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Commissioners bulldoze bypass

County Commission Chairman Jack Smith, Eric Maxwell and the other three sidekicks are hell-bent to get the West Fayetteville Bypass Phase 2 underway before Smith and Maxwell leave the board after being soundly defeated in the Republican Primary on July 20.

The arrogance of Jack Smith continues to shine brightly. You would think he would have gotten the message from his big defeat in the primary that we the citizens of Fayette County do not want the West Fayetteville Bypass.

Oh, he probably got the message alright, but that was outweighed by his desire to suck up to his friend, Ed Wyatt and the other developers, by accelerating the start of the West Fayetteville Bypass.

At the County Commission meeting on Thursday, Sept. 9, the commissioners passed Resolution #2010-16. This resolution authorizes the acquisition of land by negotiated contract or condemnation of land for the West Fayetteville Bypass.

The county had not received written notification that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would approve a permit for the road. However, Jack Smith said he has been told the county has received verbal notification that they would approve the permit.

He DID NOT identify who from the Corps had made such a verbal statement nor who within Fayette County had received it. With Mr. Smith’s integrity level what it is, why should we believe him this time?

Anyone in their right mind would not start such a massive project before they get the official written permit. Why the almighty rush?

Jack Smith’s arrogant nose is so high in the clouds at this point he could develop a nose bleed anytime now. I suppose he has to continue proving to himself and his special interest friends he is king and will be King until midnight of Dec. 31, 2010, when he is off the county commission. Therefore, we should not be surprised at anything he does before then.

Do you remember how we were told many times before the primary that money from the West Fayetteville Bypass COULD NOT be switched to a different project?

Surprise! Shortly after the primary, the commissioners voted to give Jack Smith’s ally, Mayor Ken Steele, $450,000 of that money for Fayetteville. It amazes me how the current bunch of commissioners change what they are saying with the change of the wind.

Well, folks, we voted Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell out of office during the 2010 Primary election on July 20, 2010. We must finish the sweep during the 2012 primary.

Old man Herb Frady, Pot Head Robert Horgan and Lee Hearn all voted “YES” on the rush job acquisition of land for the West Fayetteville Bypass and to give the city of Fayetteville the $450,000 from the county portion of the SPLOST money that they said before the primary could not be transferred even to another project within the unincorporated area of Fayette County.

We must take them out in 2012. It will be interesting to see how these three conduct themselves after Jan. 1, 2011.

Harold Bost

Take Back Fayette County Committee (PAC)

Fayetteville, Ga.



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I have it on extremely good authority that when the county presented Mr. Wyatt with the first version of the route for the West Bypass, he was not happy to say the least. He would not even discuss the positioning of the road through his more than 350 acres. He referred the county road department to his lawyers. Obviously, he was very happy with a latter route because he very generously provided campaign support for Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell.

You hit the nail on the head, Mr. Bost. One commissioner sleeps through meetings, another publlicly insults his constituents, another tries to blame the voters for a project they don't want, the fourth is proven to be on dope, and the fifth claims the bypass is "his baby." After evaluating everything I've heard, seen, and read, I conclude that if one commissioner is claiming a project as "his baby", two others have been openly in favor of it, then the same project gets pulled out of the bag of projects by the commissioners and selected, it's not unreasonable to conclude that it was the commissioners, not the voters who spawned this monstrosity upon the public. This deduction is strongly reinforced by the recent unanimous resolution to secure the needed land at any cost.

Sure haven't heard any voters speaking in favor of the project or arguing with the election returns and platform of the commissioners-elect. It will be three new faces in 2012.

NUK_1's picture

Seriously. You flamed-out big in FC and cost us all $$$ with your BS and dishonesty and I'm not ready to see YOU "Take Back" anything. Don't you need to get back to your slave-labor sewing outfit ESTEX in Fairburn?

mbest's picture

Go back to the Florida Mansion you built with slave labor. You must think you still have credibility, YOU DON'T. Your money may have brought Steve Brown a seat but that doesn't mean you or he will be running the County. It takes five votes and you only bought one Commissioner.

ginga1414's picture

Steve Brown was elected just because the majority of voters voted for him and Allen McCarty. The majority of the voters voted for Brown and McCarty because they were opposed to mass transit, the West Bypass and SPLOST. Plain and simple.

Just imagine trying to blame one person for winning an election for 2 other folks. Steve Brown is usually right. He said that when you take a look at a few issues where the incumbents have wronged the voters, you can win an election. Here, we have five commissioners with their own agendas. They don't care what the people want. Their objective is to turn their focus on those brave souls who ousted them from office by casting as many stumbling blocks in their path as possible. The people spoke. The commissioners went into defensive mode.

