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2 arrests tied to north Fayette burglary

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office investigators made an arrest on Sept. 8 in connection with a burglary that occurred earlier that day on Monticello Way in north Fayette County.

Investigators have arrested Chauncey Aquinas Burdette, 24, of Stone Mountain and Demond Bernard Porter, 23, of Lithonia charging them both with party to the crime of burglary, according to sheriff’s spokesman Brent Rowan.

Rowan said the case involves Burdette and Porter aiding the commission of a residential burglary on Monticello Way when they provided transportation and acted as lookouts for an unknown number of burglary suspects.

Investigators are currently investigating the identity of the additional suspects, Rowan said. If any one has any additional information on this case they are urged to contact the Fayette County Criminal Investigations Division at 770-461-6353.



They need to support their own community and stay out of ours.

NUK_1's picture

"Why do you rob banks, Mr. Sutton? Because that's where the money is!"

One nice thing about these types of losers is that when they really get mad, they torch and loot everything in their own community instead of exporting it. You know how dog trainers say put a dog in his crate because he won't go to the bathroom in it? These people crap where they live all the time. Problem is that everything of value has already been stolen or destroyed there so they are now expanding their horizons.

This is a sad story to me because I happen to know the exact house in Dix-Lee'On that got robbed and my best friend from many years ago grew up in it. A real shame that what was once a great neighborhood is bordered by the "Tri-County" den of trash that has taken over that area long ago.

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