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Fayette set to OK contract for West Bypass, Phase II

The Fayette County Commission is poised to award a $3.4 million contract Thursday night for the completion of the second phase of the West Fayetteville Bypass, also known as Veterans Parkway.

The design includes a roundabout intersection at the bypass and Lees Mill Road and a new bridge over Whitewater Creek. This section of the road will begin at the current end on Sandy Creek Road, continuing to the north and east to Ga. Highway 92 North at West Bridge Road.

The entire stretch of road is about 2.8 miles long, almost all of which will be new road construction. The contract is expected to be approved — though not unanimously — at the commission’s 7 p.m. meeting Thursday at the county’s Stonewall government complex in downtown Fayetteville.

E.R. Snell Contractor, Inc. had the lowest of the seven bids received on the project. Funding is coming from the 2004 countywide transportation sales tax.

Once all three phases of the bypass are complete, motorists traveling up Ga. Highway 85 South will be able to avoid downtown Fayetteville and use Hwy. 92 to take several rural roads into Fulton County to reach Ga. Highway 138 and ultimately, Interstate 85.

The first phase of the bypass runs between Lester Road and Sandy Creek Road, crossing over Ga. Highway 54 at a new traffic light.

The third and final phase of the bypass will reach from Ga. Highway 85 South at Harp Road to the west and north, along part of Ebenezer Church Road and then the existing Lester Road.

Despite vocal opposition from a group of county residents — and repeated “no” votes on various bypass-related contracts from commissioners Steve Brown and Allen McCarty — work on the second phase of the bypass has shown no signs of slowing.

Brown and McCarty have been outvoted on bypass matters, which have been approved by Commissioners Robert Horgan, Lee Hearn and Herb Frady.

Brown and McCarty, who took office in January, failed to convince their fellow commissioners earlier this year to repurpose money from the transportation sales tax in an effort to reduce the county’s property tax levy.

Citizen critics of the proposal have taken to calling the West Fayetteville Bypass/Veterans Parkway “the road to nowhere.”



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Phase III of this "Bypass" includes using Lester Road. There is a 1.1 mile section of Lester Road between Cleveland Elementary School and the eastern borders of the Stonebriar and Magnolia Ridge subdivisions that is within the City limits of Fayetteville and (arguably) some of the most densely populated property in the City.

What is the City's position of this Bypass? Does this not require a traffic impact study at least regarding the section through Fayetteville? A bypass through a two-school zone in a heavily populated residential community has safety implications written all over it.

Residents of West Fayetteville that live around Lester Road better wake up and contact your City leaders before its too late.


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"Residents of West Fayetteville that live around Lester Road better wake up and contact your City leaders before its too late.


That is why these developers win...people don't wake up till it is too late and the bypass is up under them. And then they go beg to the 3 stooges on the county commision who could care less.

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One of the most helpful things residents of that area can do is to vote Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele out of office in this year's election!

If asked, Mayor Steele will deny that he supports the West Bypass. He profusely denied that he was in support of mass transit coming into Fayetteville, but Commissioner Brown and the West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition discovered that Mayor Steele had voted in favor of mass transit in Fayetteville every single time it came up for a vote with the Atlanta Regional Commission's Regional Transportation Roundtable. Mayor Steele is one of Fayette County's representatives on the RTR. The other representative is Commission Chairman Herb Frady.



As a co-founder of the West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition, I can tell you that quite a few residents in the Phase III area have been fighting this thing as members of the Coalition for over three years.








I have a question for you or anyone who definitely knows :

Can the Fayette Commissioners actually STOP this road from being built no matter how much fuzz is developed?

Can anyone now get more money for the road right-a-way than has been offered?

What would make sense of stopping this road half done?

If it is not built will it be anyway in 10-15 years as a necessity?

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A third vote by one of the three commissioners could stop the bypass.

HB-240 could be used to stop the bypass, if there was a majority vote among the commissioner to stop it.

I don't think I understand your meaning of the word "fuzz."

Yes, a judge and/or jury could decide that the county had not offered enough for property and damages done to any particular piece of property. Our case, alone, is supposed to go to trial in December. Others will follow.

