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Gas golf cart ban still in works for PTC

A proposal to ban all gas golf carts in Peachtree City after 10 years is not dead.

At last week’s City Council meeting, Councilman Eric Imker said several residents have asked

if the issue has been dropped. But that is not true, he added.

The matter has been preliminarily scheduled for the Dec. 2 council meeting, Imker said.

The proposal was tabled at council’s Aug. 4 meeting specifically so the city could explore potential conflicts with several businesses which rent gas-powered carts because of their extended range compared to electric carts.

It also has been said that renting electric golf carts to out-of-town residents is difficult because of the lack of a place to charge them.

It also was noted at the Aug. 4 meeting that many senior citizens have chosen to use gas golf carts because it is their sole means of transportation.

There is support among a majority of council to enact the ban, as Imker, Councilman Doug Sturbaum and Mayor Don Haddix have said they favor the ban.
Imker has said he feels golf cart technology will be dramatically improved in 10 years in terms of having better batteries for example that would provide a longer range of travel on a single charge.

Councilwoman Kim Learnard has challenged that suggestion, saying if such technology was under development for golf carts, she wanted to hear about it before the ordinance would be adopted.

Learnard said she was extremely concerned the ban would have a negative impact on the city’s tourism and local businesses.
Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch, who also opposed the gas golf cart ban, said it would devalue gas golf carts currently owned by residents.



Good news for those opposed to the golf cart ban! Haddix and Imker make up two of the three supporters for this and since there is no way they will ever vote together this thing will never happen. (Just as long as Lenard doesn't get off on the wrong side of the fence :)

How's the cell phone tower thing coming?

Council/Mayor. Can you please just concentrate on things that really matter instead of what YOU think would make our lives better in some small way. BTW, I do not own a gas cart but respect the right of those who do. -GP

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<a href=""><strong>1,800 Ground Shaking Horse Power</strong></a>

Gawd I love the smell of avgas in the morning....especially the purple stuff!!!! ☺

Hey CHR$, want to race!!!!!!

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Personally, I prefer Napalm.

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The smell of jet fuel and cordite on a sunrise walk across the ramp ladened with some sixty pounds of weaponry and gear to to your bird for the day. In twenty minutes time testing the machine guns in the Mekong or Perfume Rivers, then the hunt begins.

Sigh, to be young again!

Understand,though I was usually aound 5,000 doing a race-track pattern seeking locations of those evil VC or NVA transmitters. Passing results to Intel units in direct support of combat units via secure voice. Then watching AF guys dump ordnance or supported unit unload arty on that location.

I'm afraid they have a speed limit on the paths..isn't it 25mph?

My special cart won't run that slow at reduced idle!

Uses alcohol, with nitro pills! Rattles windows.

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It appears to me that there is a sizable faction of PTC denizens that would oppose a ban on carts that ran on whale oil and panda tears.

Ion engines of the future will exhaust into the atmosphere or non-atmosphere, such devastating particles that all living things will fall immediately dead from coming into contact with the ionic poison!

Yet, many would use it under certain circumstances: it was impressive to the neighbors and others, it out performed other type fuels, and it showed that you were wealthy or had a lot of credit cards.

It is what killed Apollo and all the other ancient Gods who did not foresee such dangers.

is definitely needed. Electric carts are too slow and need to get out of the way and let the gas carts buzz on past them. Minimum speed should be 30mph and maximum 60 mph. That's just about the normal speed in the early mornings and late afternoons for McIntosh students.

I've seen lots of asinine proposals come out of government bodies in the past, from outlawing light bulbs on, but this one takes the cake for a local municipality.
Surely the PTC City Council has much more important and pressing business to concern itself with than this.
Other than a "feel good" ordinance, exactly what real benefit will this have? We have auto's, lawnmowers, motorcycles, 4-wheelers, etc. burning much more fuel than a little 2-cylinder golf cart motor.

Have you people completely lost your minds to even make this an issue?

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I don't own a gas powered golf cart.

The priority around this issue is more a reflection of a lack of leadership and perspective than anything else.

It would be interesting to get a poll by individual council member on the top ten issues the council should be working on. I'll just bet that this isn't one of them.

There are only so many hours in a day, why don't they use them wisely. Or are they simply incapable of managing our city?

vote on simple matters, or just vote to deny anything.

I wonder since Coweta turned down Kohls are they still interested in coming here?

The new "Peachtree City" Sams is less than 5 miles from my door....yet our Mayor claims we won't shop there.

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That is a very interesting question and idea, we should get our crack team lead by our Mayor out to Kohls' headquarters. We should be able to work out a deal.

There has to be room for them somewhere in PTC.

Mr. Mayor are you listening?

Maybe they'll take over the Kmart when it closes. I don't see it lasting much longer.

Including me. I'm not for making someone's gas cart obsolete in 10 years though, let them run it into the ground. I don't have a huge problem with the rentals either, as the rental companies seem to use mainly newer models that run very cleanly.

I could only wish that many of the older gas carts in my area ran as cleanly as automobiles. I can only assume you've never been running/biking on the paths and gotten stuck behind one of these stinkers. Me thinks you might change your mind.

That said, feel free to use your gas cart on your own property at your pleasure. I'll do the same with my lawnmower. :)

Should we ban smoking on the cart paths too? Cigarettes stink and you get a big whiff when someone passes. Why waste time on this?

Just an FYI.

Personally, I think it's dumb you can't have a glass of wine down by the lake without looking over your should for the law.

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Problem is like everything else you would have about 3% that would abuse it and ruin it for everyone.

As for smoking, let them smoke. I don't smoke, although I have been known to drink wine on occasion.

Bust the abusers !! Leave the rest of us the hell alone !

That's the problem, the vast majority have to suffer the loss of our freedoms in order to get the small majority to do what's right.

That's like senior citizens receiving the over 55 discount without question but still having to show ID to buy alcholic beverages. Dumbing down to the lowest level instead of fixing the problem.

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Ok, then go over to the next council meeting and let your thoughts be known. If they don't do as you wish find someone that will run for those things you want. Or run youself.

The number is probably higher but the real problem is that no one is maintaining these carts. They aren't tuned, the mufflers are gone or they have been modified to make even more noise. I don't have to walk behind your mower or Tru-Green's, so those are not the issue. I think the simple solution is to do the 10 yr ban. This will actually make those here now more valuable. Have a procedure to ask for an exemption w/ some valid reason. Allow the rentals to continue w/ their business as usual, can't sell the used. I am sure the rentals are kept up because who wants a loud smelly ride? Gas carts are nuisance. Most golf courses don't use 'em or allow. Why?
The problem was fixed. You have to show an ID because if you are a 30 Yr Res you might remember Kroger got caught & almost lost their license for all the stores in Fayette. Talk about the fear of gawd!
Nothing over the last 10+ yrs has been funnier than watching old geezers go off on clerks. I purchased enough between 15 & 21 w/out ID that I have always just felt it was karma. Don't get caught w/ wine by the Lake, it's probably a $300+ fine for public drinking. If driving that golf cart an Open Container violation & points on you d/l. I agree all a bit much.

Just more of the "nanny state" that continues to encroach on our freedoms.

I'm aware of smoking bans in Parks, I agree with them. I don't want to smell someones cigarette or cigar smoke when I'm playing with my kids nor do I want them inhaling the same.

I don't even have a cart and I think this is a waste of time. I would much rather council look into getting something done about the grease running into the wetlands behind the Mexican restaurant in braelinn village and the same behind the bar on 74. The grease and the dumpsters smell 100 times worse than a gas cart.

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