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Wrongful death lawsuit filed against Fayette and 11 EMTs

A wrongful death lawsuit against Fayette County and 11 county emergency medical technicians was filed in Spalding County State Court late last week. No dollar amount of damages being sought was given in the court papers.

The suit stems from the April 28, 2009 death of 57-year-old Fayette County resident Dickie Denney. The suit by Denney’s wife Charlene alleges that her husband’s death resulted from a number of errors including the administration of what became a fatal overdose of morphine.

Mrs. Denney filed a wrongful death lawsuit on Sept. 9 naming Fayette County, Fayette Emergency Medical Technician Jason Crenshaw and John Does 1-10 as defendants. Denney maintains in the suit that her husband’s death followed a number of errors made after EMTs arrived at their home. One of those alleged errors included a fatal dose of morphine sulphate.

Noting that Denney had oxycodone in his system (for which he had an active prescription for the past several years), the cause of death according to an autopsy by DeKalb medical consultant Dr. Gerald T. Gowitt was determined to be “opiate intoxication aggravating pre-existing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.”

Contacted Monday, Fayette County Administrator Jack Krakeel said it would be inappropriate for him to make any comments on legal proceedings involving the county.

According to the lawsuit filed by Fayetteville attorney John Mrosek, Denney had worked his way through a series of heart attacks and had attained a good state of health after the installation of a pacemaker.

The lawsuit noted that Fayette County Emergency Services staff had visited the home on prior occasions without incident and had transported Denney to either Piedmont Fayette Hospital or Emory University Hospital. But that was not the case on April 28, 2009, the suit stated.

With Denney complaining of mild chest discomfort, EMTs were called to the Adams Road home, arriving there at 10:25 p.m. The home is a short distance from Tyrone Road and approximately 3.62 miles from Piedmont Fayette Hospital, according to the filing.

Once on the scene, the EMT that appeared to be in charge at the home was Spalding County resident Jason Crenshaw, according to the lawsuit.

During the home visit and after the initial diagnosis conducted by emergency medical staff, “they concluded that Mr. Denney was not in an emergency situation,” the suit stated, adding that EMT’s offered numerous treatment alternatives.

Denney said his level of pain was a “3” on a scale of 1-10. The family at some point decided that Denney should be transported to Emory University Hospital.

The lawsuit alleges that during his time at the Denney home Crenshaw “exhibited an angry, antagonistic and malicious attitude and tone to Mr. Denney and to his family and created, in the eyes of witnesses, an atmosphere of hate.”

The lawsuit adds that Crenshaw exhibited numerous breaches of national, state and local protocols and breaches of the standard of care from an emergency medical provider.

Crenshaw at some point is said to have administered morphine sulfate without consulting Charlene Denney and in contravention of the established national and state protocols for the administration of the drug, the lawsuit said, adding that Crenshaw’s explanation for administering the morphine was to “knock him out” for the ride to Emory.

The suit states that, “Less than 10 minutes after Mr. Crenshaw administered the morphine, he radioed to 911 dispatch a ‘Code 7,’ meaning that Mr. Denney had experienced the initial stages of life-threatening cardiac arrest in that his heart had stopped beating due to the inevitable depressive, analgesic effects of morphine coupled with the existing Oxycontin (oxycodone) in his system (in a patient with a history of cardiovascular disease) thus causing his heart to stop and quickly causing Mr. Denney’s death.”

The suit maintains that, “at some point prior to 11 p.m. Crenshaw and defendants decided to administer morphine sulfate without consulting Mrs. Denney” and that “Denney’s situation escalated from a non-emergency situation to a cardiac emergency at approximately 11:03 p.m. when his cardiac arrest started and was witnessed by Crenshaw.”

Crenshaw recognized the error of treating Denney with morphine, the suit stated.

The court filing also states that while in the ambulance Denney was given an injection of Narcan, “a drug designed to offset the depressive cardiac effects of morphine they had just given Mr. Denney.”

According to the filing, Charlene Denney returned from filling her husband’s overnight bag and seated herself in the ambulance. She was not made aware of the life-threatening condition of her husband, the suit states.

Once underway, Crenshaw radioed dispatch saying that Denney was being transported to Piedmont Fayette Hospital.