The sense in stopping construction on the West Bypass comes with a little matter called a lack of money. Road maintenance was included in the county's 2004 Transportation SPLOST Referendum. However, our previous commission was obsessed with building the West Bypass. They knew there wouldn't be enough left to repair all the collapsing culverts and roadways. So to get around that little multi million dollar problem, they devised the Stormwater Utility. Fayette citizens have already paid to repair those collapsing roadways and now we will pay for them again with our Stormwater Utility fees.

The county has just now closed Kirkley Road to school buses and emergency vehicles because the road is collapsing. It will be closed for several months. There are many more collapsing culverts and roads that haven't been repaired because the previous commission was and is obsessed with building a road for which they absolutely can't justify a need. Some of our commissioners are building a road on a purely speculative basis. Those commissioners and Mayor Steele are hoping and praying that the developers are sitting on a pot of gold.

In case you haven't noticed, roundabout, the economy is in the dumpster. I can name 3 developments along the West Bypass that have been abandoned due to the economy. There is Waterlace, a John Wieland development that fronts on Hwy. 92 N. and a Becker Development that fronts on Hwy. 92 N. near Westbridge.

I hope I have answered your questions sufficiently. Now, I would like to ask you some questions. Which makes more sense to you, repairing collapsing roadways or building new roads when we don't know if there will ever be a need for those roads?

This past week alone there were 120 Foreclosures listed in the Fayette newspaper. That sounds to me like a whole lot of folks are still going down with the ship. Along with the economy, the housing market is in the dumpster. The unemployment rate in Georgia is sky high. Student enrollment in Fayette County has dropped to the point to where the school board is closing schools.

Should we really continue to build a speculative road when we have for sure collapsing roads?

Things change, Roundabout. We were riding high in April and were smacked down in May, so to speak.

It seems odd that you are suing for more money, yet think construction can be stopped right where it is! Have they already passed your place?
If everything is broken, why do you want to break them further by getting more money?

You are correct about the economy for many people. However that isn't true for moneyed developers and bankers. This is the time for them to buy land cheap and wait it out! The banks will also loan him money against the land. (High finance by low principles). This was said of the old "robber Barons" of the 1800s, but they did build the railroads, get the oil, and build roads and universities.

The developer can make money eventually if he owns the land and the banks make money charging him interest in the meantime.

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"It seems odd that you are suing for more money, yet think construction can be stopped right where it is! Have they already passed your place?
If everything is broken, why do you want to break them further by getting more money?"

Their main goal is NOT more money. They didn't run to the county and offer their place to them. The county came after their property. Their main goal is to STOP the road. I've seen their place. It is everything anyone could want. One of the most attractive things about it is the privacy. That road will be in their back yard!

If the county was doing that to me, I would seek the proper amount out of them. Oh for Dunn, Wells, and Pheifer again.

We are going to be a bankrupt county because of the 3 developer 'friendlies' on the county commission. We already have a bankrupt BOE because of the strangle hold of the 3 developer 'friendlies'..HAD.. on it.

Have you noticed all the developers have moved to Brooks? They all own the land up here and they have gone down their and built large houses on large large properties. They already have everything rezoned to carve us up in the 'other' part of the county. The bypass, in addition to the vacant schools, are their selling tools. And we, the taxpayer have footed the bill for all. What nerve for one of them to stand up at a BOE meeting and ask what could they do to help! How bout some money donated to the school system...our prior 3 amigos built them schools in developer owned cow pastures, now the 3 commissoners are building this road on our backs. I think they could donate. But no, we are building the ROAD THAT COULD BE STOPPED... for the DEVELOPERS ONLY.

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Three years ago, my husband and I told the county that there are massive rock formations behind our house. We told them that when we were drilling for water, the drilling company started drilling four times 35 to 75 feet from the house site. Each time, the drilling bit broke off due to rock. Eventually we got water 325 feet down by drilling through softer rock.

When we were trying to dig out for a for a basement, we had to blast just to get a partial basement. When we told the County Engineer about both of those instances and the other rock formations we could see behind our house, Mr. Christian said, "That's no problem. We'll just blast!"

A few weeks ago the county sent out drilling equipment behind our house. When we spoke to the guys doing the work, the crew chief said they found a huge amount of rock and it would cost the county a great deal more than they had planned on.

