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Communication a big goal of PTC assessment group

The needs assessment committee established by Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix continued Thursday to make progress on laying the groundwork for its future activities.

One of the bigger goals established by the committee is to create an avenue to both share information with citizens and also solicit input from the community.

The committee is charged with considering all services provided by the city and recommending appropriate funding levels to continue providing those services.

Committee member Josh Bloom suggested it was important to provide fair information to the citizens so they will be able to make an informed decision on a variety of topics.

The group on Thursday adopted its mission statement: to “determine citizen priorities for city services and to recommend a millage rate in context of all city revenue using objective methods.”

The committee will meet again next Thursday at 11:30 a.m. at City Hall with the hopes of getting a financial overview from city Finance Director Paul Salvatore. If Salvatore is not available for some reason the committee has contingency plans.

Talking about city revenue at Thursday’s meeting, there was some discussion about focusing the group’s efforts solely on the property tax (millage) rate. The overriding opinion, however, was that all other revenue should be under consideration including sales taxes, fines and service fees for tasks such as building inspections and the like.

The committee was appointed by Mayor Don Haddix at the urging of his fellow council members. Haddix has long contended that a review of city services has the possibility to create long-lasting budget cuts.



Don Haddix's picture

Councilmembers Dienhart, Fleisch and Imker opposed the Needs Assessment Committee.

It was most assuredly not formed at their urging.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

The hole you are standing in will continue to get deeper.

How does your pithy comment here help Peachtree City? Think.....if you can.

I think the mayor needs a copy of the 1937 book "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. Mr. Mayor, try one of the PTC bookstores. You can expense this cost. I am sure everyone would agree.

mudcat's picture

When this old world gets me down
And there's no love to be found
I close my eyes and soon I find
I'm in a playground in my mind
Where the children laugh and the children play
And we sing a song all day

necessarily a bad thing. LOL

mudcat's picture

Like that lawyer on Ally McBeal - he had a Barry White tune that only he could hear when he was getting stressed. I think it would be good therapy for us to envision this tune bouncing around in the mayor's head when he's making some of his more bizarre proclamations - like the one above. Childish and insipid, even a little bit stupid with a hard to forget melody - what could be more appropriate? I think we should talk to one of the student groups about performing this song the next time they are forced to attend a city council meeting. One more thing that is unique about Peachtree City. I'll best some talented techie could get this song playing over the speaker system whenever the mayor started speaking.

Really now, what good does that chest ponding "I'm in charge" stuff do? Other people - including those that may locate their business to Peachtree City read this stuff as well.

Drunk or stupid? Drunk is much better because drunks eventually sober up. And with that in mind, being "Part-drunk" at meetings doesn't seem like such a big problem at all.

Drunk is better than stupid. As Ron White said, "You can't fix stupid."

Busy Bee's picture

You just confirmed that you are a petty little man.

well sir, maybe you don't even have friends there..?

You sure have sunk to a new low!

Please do us all a favor and resign your tenure as Mayor, and at least stay out of the blogs they are no place for a respectable public servant..that is what you would like to be right??

Robert W. Morgan's picture

The Haddix person who happens to be our mayor has some work to do if he wants to drag himself up into Garth Brooks "low places"

More to the point, we have with us now - Clint Holmes "Playground in my mind" courtesy of mudcat and
Ron White who says you can't fix stupid. All so true.

I do think the mayor should resign - I know I would if everyone in the city despised me, but I doubt he will. Ego, methinks. Might be wrong, might be hubris. Might be wrong, might be dullness, which impairs rational thinking. Of course it could be something else and we can't talk about that, so life goes on. Obla di, Obli da, Life goes on.

Live free or die!

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Who was it that let our town clown escape adult daycare?

Last weeks article listed the names of the people you chose to be on this committee. Can you provide specific qualities these people bring to the table?

Mr. Bloom suggested that the committee provide information to the citizens so that we can make informed decisions. Will your committee be providing this information? and if so, how will the citizens be able to make informed decisions? Special election? Survey?

What is your plan to solicit input from the community?

Who appointed the members? Donnie. Their goal? To come back with suggestions that line up with what Donnie wants. If the goal was to get true and unbiased recommendations, Donnie would have not been involved in appointing the members. Put the names of people interested in being on the committee in a hat and draw them out. A stacked committee if ever there was one. This whole exercise is a joke and a copout anyway. We elect our mayor and city council to make these decisions based on what they say they intend to do once elected. I'm all for citizen input but if they are going to govern by committee then we why do we need the politicos? Just have someone at city hall put together questionnaires and let the folks there run the govt based on the results of those questionnaires. It sure couldn't be any worse than the five clowns we have elected.

NUK_1's picture

When you have a committee setup by one member of Council that has zero support from the others and goes out of his way to alienate them 24/7 and also makes sure to clarify that they have nothing to do with this committee as that's his sole purview, how does anyone expect this committee to have any sway over the rest of the council when it comes time to consider or enact their recommendations? I certainly don't envy this group and that have been setup with a Don Quixote-like task.

Someone like Josh Bloom who worships Steve Brown being the group mouthpiece is also a recipe for utter failure.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

and those ideas will be opposed or ignored because of the ham-handed way the committee was set up.