The suit questions the route taken by the ambulance crew. With the destination now listed as Piedmont Fayette rather than Emory, the suit questions why the ambulance headed north on Adams Road and stopped on the side of the road near Sandy Creek Road, a route to Piedmont Fayette that would be of significantly greater distance than if the ambulance had gone south on Adams Road to Tyrone Road then east to the hospital.

The suit states that, while parked along the roadway off Sandy Creek Road, two additional crews arrived at the scene.

Meanwhile, the ambulance in which Denney was being transported stayed at roadside for approximately 15 minutes before resuming the transport to Piedmont Fayette.

The ambulance arrived at the hospital at 11:24 p.m. and Denney was pronounced dead at 11:59 p.m., according to the suit.

Also noted in the suit was Charlene Denney’s attempt to secure an autopsy and a death certificate. Fayette County Coroner C.J. Mowell was called to the hospital, where he sent various records to the Georgia State Crime Lab. “... an on-duty physician there conferred with Mr. Mowell and concluded that the death of Mr. Denney occurred as a result of ‘natural causes,’” the suit states.

The filing said that once notified, Charlene Denney “disputed the same and pointed out that her husband had been injected with morphine and that that was the cause of death.

“Mr. Mowell rejected her comments and refused to order an autopsy or inquest and said that the matter was closed.

“When Mrs. Denney asked about an autopsy, Mr. Mowell refused and told her that she would have to search on the Internet and pay for an autopsy out of her own funds.

“Despite Mrs. Denney’s repeated demands ... Mr. Mowell refused to issue a death certificate in this case. It was only after he released jurisdiction in August of 2010, more than a year later, that another medical examiner was able to issue a death certificate showing the cause of death to be ‘opiate overuse.’”

The subsequent autopsy performed by Gowitt determined the cause of death to be “opiate intoxication aggravating pre-existing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.”

Commenting last week after the lawsuit was filed, Charlene Denney said she is determined to find the answers to her questions.

“You think things like this don’t happen in real life. They knew in the driveway (of her home) there was a problem,” she said, adding that she is not afraid to take a stand on the issue of her husband’s death. “The biggest thing is trying to get the truth from the county and the truth about what happened that night. I couldn’t get the answers so I had to file suit.”

Denney said she does not want others to have to go through what her family experienced, adding that she wants cameras installed in the patient compartment of all ambulances and the capability of EMTs to be able to speak directly with emergency room physicians during cardio transports.



I have been in the business for a long time and seen alot of stuff. The people in this line of work do it to help people not hurt them. I have worked with Jason and dont buy what is being said. Most healthy people will not have a list of medications in their back pocket. I think at the end of this you will see that it was the mans time to go meet his master. Always remember that GOD made your heart to beat so many times....He is the only one that knows how many times that is. I tell all of you again....We are in this job because we love to help people. Jason is a great medic and you will see that when all this BS is over.

We do truly do this because we love it. I can think of about 1 Million things I could do that would pay more money or be less stressful. As the Doctor below states, we dont wake up every morning and say "how many will I kill today." Saving your life in your worst moments is what keeps us going. Trust me, it is not the money or the politics. Again, Jason is a great medic and has saved many many lives. One spur of the moment decision whether right or wrong cant convince me that he isnt.

What-ever you said it perfectly. Our days and our heart beats are numbered. Fayette County you make Emergency work impossible and that there is why I no longer work in this county. I got sick of hearing Politics. Fayette County you have a fantastic Fire Department. I went to school with a lot of them. Respect those guys and girls more than you do. Taking them to court out of sadness or loss is not respect.

I hope that Jason comes out on top of this one.

I don't appreciate your rude comments, and I am not 12. Not only am I married to a medic, but I am a nurse, and have plenty of other medical professionals in my family. So no, I am not living in a dream world, I happen to be educated, and I am willing to bet you don't know what you're talking about, since apparently all you have to do is sit on a newspaper website and criticize and patronize someone you do not know.
Oh, and great job with the play on words. That's pretty impressive... You speak of dolls, dollyworld, and the boogyman. Instead, take your own advice, and "Don't state what you don't know"

Hey Doll, you cant let these closed minded idiots get to you. You know how the system really works as does your husband.

And yet another blast of name-calling. I'm getting the feeling you only disapprove of it when done by others.

Dontyouworryboutit, you slipped out of character here. This should have been posted under one of your other alias’s (eyeopener, elvis?)

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin

I know Mr.Crenshaw, he is a top notch paramedic. He cares more about his patient than he should at times.