Roundabout, don't you think the county should have tested for rock on our property three years ago when we told them about it? Phase II of the W. Bypass was still in the planning stages three years ago. Apparently, it is still in the planning stages.

Having to blast before a house is built is one thing. Blasting after a house is built is something entirely different.

Have you ever seen what blasting can do to a house? It can mean cracked foundations, walls, broken windows, etc. We have investigated all aspects of the damage we know will happen to our property. The county knows there are going to be great damages done to our property because that was included in the offer they made.

We have investigated the potential damages from blasting because we would be stupid not to be prepared for the eventuality.

Roundabout, if I am remembering correctly, the county collected something like $119,000,000 in SPLOST funds from you, me, and everyone else in Fayette County. Since we told them about the rock on our property three years ago when the road was in what they called "planning stage," I would say they were not planning very well. I would say they are not spending your money, my money, and every other Fayette taxpayers money wisely.

A resident on Tillman Rd. told the County Engineer about conditions on their property three years ago. When the engineer finally came out a few months ago, he sloshed around in the water and mud and said, "We will have to haul in a whole lot more fill dirt."

Yes, Roundabout, the economy is broken. However, I did not break the economy. The government, greedy bankers and developers broke the economy. Our government, bankers, developers and politicians are responsible for taking folks land for the bypass. They are destroying what we all worked so hard for. Not only did we work hard for our property, we had to pay for the process that is taking our land. We would be stupid if we didn't try to protect the property that will be left!

What would make you the happiest: a fortune for your place and have to abandon it; or to stop the road for a few years?

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Frady is an old time real estate guy. He still has his real estate license. Real estate just ain't what it used to be. But, Frady is hoping that Phoenix will rise from the ashes any day now. When will it rise? Will it EVER rise, again?

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Real Estate will never pick up till government closes the loophole the Bush group put in for the banks.


Wonder why there are so many houses in foreclosure? I will tell you.

The banks are NOT working with these people. Read the stories about BOA and them foreclosing on everything they can get their hands on. Don't you wonder why all these stories if they aren't true?

If you have a gov backed loan and get into this 'making home affordable' deal you are screwed.

They tell you they will redo your loan in 3-6 months. They are holding people in that program for as much as 2 years! People try to get out of it and they can't. Every month you are in it, they mark you late. That way no other lender can touch you. In the mean time, they run your loan up with late fees, penalities for anything they can think of. If your house is 200,000. In 3 years, they have it up to 230- 240,000.

They then send you a redone loan for that amount and a monthly note that is only slightly lower because of the add ons. They have just fulfilled their 'legal' obligations. Oh and the best part? They strong arm these people because they send them a new contract with 10 days to sign, (after waiting 2 years) and then they start the foreclosure proceedings at the same time. Putting your house in the paper, etc. (they add the foreclosure cost into the 240,000. how bout that for crooks!)

The next thing that happens is the owner knows they couldn't get 200,000 for the house, they know it isn't worth 240,000. So they just walk away. The bank then sells the house to someone for 170,000.

They are VERY happy cause they just made 70,000.00 cold hard cash. How? The loans are gov backed. They send the gov a bill for 70,000.00 and ..WE.. pay it. They just made more than they would have off that loan in 10 years. See how it works?

This has been confirmed to me by several lawyers. A HUD person, and the loan officer at my bank. This is true.

It is corruption at it's finest!

you are right-see what they think of B of A up in Boston.

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they would have welcomed these people and talked about their mutual goal of stopping these things.

This group is misguided. They needed to deliver the trash to their US reps from Mass. They can make the change. They are all on the payroll.

This is a very corrupt thing that our representatives are knowingly letting them do. They are the ones that can stop it. It is a law/loophole and it can be changed at anytime.

If the real estate agents and developers want to get the housing market fixed. Don't take the word of the banks, dig down into what is really happening. Talk to any loan office at a small bank and they will tell you these loans that are fed backed, the gov (us) is picking up the tap and the BOAs have no desire to stop this. They are making a killing.

I would love for someone to tell me one honest thing Country Wide and BOA have done to help these homeowners.

Yes, at the top of the bubble, a very few knew what was happening, maxxed out their loans an walked away with the big bucks. But guys, that has been years ago!

