About a month or so later, I got a letter from them saying they had interviewed the insurance agent and they were sooo sorry! Some watch dog agency they turned out to be!

I called n asked for Oxy numerous times and always told he was 'too buzy' to talk to me. (that was about the time Oxy and his kid were on some Insurance exc plantation hunting and filled some bystanders butt with buckshot!) If I knew it at the time, I wouldn't have even bothered to ask him for help and make a joke of myself.

After throwing multiple hizzy fits, the one under Oxy moron agrees to set up an interview between me and Allstate in her office! Feeling they weren't gonna come through. I called their office on Wed to confirm the Thursday meeting. It had been called off and they never bothered to call me. They said it wasn't 'convenient' for the insurance company. Being caught with their pants around their ankles, they said they would reschedule. That was over a year ago!

I googled Oxy's office on Georgia open governemnt and found most of the useless pencil pushers in there make 80,000. a year and upwards.

Yes, insurance does need to be nationalized! and Oxys office needs to be cleaned!

As you can see from what I wrote, the insurance agencies have no fear nor should they of Oxy's governing body. Both are a waste of air.

I'm so glad he lost...there is justice after all!

suggarfoot's picture

After the whole nightmare...I called LIBERTY MUTUAL..They knew I just had a claim. (I couldn't quit raving about it!)


Knowing I just had a claim.. they wrote me a policy for the correct value of my house, with the correct deductable, and with more content insurance, for eith 1.00 or 10.00 a year more (can't remember which) that ALLSTATE had written.

I still have the policies and the letter from Oxy's office.

When the new guy gets in office, I'm going up there and personally put it in his hands. I want him to know what is old staff is about, if he chooses to keep any of them.

I knew someone who bought a large term policy when young, but when he reached 60 the premiums started doing up 100% per year.
At 70 they had reached $4000 per year.
The exact amounts of the later year terms were not mentioned in the policy.

It did say they might be changed if circumstances warranted it, The man selling the policy said NOTHING!

He appealed to Oxy also, and was told you got a problem.

Why aren't they doing something about the meth dealers?
Instead they want to chase around all the teenagers!
And yes, believe it or not there are meth and crack dealers in Peachtree City.

SPQR's picture

I've been operating on the premise that proof of auto insurance in Georgia is no longer required. Am I wrong?

All they have to do is run your license plate

suggarfoot's picture

YOU HAVE YOUR CASE BOUND OVER TO THE COUNTY!!! They are glad to get the business and it is your right! That way, they collect the rev from the ticket and you have revenge on PTC for going out of their way to make you a meal ticket!

I did that once many years ago when a strange town cop ticketed me when a kid came out of a lawn on an illegal bike and crashed into my side.
The kid was the aschool principal's son!

I said I wanted a jury trial. They wrote it off at local.

suggarfoot's picture

It works!

common tater's picture

Do you people think that the officers who pull you over are the same people who decide the amount of the fine for the citation? Take a good look at your law makers folks. Do you think the PTC officers have had a raise in the past couple of years? No, they haven't. Why don't you contemplate, while you're swimming laps under the bubble at Kedron pool this winter or riding your golf cart on a beautifully maintained path, where the money from citations is going. The chief is correct, traffic enforcement reduces crime. When you're getting pulled over for that tail light (and probably getting written a warning) that officer doesn't care if your light is out. He cares if you have warrants, or a crowbar and some duct tape in your back seat, or your car smells like a brewery, or if you have a mobile meth lab that's going to blow up. Your refusal to support local stores and restaurants does not matter to the might matter to your kid who wants a job there someday or your nieghbor who owns that store. Please think beyond the obvious folks.....

WOW Tater, an awful lot of assumptions there!! Its always OK with people like you, until it is you, then you just cant understand why oh why did they pick me!!!!

They HUNT!!!! There is no gray to them, everything is a huge big crime, because there is NO actual crime!! You have too many cops, for such a small area, they WILL find something to do!!

Small area, lots of people. Would you rather have 1 cop for nearly 40,000 people or 1 for every 5000? Which makes you feel safer?