All I have to say about the case is that nobody knows what the hell happened, accept for the people there. I am sure the medics and EMTs on the scene have told not to comment on the case.

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Nobody knows what the hell happened? I'm sure that the coroner that was finally allowed to examine and autopsy Dickie Denney's remains has some idea of "what the hell happened" and his autopsy reports just happens to include his conclusions.

I had known Dickie Denney on and off for well over two decades and I can assure you that he was an honorable man. Common sense should at least hint to you that his wife Charlene falls in the same mold.

I have been the victim of medical malpractice and my mother died of Medical malpractice/malfeasance - MASSIVE prescription overdoses of pain killers and tranquilizers. I found out the hard way that the medical community covers it's own butt very well.

I am very interested to see how this shakes out in a court of law.

So, let me get this straight...If I'm a nice guy, then by default my wife is nice? That makes alot of sense, there pal...Honor has nothing to with this case. And yes, the coroner ( hired over a year later) does have some idea of what happened. Pretty convenient the coroner was "hired" by the family of the deceased. Money talks, Im just sayin...

I'm back you dumb idiot EMT. You so stupid or you cannot read the article. The article says the coroner waited over a year to release juridiction so the medical examiner could sign a death certificate. What do you think the coroner was waiting on to do this holding up a death certificate from the widow? What is your logic for this since you are so smart.

can't remember which one of you EMts put some sappy blog about poor cannot eat EMTs.....Most of the one's I have seen in this county look obese!! How can they run and put out fires.....Look around you. Do you see any that look like they had to skip a meal? I never seen so many fat asses in my life in this county. So don't go making up bs about poor ole EMTs have to skip meals if this does happen they sure as hell make up for it when they get back to the station. How about the leaders are they physicaly fit, slim and trim? Do they have to miss meals also? I see a heart attack lurking around all of you! But that's okay because God only gives you so many heart beats and then it's your time to go, Right?

[quote=eyeopener]I'm back you dumb idiot EMT. You so stupid or you cannot read the article. The article says the coroner waited over a year to release juridiction so the medical examiner could sign a death certificate. What do you think the coroner was waiting on to do this holding up a death certificate from the widow? What is your logic for this since you are so smart.

can't remember which one of you EMts put some sappy blog about poor cannot eat EMTs.....Most of the one's I have seen in this county look obese!! How can they run and put out fires.....Look around you. Do you see any that look like they had to skip a meal? I never seen so many fat asses in my life in this county. So don't go making up bs about poor ole EMTs have to skip meals if this does happen they sure as hell make up for it when they get back to the station. How about the leaders are they physicaly fit, slim and trim? Do they have to miss meals also? I see a heart attack lurking around all of you! But that's okay because God only gives you so many heart beats and then it's your time to go, Right?[/quote]

First of all, it would be "you ARE so stupid..." Second of all, yeah, I can read and did read the article, you are stupid for thinking I didnt. I hope that you never need to call for help from all these FAT STUPID EMT's. They would probably have to call for backup anyway to pick up your fat ass. Dont you sit in your nice little computer chair and judge me. You dont know me. You are not that lucky. ANYTIME you think you can hang, you can work a shift with me. Then we will see....signed, a dumb idiot emt

I think I could "hang" and work a shift with you. I will bring my cook book and X Box and plenty of one's for poker. What's our hours are they 12 on and 24 off? Tell me. We will have fun especialy chatting online. I will bring my I phone and text while I'm in back of ambulance with the "crazies" I'll bring champaign if you got the other. We have a blast.
I'm excited now. Let me know when I show to "hang" with you.

I don't know if you want to hang with the FBI though!

Are you really trying to convince us that you are "FBI"???? If that is true, you just brought my respect for FBI down quite a few notches!!!

With the comments you have posted, you make Fayette County citizens sound obnoxious and arrogant. After reading all of your very childish rants, I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I am a fellow Fayette County citizen.

Maybe you should wait until all the facts/findings are made before criticizing someone or something you obviously know nothing about.


I'm shocked by how frequently you resort to name-calling after chiding others for doing it. What is the reason for this hypocrisy?

