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PTC man arrested in rape of 15 year-old

Twenty year-old Peachtree City resident Michael Long has been charged with the Sept. 19 rape of a 15 year-old Peachtree City girl. The incident occurred as the girl was sleeping in a tent in the backyard of a residence where she had attended a party.

On September 20 at approximately 4 p.m. the Peachtree City Police Department was notified by Piedmont Fayette Hospital that a 15 year-old juvenile victim was at their facility, and was alleging that she had been raped during the early morning hours at a home in Peachtree City, said Peachtree City Police spokesperson Rosanna Dove.

Dove said an investigation was conducted and it was determined that on Sept. 19 the juvenile was at a party at 113 Ridgeview off Stevens Entry in Glenloch Village Peachtree City where alcohol was provided.

Dove said the juvenile had attempted to go to sleep in a tent in the back yard of the residence when Long is alleged to have entered the tent and raped the juvenile victim.

Long was charged with felony rape, simple battery and additional sexual-related offenses, Dove said.

Also charged with misdemeanor furnishing alcohol to a person under age 21 were Elizabeth Wages, 20, and Terrance Ray Nunn, 29, both of Peachtree City.



People really need to get some business about themselves. With all of the crap that the world has going on with financial instability and such I really cannot beleive the news now days. Why can't people just work hard and live life? They fall weak to temptations such as drugs, sex crimes, etc. All of these things are nothing but poision. The sad part is that with every generation that goes by a little bit more of the morals, stability, and hardworking ways are lost. If these people are parents then I really feel sorry for their children. They deserve much better than this.

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Your comment could have been written at any time in history. The fact is man is corruptible and his nature will never change. If man was not corruptible we wouldn't need religion and courts to teach us the cost of our bad decisions.

The only answer is to show our children and each other that in the long run it is by far more desirable to live a righteous life than to succumb to our basic instincts.

If this man is guilty of what he is accused he will surely face an unpleasant life. I pray that the little girl overcomes her terrible experience and will lead a full and happy life.

You are right my comment could go with any dozen stories that you hear throughout each day. My usual response is to shake my head and keep it moving and learn to teach my kids one more lesson about how people are out in the world. This story was the catalyst for my rant. Maybe cause it is so close to home.

This is where our justice system is lame and boring. Tie him to a tree and take him out. Have a happy day

Yeah! Go ahead and string him up just like your ancestors used to do to black folk, you reactionary hick!

What is your opinion of immediate punishment without a trial for pastors like a recent one in Atlanta who has four young complainers now against him?

Good question. Here's another: if we were to accuse Normal of rape, would he be so eager to dish out vigilante justice or would he have a sudden revelation regarding the necessity of the right to a trial by jury?

She was raped, These guys willingly did this. A bit different I think. These guys were acting like male prostitutes. Doing it for the sake of money, cars, houses, trips no need to go on. Now they are looking for an easy buck like most people do now days. The bishop has not been arrested because he didnt break any laws. Thats the difference. Now I think his members in church are pretty stupid to continue on with him after this has come out. But they will support him even if he is guilty of these events. Tomorrow in church he will collect a record in cash donations to support him. This can go away if he just pays some cash. So if that was my daughter the rapest would get the tree.

who is a minor in terms of legal age for alcohol, be charged with "misdemeanor furnishing alcohol to a person under 21". I am neither a lawyer or police officer so I do not understand the legality/ reasoning of charging a minor with furnishing another minor with alcohol. I understand this a minor point in the above article but choose not to get into that; thats why we have a judicial system.

How can someone who is 20 get charged with furnishing? There is no sense in that. And as for the rape ordeal, most females within the age of 15-18 in this town are asking for it. Now I have no interest whatsoever, being a 20 year old as well, for the drama and promiscuity of the less mature. It just seems that whenever a girl becomes active at that age the tend to stray the truth to feel in the right, or for the attention. In this case it seems like that was the ordeal.

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Really? How can you know that most of the females are asking for it.
yeah. Because this girl was definitley asking to get raped and sodomized by a 20 year old. and no interest? if you have no interest then don't comment. you have NO idea what happened that night so do not say that it seems like that ordeal.


Well the majority advertise but do not wish to be forced, just choose.

Check out FOX!

YOU have no idea what happened. I highly doubt that Mr. Long did that... Knowing the young girls in PTC, she probably was just trying to keep out of trouble.

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This story has really brought out the "winners" in life and I think some cavemen may have had more intelligence and awareness.

It not necessarily that they are asking for it, but their promiscuity is a factor in the situation. Also in this situation, it seems like the girl (keyword is SEEMS) only claimed rape to get herself out of a bad situation. Pretty much what I'm saying is she wanted it, got it, got caught, and placed blame. You have to look at the big picture and see the possibilities and not just go by what's written. It's called having conscious thought.

You really didn't really write this, did you? I see you are new but let me just tell you that I don't normally get all personal. You are my 2nd time.
YOU are an IDIOT. I'm thinking this is a "bait" & I took it. Your still 1.

Rape cases are best tried in courts rather than on discussion forums -- especially when the victim is a minor.

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100% agree

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Exactly right. The spew here about this event is disturbing.

I have no idea about the guilt/innocence/honesty of any of the people involved, but it makes me want to puke when I read crap like "she was probably asking for it because that's how these here girls are these here days or she's from that there PTC and didn't want to get into trouble, blah blah." Disgusting.

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