We know it was our previous band of thugs/politicians/liars that raised all of the fines to double that of any other community. They did it to overpay our city manager and give themselves a big raise. We know. It has to be the city council and the police chief working together to set the quotas. It is what it is. It was this way ( with the quotas) when chief porn QUEEN was here, so I'm sure the dept. policy transferred over to the new guy as:" this is the way we do it here".

The kedron pool bubble needs to go, it is a wasted expense unless the users can pay a fee to support it. No revenue, no bubble. It is a luxury we can't afford. The other "luxury" we can't afford is an overpaid city manager.

If they were using the extra money to patrol the cart paths and curtail vandalism it would be one thing......but.... the residents are on their own as usual.

How are they doing with the car arson fires? Have any of those cases been closed yet???

I wish they were serious about fighting crime.

No matter where you live there is good and bad. We just have to take the bad with the good.

I like playing the guessing game everytime someone is pulled over. I've seen a grandfather aged man pulled over and 3 cop cars. One car was doing the work and the other 2 were just standing around.

PTC is a very very unfriendly community because of the PTCPD. I avoid going through there at all costs and time. I even own a business in the city. As I have said here before, they are costing the city millions upon millions in tax revenue, because customers will just simply go to Coweta county. You people have some very very bad politicians running your local govt. they are costing you dearly. For example, when I bought my house, I told the realtor absolutley NOT IN PTC. Hence, I am on the outskirts without all the BS, with the petty laws and codes.

The "bubble" is bursting.......when my lease is up. PTC loses yet another business bringing in $$ and Coweta will get them....fix it people its broke!

I can hardly wait until Georgia Shrimp Co. moves to Senoia. If they aren't considering it now I hope they do real soon. They have good food and good music. Much classier than PTC. They are wasting their time and talent here.

I know the city council under logs-for-brains are the ones who set the fines at double every community around us. We know who to blame. I blame our previous crooks in charge for the illegal tennis center loan that never went to a bond referendum like it would have in a normal city. Instead we had a bunch of crooks take out a loan at a bank that one of the crooks worked for.......NICE!!! Now we are paying for all of it.

Best of luck wherever you end up movin on. I know one business owner who said even his worst day (revenue wise) in his new city beat his best day in sales in PTC. You will be fine. Happy Trails.

and his fine establishment on this blog in regards to moving. That's one great/classy place to eat.

Keep up the good work Shrimp Company.

As previously stated in my comment. Georgia Shrimp Co. is CLASSY. I picture them in a quaint charming first class small southern town. They have talent charm and class. I picture it all at a location in downtown Senoia.

I want to enjoy everything they have to offer in a charming southern town, that's all. Nothing more. No need to read something offensive into it.

Nor did I say or imply that I was. Sometimes I just wonder why folks take the leaps they do on these blogs.

Oh yeah, I'm not sure Anthony and Co could stay in business with the little traffic in Senoia. Maybe he could try an outpost selling coffee, not much else. Can they even serve on Sunday?

...who routinely get in their cars and carts to go who knows where. Send someone in there undercover, watch 'em drink their 10-12 beers, then get in their cars and drive. It happens every stinkin' day and night.

It's so easy to blast PTCPD...yet, our town in case you missed it, has the lowest crime rate of anywhere in the metro area.

I've lived on the Southside for nearly 60 years, the last 15 or so right in this area. I've been stopped once - for running a stop sign that I just decided to ignore.

I got a ticket and deserved it, and the wonderful cop who gave it to me was as courteous as any police officer could ever be.

I hear PTC residents complain they don't want development because it brings crime; they don't like cops because they stop crime. Sounds like a conundrum to me.

When people can prove they've been stopped or accused wrongly - and you can't - then complain. In the meantime, watch the speed limit, stop when you're supposed and God forbid, don't drink and drive, and you won't get a ticket.

Or am I missing something? I fail to see the big deal.

I live in PTC and spend a LOT of time in the City. I've never been stopped, never been hassled, but I occasionally check my taillights and don't run stop signs either.