I am appalled to read this article. Whether anyone likes Jason or dislikes him shouldn't be a concern here. The real issue is how ignorgant this county is and the abuse of our EMS system that happens everyday. What person is healthy who takes narcotic pain meds routinely? Has had multiple heart issues? Has had multiple EMS calls to his residence? No on mentioned: Did the man smoke? Did he use or abuse alcohol? That is not the picture of a healthy man! Sudden death is always upsetting and life channging, I have lived through that, but to blame those who work daily to save lives is an outrage! People who live in this county think they are owed something just because they have a hospital and a great EMS system. The days have gone when you can take an ambulance ride to the ER and be brought right back. Gone are the days that you don't have to wait for your non urgent, non emergency room complaint to be evaluated. People get real and know what situation is an amergency and needs EMS and the ER and what is not! What you think is an emergency may not truly be. Airway, breathing, and circulation are our main focus. EMS is overtaxed by all the calls they receive and to go to Emory with chest pain from person who has a cardiac history is plain stupid. Another issue, since when do families get to tell medical professionals and doctors what to give and not give patients? We work under strict protocols and the wife was not and should not be consulted on what to give her husband in a life or death situation. Morphine is the drug of choice for chest and 3mg is not a lot. Often times a patient leaves their home awake and alert and arrives at the ER is a worsened condition. Hasn't anyone ever heard of a decline in status and maybe it was their time to be with God! For this wife to scrutinize every action, every details that she doesn't have a clue about is jut wrong. If the ignorant attorny who took this case, (looking to make a name for himself and some money), researched best practice and what really happened this would not have come this far. Furthermore, for someone to slander both Jason Crenshaw and CJ Mowell without having all the facts, because I am sure facts are missing just to provide sensationalism and stir up a community who already has unrealistic expectations of both the EMS system and the emergency room is just wrong. I am sorry for the loss of a man but it is not at the cost of some fine paramedics and medical professionals who work very hard every day to save lives. When is someone going to write about the good we do and the lives we do save daily??????

Anytime one dies it is time! Whether he could have been saved or not.

You sound very touchy (fending off criticism of another person).

It would be nice if when one goes to a hospital they could simply relax and know that they are under the care of perfect people and that nothing could go wrong unless it already had.
Unfortunately, Hospitals, like everything else, have many bummers working in them.
People who get careless and hateful after so long doing the same stuff for unappreciative and ill people!

It is THE job however!

Ill people? HA! Maybe 30% of people who to the ER actually need to be there. Go do a few rotations in the ER and see how long you last. People abuse ER's and ER staffs to no end. GET A PRIVATE M.D.!!!

My goodness, there are some ambulance chasin' idiots on this post. This is just like a rape case. ANYTIME someone gets accused (of rape, neglect, wrongful death, etc...) by another person, they are guilty in the court of public opinion immediately. If you were not there, dont't know the parties involved, or arent the judge, SHUT UP!! Name calling and trying to belittle people (because "IM SO EDUCATED, YOU ARE BENEATH ME") is more closed minded (and kinda middle schoolish...) than any other comments being posted. I wont kiss anyone's @$$ just because they use big words and know proper English. God forbid you EVER get sick and need help. And, NO, emt's CAN NOT give Morphine. Only paramedics can, and since I know Jason personally, I can tell you, he is not only a paramedic, but a Nationally Registered CRITICAL CARE PARAMEDIC. Go aheah, Mr Scribbles (or whatever your name is) and pick apart my post for improper use of words or misspellings. I assure you, I will sleep great tonight. So, you can take your "snowball" and leave... GOODBYE

[quote=DontYouWorryBoutIt]If you were not there, dont't(sic) know the parties involved, or arent the judge, SHUT UP!![/quote]

Your objections to free speech, open debate, and legitimate public inquiry are noted.

I am sure if you speak to the publishers of The Citizen they will QUICKLY AGREE WITH YOU -- and shut down the comment sections of this website--then you can just tell the columnists and reporters to SHUT UP! <em>...Voila!</em>

You (and your several friends) --Are basically arguing that there should never be an inquiry into matters such as these because the EMT had such-n-such qualifications or credentials to his great credit - a ludicrous assertion.

If you read the posts carefully, you will see no one is yet found guilty--
...but there are some very hard questions and blank spaces in the record that demand answers.

You don't get answers unless you ask the right questions.

Asking these questions and getting to the answers is not persecution, or a finding of guilt, it is called investigation. It's not fun if you are under scrutiny--but it is a fact of life!

The questions raised in the public courts and this public forum are worth asking, and well-worth answering, with public safety in view. Isn't that important to you?

