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Coweta letter to editor - Tea Party Patriots are non-partisan

When you hear the words “Tea Party” do you immediately think about politics?  Do you think the Tea Party is politically tied to any political party? One day a few weeks ago, I went to our downtown businesses on Main Street and I asked the owners or managers if they would allow me to put a flyer in their window. The flyer was announcing that our Mayor and a State Representative would be the guest speakers at our next meeting.

Happily, many of the businesses stated they would be glad to place the flyer in their window and announce it on our local radio station. They were calm, polite and very easy to talk with. However, some immediately became tense and defiantly told me that they would not post anything that was political in their window. One went so far as to say they didn’t want to upset their regular customers. Now, first of all I appreciate the time each merchant gave me. And I do understand and respect how someone might feel, but to not want to let there customers know of an opportunity to listen and talk to their Mayor and State Representative, that I can’t understand.

After this experience I can’t help become concerned that so many people have what I believe is the wrong concept of what the Tea Party really stands for. There are many organizations that call themselves a “Tea Party”. Did you know there are only four, large,  well “organized” Tea Parties? The most important distinction between the Tea Parties is how they are organized and what their leaders believe in and practice. The one group that our Tea Party is affiliated with is the Tea Party Patriots, a national group, a grass root organization, led from the bottom up, not top down, that has two co-creators.

There are over 200 Tea Party Patriots groups in Georgia and more than 3,200 groups nationally.

The Tea Party Patriots is not a political party. I do admit that the Tea Party Patriots are more closely associated philosophically with the Republican Party conservative views in our political opinions.  But we do not support or identify with only Republicans.

So who are the Senoia Tea Party Patriots? They are American citizens that believe that our Federal government has taken our country in the wrong direction. They want a government that is responsible to the People. They want a constitutionally-limited government, not a big government. They want a government that is fiscally responsible not one that put us into 14 trillion dollars of debt. They want free markets, not markets that are overly burdened with regulations. The Tea Party Patriots is a non-partisan group and does not endorse any political candidates.

So, you can appreciate that I have difficulty understanding how or why anyone would think the Tea Party Patriots are political. If you want to consider us to be political, then think of us as the watchdog of our political system and have the concerns of all Americans, regardless of your political party and/or non-party affiliation.

I am a veteran and the Coordinator of the Senoia Tea Party Patriots. May God Bless America and May God Bless all American Patriots.

Joe Canin



Yes the tea party patriots are non-partisan.

The Tea Party is open to all who got so worried about America when a Black, Northern Democrat was elected President of our United States of America. (Tea party groups were formed right after President Obama was sworn into office).

The tea party is open to all of you so concerned about fiscal responsibility. That strong sense of fiscal responsibility emerged when a Black, Northern, Democrat was elected President. Fiscal responsibility for you did not exist during the Bush Administration which launched two wars and a Medicare drug program without paying for them. That kind of spending was OK then; not ok now.

The Tea Party is open to all of you who love states rights. A dishonorable constitutional position that puts you in the tradition of slave holders and segregationists. If that does not bother you, you are welcome in the tea party.

The tea party is open in all of you who admire dumbness in our leaders. Tea party favorites like Bachmann, Palin, Perry are admired because they reject modern science such as evolution and resent anyone who they suspect may be one of those educated intellectual elites. Tea party folks fervently believe that we have not had enough dumb leaders.

And the tea party is open to all of you who believe there should never, ever again be a tax increase on the rich no matter how great the wealth and income gap between the rich and the middle class/poor becomes.

And the tea party welcomes all of you, no matter how extreme, who believe that gay rights, gay marriage, and a woman's right to control her own reproductive health are serious threats to the American Way of Life.

Yes all of you who want to be part of the great obstructionist tradition of southern conservatives are welcome in the tea party.


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yes even you.

"Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt"
-Samuel Adams
Illegitimi non carborundum

If what you say is factually true, particularly about the 14 trillion debt, then you wouldn't have anything in common with the Republicans!!

President Reagan and George W. Bush actually put us in debt that much in their tenure, and President Clinton reduced the deficit somewhat to keep it at about the amount the republicans overspent.
Of course some of those expenditures were voted for by liberals, but neither republican President vetoed any of it!!

Policies of one administration do overlap a great deal sometimes as did it with George W. Bush into President Obama's administration, but some of the overspending was also improved lapping into Clinton's savings.

As to the woman's right to have or not to have a baby she doesn't want, that has been in the Supreme Court's hands for a long time.

This country also spends less for it's citizens welfare than any country in the world except 2-3 third world countries! Yet the TEAS want it cut further. Teas don't seem to want to worry about aged people either and that is a Christian duty!

Since 10% of our wage earners earn 50% of the money and benefits in the USA, and 90% of our wage earners only earn 50% of the money and benefits,
(approximate numbers) yet the TEAS want the taxes of the 10% cut even more.

Since 16% of our population is African American---maybe it was their turn for a President! I expect to see a Hispanic or an Asian President this century. Together other races make up about 55% of us.

Race must not be a factor in electing a President---he represents all of us--different from a Mayor, a Senator, or a Governor.

Neither should a certain education, wealth, or a representative of a minority.

" If you want to consider us to be political, then think of us as the watchdog of our political system and have the concerns of all Americans, regardless of your political party and/or non-party affiliation."
If these are the watchdogs, let's hope god shines her mercy on all of us.

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