Keep up the good work.

TinCan's picture

Lived here 22 years, never stopped. But then I try to stick within the speed limits, keep my lights in operating order, stop where it says stop, don't run red lights (well maybe once or twice by accident) and already walk my dogs on leash or have them in fenced back yard. Gosh, never realized how perfect of a citizen I am.
Now I wish I could say my lead footed wife hadn't caused me to contribute heavily to the city coffers. Guess it all averages out?
And it's a good thing I'm not a city cop, there'd be a crisis with the ticket pad budget.

Speed limits, equipment requirements and vehicle regulations are set by the State. Why are municipalities allowed to set their own fine schedule for violation of STATE laws?

does anyone care that if you get a ticket in ptc it will cost you more than just about anywhere in Ga? who made up these fines? our outstanding city leaders? no wonder they can't get reelected. if they are given the freedom to fine people whatever they feel like what is to prevent them from truly setting up a system of gustapo actions? the fines are bad enough but the ptcpd is a money hungry bunch of barnies.

common tater's picture

I think if the cops were so "money hungry" they wouldn't have gone into that profession in the first place. I'm guessing since you have such a low opinion of these "barnies" you would never think to call one when you're robbed, when your daughter is raped, or when your car is totaled by a drunk driver. I'm sure you already have someone else in mind to help you should one of these unfortunate things ever happen to you.

Mike King's picture

Having experienced a drunk driver totalling my auto several years back, I see no correlation to calling the police after the fact as much consolation. You see, the culprit was convicted of his fifth DUI, paroled, and charged yet again within two weeks. While I would agree that a police presence is a small deterence, it is by no means capable of preventing instances that you cite.

To prevent one must take personal responsibility not to operate vehicles while under the influence. The same applies to folks like you and I who must prevent folks from potentially doing harm to themselves or others by doing what it takes to keep them from driving.

In regard to your two other examples, a measure of personal reesponsibility includes self defense training and common sense habits of not placing one's self in less than pleasant circumstances.

from other Counties..I'm glad the fines are high.

POLICEtree City. To Harass & To Ticket I've only gotten 1 tix in town last 15 yrs & I beat it in court. The PTCPD is a bit extreme & I'd say overmaned. By the way if you have ever spent anytime in a muni court, you'd know it is the very last place you will see justice served.

You are wrong. They claim not to have nearly enough police to be called POLICEtree City!

I never noticed any manes on any of the cops!

Never been to muni court or even to the sex starved judges superior courts!

You are right however about justice there, you already have all of that you are going to get before you enter the courtroom. That is not to say that most aren't guilty--it is just that they all are.

"So far this year, the 62 percent increase in citations hasn’t led to a subsequent payday in fines collected from municipal court. Year to date fines collected are up only 12.4 percent, with an increase of $148,409 compared to last year." from

To Protect, Serve and Generate a Profit.

You can't drive thru PTC without passing at least 2 incidents where police have someone pulled over, and you can bet there's a citation being issued.

Apparently in PTC, there is no longer any give to a traffic stop. Use to, police officers used discretion, common sense and consideration of gray areas before issuing a citation. None of that is present or allowed today. I think it's mandatory... one stop equals (at least) one ticket.

You really want to get angry, go sit in a traffic court session and listen to some of the situations that generated a citation. Agreed, a large portion are legitimate stops and the driver deserves what he gets, but some are just plain overkill and may even boarder on misuse of authority. Why the Judge doesn't throw some of these out is beyond me. Maybe it's because he's hired and not elected. (which begs the question, is the judge paid on commission basis or salary or combination of both?)

I don't blame the rank & file, but rather the mayor, council and chief for this overkill.

And no, I've never been stopped nor received any citation in PTC or anywhere in 30+ years, so this isn't a grudge response, just an observation.

It is somewhat strange that in 30 years you got no tickets yet you see 2 or more every time you are out! Especially since you say many of those should not have received a ticket. I see one often, but not every time.
The $$$$amount is the problem with me.
You sit in court?

Yes, Chiefs of police are responsible for whatever the officers do!


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