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Threat to liberty? Look out for PTC

We had the dubious pleasure of attending the Peachtree City Council meeting last Thursday evening, where once again we saw the tyranny of the hysterical minority win over the rights of our citizens to enjoy the privileges they have held here for years.

The Citizen reporter present at the meeting has misrepresented the actual content of the discussion and did not even mention that there were a lot of Peachtree City citizens who had voiced opposition to the proposed new leash law.

Lest anyone be under the misapprehension that the new law banning voice control is based on actual evidence of a safety problem, let me assure you that it was not.

During the discussion of this issue, even the police chief of Peachtree City admitted there were fewer than nine reported dog “incidents” over the past year, and more than half of those occurred in private residences.

There was mention by the council of a cursory survey done of other municipalities to serve as some type of guide — towns like College Park, Douglasville and Riverdale. Even Councilwoman Kim Learnard expressed her concern about possibly imposing a solution on a problem that doesn’t exist.

This ban on voice control is based on a vocal few minority, mean-spirited whiners who complain of being “accosted” on the cart paths.

What is the legal definition of accosted? Were these people attacked, growled at, bitten, barked at or were they just made uncomfortable by the fact that an unleashed dog was in their vicinity?

If you think logically about the large number of Peachtree City dog owners who have been walking their dogs here under voice control for years with almost no incidents reported, it becomes clear that this new leash law is another example of an abuse of power on the part of the City Council.

This decision has been based on no real evidence, in response to a few bullying complainers who insist on getting their way, no matter what the effect on the rest of us.

I would invite everyone in Peachtree City to attend every City Council meeting so you can see for yourselves how casually laws imposing fines and stripping us of long-held rights are passed.

John and Gail Bateman

Peachtree City, Ga.



"This ban on voice control is based on a vocal few minority, mean-spirited whiners who complain of being “accosted” on the cart paths."

Just 5 weeks ago my brothers dog was on a leash. lead by his 26 year-old son, and was attacked by a 'voice controlled' dog who's owner was some 150-200 yards away.

You failed to note in your synopses of the PTC City Council meeting that the police chief said that they don't document dog-on-dog problems as they are NOT required too.

The vet bill came to over $300.00.

The 'voice controlled' dogs owner said that their 'voice controlled' dog had never done anything like that before and said they were sorry and just walked away.

I have come to learn that there are those that take great pride, and rightly so, for their ability to control and work with their 'voice controlled' dogs as they have taken the time and training to do so. The blogger "Combat Correspondent" has stated with what I consider authority, that people can control their dogs by 'voice control' if proper time and training is used. Unfortunately, he and people like him are few and far between.

That said, I invite you and you 'voice controlled' dog to come and accost me anywhere in PTC any day of the week, but be forewarned; it will be you that picks up your dog and then has to decide to either bury it in the backyard or have it cremated and have its ashes spread somewhere peaceful as it will NOT survive the encounter.

Please don't consider this a threat toward you, your family or your 'voice controlled' dog as I will only be defending myself as the law provides.

Have a nice day.

Animals entertain, and delight, comfort and love us, they amaze and confound and sometimes they are just completely unpredictable. Even the best trained animal will respond to things we humans can't see or smell and have unexpected reactions that will not be controlled by a spoken command. Stimuli like; stinging or biting insects, snakes or other wildlife, children and other pets often cause fear or alarm in animals and they can react in an unpredictable and potentially dangerous manner.

"He's never acted that way before" or "I don't know what happened" are always the excuses.

Leash laws are to protect people and pets. Putting others at risk is not a right, it's a mistake.

Frankly, if (God forbid) something were to happen and your dog did attack someone at this point you could face severe criminal and civil liability and the prosecuting attorney would LOVE to use this article in court. Imagine trying to answer questions like "and you spearheaded the anti-leash laws movement in your community?" "and people pointed out to you the dangers of not keeping your dog on a leash?" "and yet you recklessly continued to walk your dog without a leash?" I would not want to be in those shoes!

I disagree the decision banning "voice control" was in response to bullying complainers. The decision was wisely made to protect all citizens from animals not on a leash. If anything, it is people like you who insist it is their "right" to have an unleased animal in a public place that is the root of this problem. You care nothing about any fear or anxiety your dog may cause to other people who happen to be on the paths. Rest assured I will carry a stick whenever I walk and will not hesitate to defend myself from any unleashed dog.

The leash law is great. I agree with it 100%. Now let's have a pooper scooper law. It's so much dog poop around Huddleston Pond that you can't really sit down in the grass and enjoy the park on a beautiful day. Please don't bring your mutts to a public park just to poop!!! OR ATLEAST PICK UP aftter your dog!! It's your dog so clean up after it!!

Let's keep PTC clean, beautiful and dog poop free.

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