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PTC seeks changes for Walgreens architecture

Peachtree City planning officials are waiting to receive tweaked architecture for the new Walgreens pharmacy that will be replacing the existing Ruby Tuesday restaurant at the corner of Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway.

The Walgreens will be more than three times the size of the Ruby Tuesday, sparking some concern over the look of the store “dominating” the area. Officials for the development company handling the project have pledged that all landscaping along Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway will remain intact during and after construction.

To some that may or may not mitigate the sheer upsizing of the existing building, particularly given its location not just at the most prominent intersection in town, but also directly next door to one of its top competitors: the Rite Aid pharmacy.

After reviewing the latest architecture elevations submitted for the project, they were sent back with comments from city Developmental Services Director David Rast on suggested changes.

In those comments, Rast pointed out the site’s proximity to homes in the area, as he urged the project should have more of a residential-type feel in its architecture.

The architecture plans will be reviewed at a future meeting of the Peachtree City Planning Commission, most likely at its next meeting Oct. 11.

Covenants from when the property initially was sold required the site to be used for a restaurant, but those covenants expire next year and therefore have opened the door for site redevelopment, officials have said.

Because the site is zoned general commercial, city officials are unable to prevent the redevelopment project.



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I hope the city fathers have started developing ordinances for empty store fronts and what the former owners must do with empty buildings, we don't need any more standing eyesores.

It will be either Walgreens standing empty or Rite-Aid but one of them will go. Let's see if we can get the planning committee out in front on this before it goes bad.

Talk about ruining the feel of a city, couldn't get much worse than this.

than on the site of the Church across the street. I will say, it's going to be HUGE and UGLY. In reality, I would rather Walgreens go elsewhere totally. But they seem bound and determined to ruin this corner for us.

At least the Rite Aid building is of a reasonable size if it ever comes to another store of some kind/type opening up.

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Well you're going to get it there, we just need to get our planning committee in gear to take care of it or Rite-Aid when they go out of business.

You live down the street so what happens when you drive past an empty building for a few years until a Goodwill moves into these empty dark stores?

Let's make them tear them down and put a green field there if they leave it empty for more than a year. We don't need anymore empty store fronts in PTC. Maybe its too late for these two stores but lets get them thinking about the future, isn't that why we have a planning committee?

When do you suppose the Lutheran Church you mention is going to rehab their crappy looking church and lawn? They have a rock-pile on the lawn, and park across a major street!! I say never. They are looking elsewhere and will leave it as is or worse. It is theirs and they can and will if they want to. Southerners don't question churches unless Muslim.

So now we can tell corporations that no building can be empty that they own or lease? Bush, Banks, and Wall Street crooks ruined the City, not Walgreen's!

Speaking of eye-sores ruining a city---how about 23 places to buy liquor?
Can't count the beer places. We even have a hip-hop night club.
If you are waiting for police to write up tickets for ordinance violations in those empty places and other violations---forget it!

to prevent a behemoth going up on this corner? I may be wrong and I hope so but if we are to have two drugstores only feet away from each other, one is probably going to fold and then we will have another empty eyesore. If it is Walgreen's there will be a building that probably will not appeal to another business. To bad there does not seem to be a way to keep it zoned for a restaurant.

We seem not to agree on much.

What do you or I know about building stores and running them? Little.

Walgreen will eventually envelop the Rite-Aid area---they are closing now, actually.

Do you stay hungry? Many on here seem to be obsessed with crappy restaurants with help that is terribleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee---you say.

little oxygen. Makes much more sense to keep the restaurant there or replace it with another rather than put in a drugstore right next to an existing drugstore.
And, yes, I do know something about running a business---and didn't you run the concession stand at that house of ill repute at Abe's old homestead?

What possible power does our city government have to tell Ruby Tuesday not to sell to Walgreen, or anybody? Assumes that codes are met.
I understand they were offered so much money for it that they couldn't refuse as a matter of corporate responsibility!

Why do you care about two drugstores? They already exist everywhere in the county in sight of one another everywhere! Rite-aid has 2-3 right here.
Every Walmart has one, every Kroger, etc.

Walgreen will certainly have more goods than Rite-aid. I'm telling you, Rite-aid will not be there next year! It will be Walgreen's parking lot probably, or another Real Estate, Stock Broker, or Insurance office!

I'm off this subject----my brain air is getting tight!

As you yourself put it "My brain air is getting tight."

I think the size is too big. It already got a prime location. They are the number one Pharmecy. If they CUT the size of the store to what the county and city wants they would not have any probelms. I used to work for Rite Aid.

They can't make a go of it with a toilet sized store!
Anyway do yuou want Walmart to cut down 1/2?
Makes no sense if it is on the same lot as a small one would be!

Concerned Citizen's picture

Why can't they make a go of it? You seem to make a go of it with a toilet sized head and a pea sized brain. Sorry, had to take the shot.

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Poor old CHR$. He gets no respect.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Keep Ruby's in P.T.C. open..we truly don't need another drug store. So many around. Between CVS,Rite Aid and Walgreens, enough is enough. Why must there be so many? The answer is truly simple,,,Walgreens likes to make its camp right near a Rite Aid.Can't they pull people in on their own????Why not move to the Rubys in Faye' then if you want to have another store ? ? ?

GREAT. Another empty store front for Peachtree City.
Should be an enhancement to a very prime, visible location
for Peachtree City. Why not have the building painted bright
pink with purple trim and a yellow roof.

How about orange & blue?

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