Now tell me again -- Who has a closed mind here???

I dont care what the publishers of this paper do. Dont care if they agree or you agree or any one else agrees for that matter. I NEVER said there should not be an inquiry. For someone so smart, you are just plumb dumb. Inquire, inquire, inquire! Inquire until your face turns blue. Im saying dont persecute these people during said inquiry. Keep your mind open. Jason is as good as guilty in your book (at least according to your comments). There are these things called "protocols". These are what ALL fire departments operate under. They also operate under the direction of a physician or medical director, if you will (also known as a doctor, Dr., or M.D.) If the protocols for chest pain were followed (and we dont know either way), then Jason and the 10 others are all in the clear. Let me ask: Would you debate a pilot on the subject of flying if you were not a pilot? If not, then why debate a medic on the subject of EMS if you are not a medic? You are a smart person and probably make alot of money, but that doesnt mean you can treat people like they are dirt when you dont know them. How many meals have you missed because you were taking care of someone sick (a complete stranger) or fighting a fire? How many hours of sleep have you missed because "granny" 'dont feel good', or some moron decides to go out and drive drunk and crashes into a car full of teenagers? Now, try to miss these meals and sleep for chump change, because you fine citizens dont think public safety workers are worth being paid a good salary.

The facts will come out in the course of the legal action....
Discovery, motions, trial, and the newshounds doing their job every step of the way.

The system will work... it usually does.

[quote=DontWorryAboutIt]If not, then why debate a medic on the subject of EMS if you are not a medic?[/quote]

It's not about the science of EMS medicine and protocols now--bigger than that.

NOW -- it's about ALL OF THE FACTS AND ALLEGATIONS, and WHO? /WHAT? /HOW? it was involved in the treatment and death of Mr. Denney-- including the reasonable spectre of possibility that there was an attempt to cover-up /delay the finding of these facts.

The innocent will be vindicated--
...And those found at [negligent] fault (if any) will pay the price,

[quote=scribbler]I am grateful for EMT's, firefighters, doctors, ER Nurses, and everyone in the life-saving business. But when mistakes are made-- accountability is part of the landscape.[/quote]

I sincerely meant that; and I have made a lot of sacrifices in my life for the living and the dying. Thanks for all you do.

We can't forget the burden of proof remains with the complainant which is quite a challenge in any case--even more of a hill to climb should the official infrastructure close ranks and hunker down.

BTW -- As long as the debate /defense is operating more on <em>"emotion and devotion"</em> than the facts of the matter--they will lose.

I've seen it go both ways-- this will be worth the watching.

Pass the popcorn.


In one post you say "Name calling and trying to belittle people (because "IM SO EDUCATED, YOU ARE BENEATH ME") is more closed minded."

In another you say, "For someone so smart, you are just plumb dumb."

What are we snooty Fayette citizens to make of your inconsistencies?

"Name calling and trying to belittle people is more closed minded"

Funny how it seemed like a good idea a few posts up when you called us "snooty Fayette citizens". Pot, meet kettle.

[quote=ER RN]I am sorry for the loss of a man <strong> but it is not at the cost of some fine paramedics and medical professionals</strong> who work very hard every day to save lives.[/quote]

Your upside-down value system is frightening.

<em>Awww... that man died...
Hmmmm-- Were there mistakes made?
BTW-- Our actions and reputations are off-limits!!
<em>After all...
...Paramedics and medical professionals need to get back to work!</em>

How many have to die with serious questions lingering, before YOU AGREE that a pause and inquiry is justified?

IF ONE OF YOUR DEAR LOVED ONES was on that list of deceased persons, would YOU lower that number to ONE?

Get a grip.

I see these fellow EMT pals of Jason Crenshaw say “he cares more about his patient than he SHOULD at times”……”I am married to a medic”…….”the man’s time to go meet his master”, “God made your heart beat so many times” and “Fayette County you make Emergency work impossible and that is why I no longer work in this county”………..

I think EMTs should be paid a large salary because after all based on their comments about GOD……..these medics get to play God and decide if you live or die! They get to decide without GOD’s permission how many heart beats you get…………If they make a mistake it is so easy to try and cover it up because after all people will never suspect due to the dead man had a bad heart…………….Good theory……sometimes it works sometimes it don’t……..and sometimes the wrong patient is killed!