BOA is foreclosing on your neighbors, friends and relatives. Good people. Why? because they can, and there is a lot of money to be made, and for now, it is still 'legal'. The market will never turn around till this stops.

Here's a BOA funny.

Basically an individual foreclosed on a BOA branch.

You are correct! There are victims throughout the country, including FC. If BOA has your loan, pay it on time, because they will do nothing to help you if you're late. Sad. I hope these greedy crooks are caught and made to face some type of justice. The only winners in this mess are those who have funds to buy property low and hope to sell high.

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On this we very much agree. The real estate agents and some of the developers need only to dig into the info to see this is true.

I was told by one of the companies trying to help people keep their homes that they had hired lobbyist, but that the banks have hired many more. The banks have the money to make sure this loophole is never closed and they have the Reps in their pockets.

Not till the public calls the hands on both groups, banks and congressmen, will this stop.

I don't understand people. The average person is soft and the banks know it. They don't value their rights anymore.

Our ancestors took their rights seriously and dealt with crooks as they should. In the Yazoo land fraud, below, there was a revolt among the locals and some of these crooks were caught, tarred and feather and run out of town. I wonder why we don't still do it in the case of something like this.

"The Yazoo Fraud was one of the most spectacular and significant acts of land speculation in American history. In 1795 the Georgia legislature sold 35 million acres of its western lands, comprising the present states of Alabama and Mississippi, to four land companies for $500,000, or 1.5 cents an acre. The sale soon became a public scandal because nearly all the Georgia legislators who voted for the law had been bribed by agents of the land companies. In 1796 the newly elected Georgia legislature revoked the sale.

Georgia's repeal of the corrupt sale became a national political and legal issue for nearly twenty years. The land companies had quickly unloaded their dubious titles to speculators throughout the East. Many of these speculators, including leading politicians from both the Democratic-Republican and Federalist parties, organized themselves into the New England Mississippi Land Company and applied great pressure on the U.S. Congress and federal courts to award compensation for the land they claimed to have bought in good faith. In 1802 Georgia agreed to transfer its western lands to the United States for $1.25 million. But the Yazooists, as they were called, continued to push their campaign through a contrived legal case, Fletcher v. Peck (1810). This case eventually reached the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled that the Georgia 1796 repeal act violated the contract clause of the Constitution of the United States. The legal doctrine of this decision helped to protect business interests from state regulatory actions until well into the twentieth century. Four years after the Fletcher decision, Congress enacted legislation providing $4.2 million to compensate the claimants, and the Yazoo land issue finally disappeared from the national scene."

Read more:

Thanks! Most educational. Will do some further research to see what we can do in 2011! Any more ideas will be appreciated.

You are somewhat off here as to fault.

I understand that if a bank makes you a loan for a home you obviously can not afford, or one you stop paying for, that many who have no home or have a small home, will take them up on their easy loans.

Yet, they are responsible to pay for the home and if they don't or can not, then surely they should know by this time not to let the bank do it to them in a worse way!

That money that the bank has and loaned you is someone Else's money---they have to collect it or go broke.

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You know what I'm talking about...yet ...want to skirt the truth by laying it right back on the borrower.

Have you heard of predatory lending?

"I understand that if a bank makes you a loan for a home you obviously can not afford, or one you stop paying for, that many who have no home or have a small home, will take them up on their easy loans."

That is both a condescending and callous remark!

During the boom, interest rates were as high as 10%. About that time, the vulgarly rich started shipping jobs abroad. Tried to get tech help lately? Tried to get ANY kind of customer service out of it company? You wind up talking to India so the billionairs get richer.

Because of so many ways Bush fixed the laws for the rich to get richer and the little guy to bend over more, people ran out of jobs.

Interest rates fell, and people found themselves jobless, or with less money, and worst yet, paying higher interest rates on their houses than their neighbors. When they tried to get their interest rates reduced. Their loan handlers turned a deaf ear. Why give you a lower interest rate when they had you on the dotted line for a higher one?

Then the corrupt banks that made a lot of speculative loans got bailed out by our congressmen with our money.

We are not talking about the owners of specultive loans now. We are talking about taxpayers that bailed out the banks and were sitting there with high interest rates.

The government came in and in Feb 09, told the banks that if someone was paying on time, etc. and had a gov backed loan, to lower the rate. I know i my case, they never told me this, and I very much qualified.

