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PTC Chief resurrects plan to ax 3 captains

The Peachtree City Council is being asked to revisit a proposal to eliminate three of four police captain’s positions in a newly-crafted “reduction in force” and reorganization proposed by Peachtree City Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark.

Clark wants to sack the three captains and add two patrol officer positions, the latter of which would only cover two of the department’s four patrol shifts. The proposal will be debated at Thursday night’s City Council meeting, slated for 7 p.m. at City Hall.

The goal of the reorganization is to “minimize support personnel and maximize those positions that deliver a direct service to the public,” Clark said in a memo circulated to council Friday afternoon.

Eliminating the three captain positions will save the city approximately $330,000 in salary and benefits, while the cost of adding two officers will be approximately $124,000 in salary and benefits, Clark noted in the memo.

The city also recently filled a brand-new assistant police chief’s position at a salary of $91,011 a year, which when added to the two new officers proposed by Clark would cut the savings of eliminating three captains’ positions down to $115,000 a year.

The proposal cuts the office of professional standards in half from two personnel to one. That office handles internal investigations along with accreditation supervision, media relations and supervision of the training of all sworn officers.

The reorganization would segment the department into three divisions instead of four essentially by merging patrol and investigations into one “operations” division, with the other two being administration and the one-person “office of professional standards.”

Under the latest reorganization proposal, the operations division would be headed by a captain, who would report to the newly-hired assistant chief of police, according to Clark’s memo.

Merging patrol and investigations will allow for the department to “respond quickly to issues with greater manpower available,” Clark wrote in the memo.

The change also places two patrol lieutenants as supervisors over two separate patrol shifts, whereas the current department structure has lieutenants overseeing one patrol shift each, supported by a sergeant.

Clark does not detail in the memo any specific instances in which the department came up short on manpower to respond to any emergencies.

The concept of eliminating the three captains’ positions went over like a lead balloon in May when two of the captains, Rosanna Dove and Michael Claman took their case to the City Council. Dove noted that while City Manager Jim Pennington had estimated the cost savings to be close to $400,000, nearly all of that figure would be wiped out but the new hires proposed for the reorganization.




Citizen_Steve's picture

Does the Asst. Chief position require a skillset that the Captain position does not - in other words, why couldn't a current Captain fill the Asst. Chief job? Why is H. C. "Skippy" Clark's real agenda? Did council address that question?

Council simply asked one question to the Chief... How many years of experience do you have? Then they asked The Dr. P. then they voted! What was funny was Imker wished them well even before the vote! Think it was a fore gone conclusion.

NUK_1's picture

The new assistant chief knew both Pennington and Skippy from a stopover in Florida. Why promote from within when you can engage in cronyism? Pennington and Skip are under a lot of heat and there's no way they were going to promote within when they need all the "allies" they can get and anyone promoted from within might not be on the same page.

What is sort of ironic is that the asst. Chief is more qualified and experienced for the Chief's position than Skip ever was when the Mayor/council foolishly selected him. I'm not going to degrade the man solely because a couple of clowns selected him...he certainly comes with the credentials and experience. I also hope he realizes what the hell he just got himself into. Bearden and the BOE sure didn't. Joey Grisham didn't. Haddix has been overwhelmed by himself. Not sure Pennington had a clue either. Predecessor Bernie was a joke and not qualified at all in the first place.


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