Firejunkie the only EMT with a conscious and knows the truth says…..”Sorry”

I would like to know why this Jason Crenshaw was never fired? In most cases even with teachers, police officers, etc……if complaint is issued on someone then they are temporarily put on suspension……even if they are not guilty………..Is he on suspension for now or is he still going out on calls to other patients? If not then I will keep my car gassed up just in case I need emergency help I will drive to ER or get neighbor to take me!


I can tell you what I am going to do!! I already talked to a lawyer. If I have to be unsafe to call 911 then I am going to file a class action suit against my county for not providing what my tax dollars pay to keep me safe! It won’t be frivolous at all!

Actually, 95% of their funding comes from business taxes.
So unless you're a business owner, no they do not work for you.

So, lets just fire anyone with an accusation against them on the spot? Smart...You can read into "firejunkie's" 'sorry', what you will. Maybe it means "im sorry you are an idiot that cant think for yourself" or "sorry jason is going through this" or "sorry your husband died, but perhaps it was just his time." Nobody tries to play God and decide if people live or die. You are a sad, sad person. I hope your neighbors would take you for help because, Ive got a feeling that you are not very well liked, and dont have many friends. Lets just shut down all police, fire, ems, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and any other agencies designed to help you and see how that goes. You are the same type of people that call 911 because you hurt your toe 3 weeks ago and now you "really need an ambulance". The reason the ER's stay full. 99.9% of calls go right, you NEVER hear a word about them. 0.01% get messed up and the guy needs to be fired and sued and jailed. This is one messed up country. God help us all.... Open your eyes

How about this. If you hate EMS so bad, DONT CALL. Handle things on your own, see how that works out for you. We get tired of being abused by you anyway. We are not your taxi cab's. I dont care if your have a Dr appointment over by Grady in the morning and "really" need to get downtown. Find another way....Losers

Let me tell you one thing. You work for me the tax payer. I have to wonder if you are one of the 11 EMTs being sued? In the way you blog I can now know for sure the animosity in your words and you all must be evil and it must be truth in what was in the paper how Mr. Denney was treated that night! I will now pray for the safety of all my fellow tax paying citizens. hell is not big enough to hold all of you evil employees being paid with my money!

No dear, I assure I dont work for Fayette county or anywhere near there. I cant handle all you snooty Fayette citizens. So, no I dont work for you. If you think I will sit back and let you attack my profession and my fellow workers, youve got another thing coming. Just go crawl back under your rock and let me worry about my own soul. Pray, pray hard, as you never know when it will be you calling for help...

I guess somebody got on to you and now telling you to cover up what you was saying. Im not stupid like you are and I got the message from you and your family of emts. Too late to cover up now big boy! NICE TRY! JUST LIKE YOU DID WITH THE DEAD MAN!

You sound like a babbling idiot. Someone got on to me? What, am i 6? What is there to cover up? I DONT work for Fayette and wouldnt lie if I did. I think you are a bit stupid, stupid. You are just too stupid to realize it. Big boy, huh? Thats a bit sterotypical. How do you know im not a female? Idiot...By the way, OPEN YOUR EYES

How badly was the victim abusing a highly addictive narcotic? Was it being taken exactly as the DR. prescribed??

Something says.......NOT!

How much alcohol had the victim consumed before the call for help to 911??

What DR prescribed this highly addictive narcotic medication for long term use?? Usually the only circumstances that require this level of narcotic meds. would be someone in end stage cancer battle or back surgery gone wrong.

What are we really talking about here? How badly was the victim addicted to these narcotics and how much alcohol had he consumed prior to the call for help??

Why are you bleating so hard to cover it all up????

Even if he loses this case, which seems much of the cut in profits is your liar....ooooopppppssss, lawyer going to get??

Don't understand you, at all!

What possible difference could it make in the treatment of this man no matter if what all that stuff you said was true! Most have no answers anyway.

Does a surgeon when walking into an operating room before operating start asking what kind of service does this person deserve? Is he a bum? Is his wife a pill?

If they are a big problem then we can be angry and they can't sue for anything that happens!

We must wait for the facts here.

It's not that hard to understand. If the person was taking more than the prescribed dose of a dangerous narcotic and drinking even one drink on top of that, any other drugs given would make even a healthy person sick. Look it up in a PDR, maybe I'm reading all of that medical jargon incorrectly.

