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DA: Physical evidence expected in rape case

A Hampton man is on trial this week for allegedly raping a 24-year-old woman who has Down syndrome.

The attorney for William Jeffrey Dumas told a Fayette County jury today that Dumas is not guilty, and he indicated that the victim may have fabricated the alleged incidents.
Dumas is on trial for two counts of rape and one count of aggravated sodomy.

District Attorney Scott Ballard told the jury that a doctor will testify that an examination of the victim following the October 2010 incident showed an injury that is “consistent with forcible intercourse.”

The prosecution is also expected to present evidence of semen found on a bed sheet that the victim was sleeping on when she allegedly woke up and found herself being raped by Dumas. Defense attorney Chris Ramig noted that there will be no evidence as to when that semen got on the bed.

“There is no evidence that links Jeff Dumas to these alleged incidents, these crimes,” Ramig said.

The incidents were alleged to have occurred at a home on Hickory Avenue west of Fayetteville off Ga. Highway 54, but neither Dumas nor the victim lived in the home. The victim would often stay there with a relative when her mother had to travel for work, and Dumas would stay there occasionally because he was a friend of the homeowner, the attorneys explained.

Ramig said his client was intoxicated at the time. He specifically pointed to one of the rape charges which was tied to an alleged incident that occurred in a computer room. After Dumas fell during the alleged incident, another person who lives at the home rushed to the room yet did not find Dumas or the victim dressing themselves or zipping up their pants, Ramig said.


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