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Fresh Market to spark shopping center renovation

It looks like the Peachtree Crossing shopping center may be the next retail space getting an exterior makeover.

The first phase of that makeover will start with the new Fresh Market grocery store that will be taking up much of the space vacated last year by the “baby Kroger” store,

Once that is complete, the remainder of the storefronts will be renovated in phases, Peachtree City Developmental Services Director David Rast told the planning commission Monday.

“They have some pretty ambitious plans for their overall center and we’ve been working with them on that,” Rast said.

Plans have been submitted for the necessary demolition work and the company is already at work doing necessary retrofitting on the interior of the building, Rast said.

This renovation comes at the heels of the whirlwind project that gave a huge facelift to the much-larger Braelinn Village shopping center.

Peachtree Crossing differs from Braelinn Village in one significant respect and that’s its prominent location at the intersection of Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway.



Bring it on.....I used that smaller Kroger location all the time, and Fresh Market will be very welcomed by me.

them with open arms ( and I guess open wallet!). I, too, used the Baby Kroger often as it was closer and easier than going to either Big Kroger or Publix for some things. I was just sorry that there was so much you could not get there. But for the basics it was wonderful. I sure will do my part to make Fresh Market successful. I only hope they pick some better colors than Braelin. Some of them are not too bad, but sure wrong decision on K-Mart. That red sure clashes with the other colors--but it all is an improvement and for that I am grateful. I do try to shop in my community and support our local merchants. Don't know if I will feel the same about the new Walgreens though!

I was a little surprised to see that PTC was not listed under stores to come--on either of their two locations for this. Hope this only means they have not updated their site and nothing else. They can't toy with my emotions like this!! LOL

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Don't worry Mayor Haddix handled this one personally. We have nothing to worry about.

Where the heck is Mayor Haddix, did he stop posting to the site?

Haddix can't catch a break. If he blogs often, it is too much, if he doesn't blog PTC misses him, I'm sure if you contacted him and told him you were having withdrawal pains he would be glad to oblige.

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I am missing him, he has information that is useful from time to time.

He does owe his election to the bloggers on this board, doesn't he?

I will just bet that most of you out there voted for him.

I would call, but I don't think he would pick up the phone for me. He got in "trouble" for answering one of my questions on this board.

That unholy trinity had done enough to hurt PTC as it was.

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I would take your call, as I do all calls.

As for being in trouble? Nope. What I said was the truth.

Fresh Market is still on track as is the face lift.

After 2.5 years you should know I am not afraid to speak when I believe something needs said.

I just have been very busy with the TSPLOST, SPLOST and a couple of other very big issues facing Fayette and PTC.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Welcome back Mayor. Now I don't want you over working yourself. So, let's forget about proposing or supporting any of those SPLOST's. I enjoyed reading your objective analysis of the TSPLOST, looks like we're going to get "stuck" with this one by DeKalb and Fulton. Good thing we didn't pile it on with the extension of the County SPLOST.

On this TSPLOST thing, whatever happened to "no taxation without representation", or did our boys Chance and Ramsey vote for this abomination? It seems like the legislature has really stretched the definition of “local”.

This is a great example of how democracy doesn’t work. The legislature gets together and screws the minority for the sake of the majority. The minority doesn’t even know about it until it’s too late. One wonders what greased the skids on this concept. Think it could have anything to do with all the money in the road construction business? All nice and legal though just like the E & W bypass.

Now that’s democracy in action!

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