None of the victims so called friends want to answer that question. I'm sure the existing bottle of pills has long since been destroyed, so we will never really know if it was being taken exactly as prescribed or not will we?

There are lot of questions and a lot of room for reasonable doubt.

"Snooty Fayette citizens."

Riverdale is not only less snooty but cheaper too. This way to the egress.

So, recent joiner, you know all about EMS & like to use the "you work for me" language. I can tell you two things: first, I have had the occasion to use FC EMS more than once and I only have high praise for their professional actions. Second, you gotta be a real dumbass to make such a comment. I sense that you project misery to all those around you. I wish you good health and a long life.

If that is the case, then how do you account for the many sucessful trips they make to the hospitals--how many lives are saved? How many heart attack or stroke victims they got to the hospital in time to prevent death or permanent damage? I do not know anyone connected to this case. I do not know if you know or are connected to anyone in this case. I can only assume that if the responder who is being sued was as mean and hateful and unprofessional as he is painted that he would have been reported before. I have not read on this site or anywhere else that there were previous complaints against him. I can see where some of the other EMTs etc, who posted her have vented about people using emergency vehicles as taxis. I personally know of someone who calls an ambulance constantly to be taken to the hospital if she is upset with her family, wants attention etc. It matters not to her as Medicaid pays for all expenses. Usually, the same nite or following morning she is sent home--and again she calls an ambulance to take her home. If I were an EMT or other responder I would resent the time she is taking away from someone who really needs the service. As with all things, there are abuses.

I think instead of people making statements they cannot back up with actual facts, and making disparaging remarks about all EMTs, they should wait until this case goes to court and the true facts come out. That is the only fair thing to do.

PTC Observer's picture

Your last paragraph is a voice of reason, this board won't tolerate that you know.

Better be careful. ;-)

If the persons posting to this thread that claim to work for EMT actually do, one might do better chancing a drive to ER or simply letting the hand play itself out unassisted.

You EMTs have not acquitted yourselves well here.

Its comical how mad you people get. I set up an account just to ruffle feathers, and boy did it work....

No thanks to EMS....I agree with Elvis. I don't know why in the hell I am gonna call for EMT for anything when I live 5 miles from the ER. Not after hearing from these EMT's on line here. I'll have my wife drive me.

I can promise you fools something. If you dont call us, we wont call you.


I see you represent the mentality of all your family of EMTs and firefighters.

You just don't get it do you bubba? You work for me and my family of tax paying citizens. I think my brothers and sisters are a lot smarter and a lot bigger than your brothers and sisters.

I am going to be watching this case and I know listening to all of your comments and horrific remarks about Mr. Denney and the widow is as though you are making the remarks to their fellow brothers and sisters in this county. So be prepared because it is a lot more of us out there than all of you cronies that hate your job but not even grateful for your job when so many of my fellow citizens do not even have a job or food to eat. You lazy fat EMT!!!

Any and every person that reads your blog is smart enough to know you are SCARED and you must be one of the 11 ! You coward!

What kind of power trip is this?
All the EMS employees that are posting on here are just aggravated about the bad things being said about the profession on here. So what's the need to talk crap saying you wouldn't call 911 if you were injured? I'm not saying that everyone is 100% on top of their job, but these people DO save lives, and I can actually say I've never spoken to a medical professional that hates their job... and even on bad days, these people know how to put the patient first.
And the complaining about being ABUSED as a taxi service... is a valid complaint... To call an ambulance three times in one day for morphine and NOT want to go to the hospital, or to call for a ride to the hospital with a broken NAIL (which has happened) is misuse of EMS service, and it is NOT right! When you call 911, and they ask... "What's your Emergency" ... THERE SHOULD ACTUALLY BE ONE. that's all. Why is that so hard to understand?

PTC Observer's picture

If all this is the case and they can't take it, they should simply all quit.

Seems simple to me, if they don't like the job they should go do something else.

This is an account of an alleged negligence from the PLANTIFF in the suit!

There are NO comments/rebuttals from the DEFENDANTS. All that is presented is hearsay.

The Plantiff has had since April of 2009 to consult with counsel and formulate the suit. A statement of Wrongful Death as presented in this case to be any less damning of the accused, would be negligence on part of the Plantiff's attorney.

Do you think, perhaps, the DEFENDANTS were advised by legal counsel not to make statements, comments, or rebuttals?


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