Those commenters who reflect upon the will of the people instead of controversy will generally draw one or two dissenters. That's good for keeping letters before the public, because nothing draws readers like a good argument. I've met Harold Bost. Harold, like the silent majority of thousands of voters in Fayette County, wants a change in government. He is tired of special interests and ivory towers. But, back when he was in office, we didn't have such widespread complaints as the West Fayetteville Bypass,for example. Understandably, some folks just like to argue. But they really have no argument, because democracy is the will of the majority. Read my type...the people of Fayette County DON"T want the West Fayetteville Bypass. Otherwise, Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell would have continued in office for at least another four years. For the umpteenth time, check out the election figures.

How could anyone support commissioners who ignore the very issue that decided the campaign? The truth is, they didn't ignore the majority will. They are trying to kill it. Their friends are desperately trying to counter all the negative comments about the bypass, but it does no good. They'll get the same thanks from the voters that Smith and Maxwell did.

I have yet to see a letter to the editor about how great the West Bypass is. The reason is there is no supporting documentation to justify it, and anyone who would sign his/her name to such a publication would probably be tarred and feathered. What say ye, friends of the Commission?

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"But they really have no argument, because democracy is the will of the majority"

Since we don't live in a democracy, who cares? The VERY reason the US is not setup as a democracy is so the "the will of the majority" cannot become a tyranny and run the country into the ground.

NUK_1, You probably just went over a lot of peoples heads and left them thinking you're a nut. This is one of the most misunderstood things about American Government. Attached is a short primer on the forms of government, focusing on the US.
It was produced by the John Birch Society, so you can take their conclusions on the fall of Rome, or leave them. The basic tenants of types of governments are however, sound. It's not long and very informative.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin

NUK_1's picture

I have to say that's a pretty good piece of footage and some of the best work the John Birch Society has ever done. Maybe most of that 10min clip should be shown in public schools in American History class because it's certainly relevant today. Maybe edit out the Rome part that kind of went off on a tangent, but that's a good to-the-fact video overall.

ginga1414's picture

Call our government what you will, but the majority determines election winners. Here, most of the people agreed with the Brown/McCarty platform. They didn't agree with the Smith/Maxwell platforms. Therefore, they voted for Brown and McCarty.

Smith and Maxwell didn't like it, and are trying to get back at them. Simple as that.

NUK_1's picture

First off, unless you have interviewed personally all 23% of FC residents who voted, you don't have any idea whether the 53% of that 23% that voted Brown/McCarty only because of the WFB, mass transit, don't like guys in wheelchairs, Open Meetings violations, they were bums who shouldn't have been elected in the first place, Brown endorsed Maxwell originally,Maxwell is ethically-deprived, whatever. I KNOW this past election was only about WFB to you but 77% could obviously care less.

Our government is setup as a republic because the Founding Fathers knew how ignorant most people were and that still holds true today. In a pure democracy, you'd have people voting for something one month and immediately trying to repeal it the next, all based on anything besides facts. It doesn't work that way fortunately; it also doesn't work that elected officials do nothing while lame-ducks, especially since the MAJORITY of your elected officials who will still be in office after January happen to agree with the actions of the 2 lame-ducks. Yeah, vote them out in 2012 or go ahead and sue or whatever but every day that you and your alter-ego pips post the same stuff over and over isn't going to change anything.

This is fascinating how the critics who missed the call on the primary election are now going into full denial mode. Sore losers.

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It is true. they will build that road come hell or high water.

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I just came from tonight's commission meeting where citizen after citizen went to the microphone to voice their outrage over the facts surrounding the West Bypass. Even folks who live along the path of Phase III of the West Bypass were there talking about the safety issues. People who don't live anywhere near the West Bypass were voicing their outrage.

I will freely tell you that I don't have figures concerning the entire voting population of the county. However, the Primary Election this past July proved that out of those folks who cared enough to vote, the majority was against the West Bypass, mass transit and SPLOST.

At the commission meeting tonight, our Public Works Director told a group of us that the county HAS NOT BEEN GRANTED THE 404 PERMIT. So that means that the county is spending taxpayers' money to purchase homes and property before they even have the permit to build the road. If the Permit isn't granted, will those homeowners and property owners be able to purchase their homes and property back from the county? Would you want to sell or donate your home or property, uproot your family by moving out of your home just to find out that it was all for nothing?

If the commissioners had any doubts as to how the citizens feel about the West Bypass, after tonight's meeting I think their doubts were washed away.

That was some meeting this evening. I can't remember a time like this when more people have gotten on their feet in anger because they just can't take any more. It will be fun to watch what happens this November.

I was sitting next to a couple from Brooks who said the commissioners are dismantling the county. I totally agree with them.

Horgan, Frady and Hearn are DOA in 2012.

Can you imagine being a commissioner with prominent people in your audience and then having to endure a barrage of criticism you were unable to defend? You wait and see...these guys have only seen the tip of the iceberg of what fate has in store for them.

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