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Senoia candidate forum Oct. 17

The three candidates featured in the Senoia mayor’s race in November will face each other in a forum to be held Oct. 17.

The mayor’s seat will be the only contested municipal race in November. Qualifying for the seat were incumbent Councilman Larry Owens, retiree Don Rehman business owner and Senoia Downtown Development Authority Chairman Suzanne Helfman.

The Senoia Forums Group announced Monday that the forum will be held in the courtroom of the Senoia Municipal Building at 505 Howard Road on Thursday, Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. The forum provides candidates the opportunity to express their views on city issues and answer questions submitted by Senoia residents and from the Questions Committee of the Senoia Forums Group.

Forum organizers said each candidate will be given time to make an opening comment, answer questions on city issues and make a closing comment. Questions for the candidates from the residents of Senoia should be submitted in advance by Wednesday, Oct. 16 by email at

Please make your questions on city matters only and as explicit as possible for all candidates to answer, organizers said. Questions will be accepted from the meeting attendees and will be asked, if time permits. Question cards must be filled out upon entrance to the municipal building. If the questions are not addressed due to time restraints, the candidates will respond to your email address or by phone.

The forum is sponsored by the Senoia Area Business Association.

The deadline for registering to vote in the November 5 election is Oct 7.



I would like to encourage each of you, if at all possible, to attend this forum and to pay close attention to the responses of each of the candidates. It is imperative that Senoia elect the right person as Mayor in this crucial election.

While many cities have had to reduce services and/or increase taxes during the economic downturn of the past several years, Senoia has been able to increase services and reduce the tax rate over that same period. It is all about leadership and responsible, responsive city management.

Senoia has experienced great leadership from Mayor Belisle these last eight years. Senoia should expect no less from the new Mayor that will be elected this November. As you contemplate your choice of these candidates over the next month, please consider the following characteristics that one serving in this position should exhibit:
• A person that demonstrates their heart for the city and its citizens, as seen in their actions and not just from their words
• A person that stands on principles, even when that stance may be unpopular,
• A person that you can trust, even if you do not like the answer,
• A person that listens, carefully considers input, evaluates thoroughly, responds accordingly,
• A team player rather than a tyrant, successfully working with others and not always demanding adherence to their personal agenda
• A person that is not divisive and not beholden to any individual or special interests, and
• A person that persuades rather than cajoles, implores rather than dictates, is factual rather than speculative.

Simply stated, Senoia deserves a trustworthy leader that puts the citizens and the city before self.


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