But lets get back to the nuts and bolts. People were having a hard time and were trying to get their rates lowered. With a lowere rate, they would have had no problems.
The banks told them, if they were late, they would qualify for the 'making home affordable' and anyone in banking knows this is damm well true.

So people that had been paying on time and begging for lower rates and being turned down by the banks, bit into this.

That was a really bad thing to do. Because then they really had you. You had a governement backed loan, and you were in their 'making home affordable' program. They told people this was to take 3-6 months. The homeoweres entered into this in good faith. Not only did BOA NOT honor their end of the agreement, they kept some many poor bastards in their over 2 years. The penalties etc. added up and the banks got richer.

As I said earlier. They stole the houses. They goosed the prices from 200,000. to 230,000-240,000. They did everything they could NOT to work with people because they WANTED/WANT them to walk. They then sold those houses for say 170,000. and sent us the taxpayer the bill for $70,000. which we have paid. Many people have wrongly been strong armed and put on the street.

You know it, you sound like a banker.

The people that have gov back loans are the ones that BOA has tried to help the least. THEY WANT TO FORECLOSE.

Let's see if I understand what you said:
If you do make payments they will not lower your payments.

No sense or logic to that. Somebody has to pay that interest you are not paying, so that the banks can pay their stockholders!

No, I am not a banker----They are very crooked because they loaned money that were bad loans so the FDIC would bail them out.

But if you signed for it you owe it---you must know that? Bankruptcy is the only way out providing you really can't pay it, but not if you won't pay it.

I see no use to argue this further, I have made it clear.

Why should the banks lower the rates anyway, where is the obligation? Did the contract say 8% unless you feel this is too much? When the economy was booming were the banks allowed to increase the interest rate? Ride up through Clayton County and you'll see the banks making a fortune with all the foreclosed homes sitting empty and rotting.

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then the gov said in Feb 09 that if someone had been paying on time..that the loan handlers, BOA, should make these people aware that their interest rates on Fannie Mae/Fredie Mack loans, should be reduced. THESE ARE GOV BACK LOANS. THE LOANS THE BANKS COULD MAKE MONEY OFF OF FORECLOSING. are you with me so far? The Banks didn't do that. In fact when people called in trying to get their interest rates lowered. They were told...I know this cause I was one of them and had a hell of a time getting anything done! I found out over a year later that if you called in, had been paying on time, and requested your interest rate lowered on the gov backed loans, they were to do that. I found it out from nothing less than a loan broker.

I am going to say this once more.

There are many people that tried to get their interest rates reduced. They called and were told...we are only helping those with 10%/ we are only helping those with baloons/ you make too much/ you don't make enough. BOA did not want to reduce these interest rates. It has been printed in MANY papers that BOA was misleading these people. I can tell you they were.

March 6th, 2009
Update1: Clark Howard Simplifies “Making Home Affordable” Plan
by Tim Manni

Update1 (02/02/10): This post has received a lot of comments from readers who are frustrated over the lack of communication between borrower and servicers. The Treasury recently made some mandatory changes to HAMP that are designed to improve servicer-borrower communications.
Click here to read our post titled “Changes to HAMP: Docs Required Upfront,” and share your experience by leaving us a comment.
Original post (published on 03/06/09): With all the executive summaries, Q&As, fact sheets, and guidelines, it’s easy for borrowers to get lost when dissecting all the text that has accompanied the president’s Housing Affordability and Stability Plan (HASP) in order to see if they qualify.
Clark Howard has gone the opposite route, dividing the qualifications for the “Making Home Affordable” plan into two categories: late borrowers, and current borrowers:

March 6th, 2009
Update1: Clark Howard Simplifies “Making Home Affordable” Plan
by Tim Manni

If you can not afford payments and can not refinance for whatever reason, you will have the opportunity to have your loan temporarily reduced to 31% of your monthly income. This applies to homes valued at up to $759,750 in most areas of the country. Your interest rate may drop to as low as 2% for the next 5 years!
Under the second scenario, those who are current on a mortgage held by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac will also be allowed to refinance — as long as they’re not more than 5% upside down in their home. (Note: This does not include a second mortgage). The new loan you’ll get will likely be re-written to an interest rate of around 5.125%.
And you may also be eligible for assistance even if your loan is not with Fannie or Freddie. That’s up to your individual lender, so get in touch with them to find out if you qualify.
Another aspect of the mounting housing plan that could impact late borrowers is the mortgage cramdown. Pending a vote in the Senate, the cramdown would allow bankruptcy judges to reduce a borrower’s mortgage debt.