Because he himself invented this over 10 years ago, this is in fact known as the Steve Brown Syndrome - occasionally right, always opposed, frequently despised. I realize many think that Haddix is the first to explore this area and should have the syndrome named for him, but that would not be fair to Steve who was first in by a long shot.

I remember Josh as well. Funny, but clueless kind of dude. High comedy coming to PTC on presentation night. Don't miss it.

Live free or die!

Josh Bloom's picture

I don't remember meeting you Mr. Morgan. Can you help with my memory.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Good luck with your committee. Glad you are embracing technology and staggering the ties for maximum public input. That is a smart idea.

Live free or die!

Josh Bloom's picture

Come join us for the next meeting or future meetings. We would love to get your input. The next meeting is Thursday, September 27th at 11:30am in City Hall. We are going to try to mix the meeting between the daytime and evening time to accommodate as many peoples schedules as possible. Plus we are looking at weekdays AND weekends to capture those folks too.


NUK_1's picture

For those of us who will be 1500 miles away during that next meeting, do you have an email address for suggestions/comments? Love to share some.

Josh Bloom's picture

Actually, I believe one is set up (don't quote me on that yet). I will ask tomorrow and get back to you by Thursday afternoon.


Don Haddix's picture

Josh, as indicated in the prior post, the Committee webpage has been set up. I know it was only in work before.

Here is the content

2012 Needs Assessment Committee
Resources & Links

9/13/2012 Handout - Property Tax Impacts

Peachtree City Budgets (2001 – 2013)

Peachtree City Audits/CAFRs (1997 – 2011)

City Organization / Departments

Resident Surveys (informal/non-statistical sampling)

Mayor’s info on Tax Rankings

Georgia Class B Cities (pull up individually)

Committee Members - EMAIL the committee
Mayor Don Haddix (Chair)
Allen Baldwin
Robert Black (Vice Chair – Alternate)
Josh Bloom (Vice Chair)
Bob Comeau
Kelcie Daniels
John Dufresne
Steve Hamlin
Jack Joyner
Paul Lentz
Holly Machemehl (Alternate)
Terrence Manning
Phil Prebor
Lavada Zahir

I will email everyone to let them know the link.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Don Haddix's picture

Include all the following addresses:

This will ensure all communications are distributed to all committee members and parties concerned, which is not a short list.

They can then also be included in minutes, etc, as appropriate.

If the suggestions and comments are applicable to anyone else, those persons will be included as well.

Being a board of volunteers, the administrative work is not intended to fall on them.

You can also visit the Needs Assessment Committee web page:

The link there will take you to Betsy Tyler, our Public Information Officer.

The list of contacts above is more comprehensive.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Josh Bloom's picture

We are still in the early phases of setting up goals and objectives and haven't reached that point yet to answer your questions.

Come join us for our next meeting on Thursday, September 26th at City Hall. We would love to hear input from everyone.


the technology is there - you can solicit input via email and broadcast the meetings over the Internet.

Josh Bloom's picture

We have discussed technology in disseminating information and gathering information, but it also leaves people out. I am sure technology will be used in one facet of information gathering, but more ways need to be enabled to capture ALL citizens of Peachtree City.

Not all people use the internet. But you are right, technology can and will probably be used.


There's a telephone conference call system you can use:

So, folks who can get to the meetings or can't otherwise use technology go.

Those that can't can watch on the Internet or call into the conference call.

What else do you need to "include" folks?

And what is there to talk about? Just do it, it's not that hard!

You gotta love it. The announcement of the formation of committee was made months ago. If you are all so interested and so sure you have all the answers why didnt you check into it then. O bout being on the committee rather than ranting here, maybe (?) you could have had some valuable input instead of B .

NUK_1's picture

"Months ago?" Are you as delusional as the Mayor? At least try and pay attention before you utter your nonsense.

no you check it out. announcement was made. the community input questionaires and committees have gone on for years. if you are just now catching up you would do well to get more involved.

NUK_1's picture

You said the committee was "announced months ago." It wasn't. Please try and pay a tiny bit of attention to what actually happens in PTC besides the whole town revolting against your idol Don.

I believe the questionnaires were stopped during the early stages of Dandy Dons reign of terror. He felt like the questions were written to sway the residents vote and he didnt have the intelligence to rewrite the questions himself, so he stopped the usage o these questionaires.

Had he kept up with them, or better, used our city website to poll people, this committee would not be necessary.

ginga1414's picture

I would like to commend Josh Bloom and the other committee members for serving the Peachtree City Community.

I don't live in Peachtree City, but I have served on the citizens' Comprehensive Land Use Plan Committee and a citizens' committee for the County Transportation Plan. Both committees proved to be learning experiences for the citizens who participated. We learned a lot and we were able to contribute a valuable service.

Serving on any citizens' committee is an excellent opportunity to make a meaningful difference in decisions affecting our communities.

Even though I don't live in PTC, I greatly appreciate the fact that Josh and his fellow committee members are taking the time and have the interest to serve.

Many thanks to Josh and all the other folks for their public service.

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