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Are dog owners a threat to public?

While reading this article keep in mind that I like dogs. We don’t need more regulations or police involvement in issues with dogs.

With that in mind, what a strange question: Are dog owners a threat? I don’t think dogs are necessarily a threat, but I’m not so sure about dog owners, especially owners of large dogs.

I have noticed an increasing number of people in Fayette County carry a stick, pole, or even a club when going for a walk in their neighborhood. This may seem strange, but when I think back on my own experiences, I have been the victim of a number of dog attacks and bites.

For instance, a few years ago I heard a dog barking loudly in my front yard. Upon investigation, I found my exterminator service man on the top of the cab of his truck fighting off the neighbors’ very large dog. Only a large shovel persuaded the dog to give up the attack.

The dog owner’s response was, “Oh, she won’t hurt you.”

This past year I experienced an unprovoked attack from a very large dog while on the golf course. I was alerted to the blindside attack by the owner loudly yelling to try and call off the dog.

Luckily, I had a golf club in my hand and was able to effectively protect myself. The owner’s response was, “Oh, he won’t bite.”

Then this past week I was walking the cart path when I spotted a woman up ahead walking a very large German shepherd — I mean an extremely large German shepherd, one of the biggest I have ever seen.

When the woman saw me coming opposite to her direction, to her credit, she pulled the dog off the side of the cart path to wait for me to pass.

As I approached, the dog began barking loudly and became increasingly aggressive.

After I passed by, I heard a commotion and turned to see the German shepherd had pulled the woman down and was dragging her across the ground by the leash attached to her wrist.

The woman had a sling on her arm and was yelling frantically for the dog to stop. The woman was obviously in pain and hurt, but she refused my help and there was nothing I could do because of her out-of-control dog.

Dog owners, if your dog barks incessantly and you do nothing to stop them, then your dog is out of control and you apparently don’t have any respect for your neighbors.

Dog owners, what do you think an appropriate response is from a pedestrian if they are attacked or threatened by your dog? What if the pole or club the pedestrian is carrying is not enough to protect themselves? What’s next?

Dog owners, don’t say to someone that your dog is attacking or threatening, “Oh, he/she won’t hurt/bite you!”

This is the worst thing you can say, because all you know is that your dog won’t hurt or bite you, and you have no idea what your dog will do to someone else.

If you do find yourself saying this, your dog is out of control.

Let’s keep Fayette County safe.

Ron Finch
Peachtree City, Ga.



there are county and city leash laws in Fayette. Anyone who does not have their dog on a leash is in violation of these laws. Call animal control to pick up the out of control dogs. Hopefully the out of control dog owner will be fined. This is not only a problem in PTC it is everywhere.
Dog owners obey the law and ALWAYS have your dog on a leash.


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While this letter was written with dogs in mind, I feel it is important to note that the leash laws in Fayette County apply to cats as well.
In my neighborhood we have a lot of dog walkers and they are always on a leash and controlled. The neighborhood cats on the other hand run wild and free. Since my wife is allergic to cats, I will soon be trapping them and delivering them to the animal control facility since it is illegal for me to harm them.

Over a period of several years, one of my neighbors has consistantly failed to keep his agressive dogs properly controlled. Animal control has been involved regularly when one of these animals has attacked neighbors and their (leashed) dogs. The court system has been ineffective and seemingly unconcerned. Although notifications and fines were levied on the owner, at least one of the fines was waived. A court date was finally set after about the third or fourth offense. What happened? Jamie Inagawa turned a deaf ear and Judge McMillan dismissed the case when the dogs owner successfully "outwitted" them. We may have leash laws but they are without teeth.

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I too love dogs and have one. But a dog is the owners responsibility. If they can't control their dog they should not be allowed to have one. As a kid I had a paper route. To protect myself I and most of the other paper boys carried a water pistol loaded with ammonia. One good shot to the face usually discouraged a bad dog. Today I carry something a little stronger. I don't want to hurt anyones pet but I will not allow a dog to bite me or my kids.

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For me it was the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and I still remember that summer afternoon many years ago when I threw the paper and that German Sheppard bounded out of the backyard and chased me down. I didn't stand a chance.

Nowadays when I ride, I carry a spray repellent called HALT. It’s very effective.

BTW, hello from Livermore, Ca.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Back then I could barely afford the water gun and ammonia. LOL And hello back at ya!!!

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