I can tell you personally, that I fell into the catagory above of "those who are current on a mortgage held by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac will also be allowed to refinance — as long as they’re not more than 5% upside down in their home."

They didn't do that. I knew nothing of this. I was never told. It was suppose to be simple, cut and dried. They told me they couldn't do anything for me. They said the only way to get mine reduced was to be late with my mortage. I have always paid on time. They said you had to be 3 months late for them to lower your rate. They said this despite the fact that wasn't true.

I finally made mine late...ONE MONTH..and in rolled the paper work for 'making home affordable' They like nothing better than to trap a Fredie or Fannie in this program because they can and do, make money if they foreclose. They drug me around for 2 years. They stuck every penality you can imagine on. If I hadn't been involved I would never have believed it myself.

I always qualified for a lower loan. I had always paid on time. I had the same income 3 years ago that I do now. I'm telling you they are crooks and taking people's homes.

I repeat. They take a 200,000. dollar house...jack it up to 230,000-240,000.. when it wasn't worth 200 in the beginning, treat you like shyt and hope to God you will walk. Then they sell the house for 170,000. and the Fed Gov..(us) had them a check for the difference of 70,000. This is why the housing market is so bad.

I could go into great detail, details that are still hard for me to believe, like finally redoing my loan and sending me a foreclosure notice at the same time! After waiting 2 years to get to me! The BALLS on them!

After they did this to me. I did a lot of checking...I couldn't believe it happend to me. I wanted to know why. To foreclose on a Fredi/Fanni is a $$ for the banks! It is a loophole that should be fixed. I got 2 of our locals who we sent to Washington. I got their guys flat a forked over this. The 1st time they gave me the run around. The 2nd time I came back with the ammo. When confronted, they know exactly what is going on. They even know that they send the redone mortage and with a 10 day turnaround and start foreclosure the same week!

When I confronted one of them his statement was 'we've tried to get them to stop that. But we can't take sides!' That is your crooked government at work!

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This article tells you in no uncertain terms who stands good on these loans. WE DO!!!!

It is VERY lucrative $$$$$ for the banks to foreclose on Freddi/Fannie loans because that is where they make the BIG bucks!

This is a loophole that should be closed.

Our politicians are CROOKS to let this go own.

They did NOT reduce the interest on peoples loans that qualified and never told them that in Feb 09, the gov told them to do just that. They told these people they were too buzy helping others that needed the help and that those paying on time would have to wait. They were told the only way they could get help was to be late on their mortage and then they would qualify for 'making home affordable'. People were sucked in that had Freddi/Fannie and lost their houses because once in the program instead of redoing the notes in a timely mannor, they keep these people in the program for 2 years, adding on late charges and anything else they could throw at them.

They took a 200,000. dollar house, jacked what the person owned on it up to 230,000. with penalties. They wanted these people to walk. They did. BOA then sold the houses for 170,000. and gave the US taxpayer the bill for 70,000. WHICH WE PAID AND ARE STILL PICKING UP THE TAB.


You rest your WHOLE case on THIS article? If so you don't have much of a case. Show me where in this article it shows anything of what you claim. It just says that the loans were purchased for the original loan price. You're going to have to do better then this. The article even said they suspended the purchasing when they reviewed the original terms. Did you even read the article?

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Suggarfoot's information is factual. Thanks so much, Suggarfoot, for jumping in here with some very important information.

Roundabout, folks here are constantly telling West Bypass residents that they have to live in the 21st century and that times have changed. EXACTLY!

Living in the 21st century means you can't trust governmental officials, banks, developers, and the list goes on.

Living in the 21st century means you had better find out the facts for yourself and protect your own interests.


So I use the West "BUY" pass to go three miles out of my way and end up on 138??? Has anyone dealt with 138 and I85 at rush hour?? Where is the benefit? Do they think county residents are going to want to drive through Union City or up Old Nasty Highway...

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