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Mayor Haddix: Claims of credit are misplaced

With all due respect, The Citizen newspaper needs more accurate reporting in their news articles.

In example, Councilman Imker was credited with the idea of a 50-year agreement with WASA on veto rights. Fact is he never claimed it was his idea, nor was it. It was part of my proposal for how to proceed and I was the one who brought it up at the council meeting to Chairman Harman.

Now I read, concerning the Needs Assessment Committee, that, “The committee was appointed by Mayor Don Haddix at the urging of his fellow council members.”

Fact is council members Dienhart, Fleisch and Imker opposed the committee. They called it a waste of time and challenged its purpose.

There is a loss of understanding by staff, myself and others as to why clear, important statements are being omitted or incorrectly reported.

I am also troubled why they chose not to print my Letter to the Editor disproving some statements by one of their columnist.

“The Citizen” serves a very important role to the community. It has an obligation to report fully and accurately.

Don Haddix, mayor

Peachtree City, Ga.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Following is that “missing” letter from earlier this month.]

I avoided commenting when Terry Garlock targeted me in print before. But not this time.

Contrary to Terry Garlock saying I tried to take credit for the partnership between Peachtree City and the Fayette Senior Services concerning the Gathering Place, I did not.

Full credit was given to the Senior Council, which began the effort before I ran for councilman in 2007. But they did ask me to back their efforts, which I said I would.

Also, I credited the work of Debbie Britt and staff, in 2011 and 2012, for actually making it happen. They were the ones that did all the heavy lifting and brought it all together.

Prior to 2011 the majority of council and/or key staff were not on board, so it could not happen.

Did we discuss it? Yes, many times. Did both Councilman Doug Sturbaum and I back working with and sharing services with Fayette Senior Services? Yes. Did either of us take credit for originating the idea? No.

Did Councilwoman Fleisch, as she tries to claim, originate the idea? No. Did she make it happen? No.

At a council meeting Councilwoman Fleisch stated she was unaware of and could find no record of a meeting at the Gathering Place discussing joint efforts in 2008 or the workshop I called in 2010. She claimed credit for the initiation and success.

I refer all to the workshop minutes of April 26, 2010, which Councilwoman Fleisch attended. So, how could she actually claim no knowledge when she sat in this meeting at the Gathering Place discussing these issues? Council members Learnard and Imker also seem to have suffered the same memory loss, as they were there as well.

Ask Doug Sturbaum if there was such a meeting in 2008. Or is he lying as well?

Talk to the seniors who remember the meeting and were stunned at Councilwoman Fleisch’s claims at a meeting earlier this year of how this all began with her.

I remind you there are no minutes from Town Hall meetings.

Fact is it is against the charter for the mayor or council members to intrude into the day to day operations of staff and employees. But it is happening all the time, which is not productive.

Seriously, Terry Garlock needs to actually read the prior letter I submitted to The Citizen and stop accusing me of trying to take credit for this reorganization. As well stop trying to give credit to Councilwoman Fleisch for originating it.

Regarding the accusation I am trashing council members, that is his opinion and bias. What he dislikes others call standing up for what is right and bringing facts into the sunshine.

Just because he supports what the council members are doing does not mean my speaking against what they have said is trashing them. His bias is clearly shown in his statement, “I have watched them struggle to find a way to deal with him, trying not to descend to his level.”

If I am trashing them, then they are trashing me.

They are not in charge of the conversation. Nor do I hear Mr. Garlock criticizing Councilman Dienhart for his blogging against me or council members falsely calling me a liar, thief, delusional, etc., on the dais.

It is also fully permissible, in his book, for Councilman Imker to pontificate in Letters to the Editor on how in control and great his budgets are, when they are not.

Where was his complaints about their efforts to remove me from the Regional Transportation Roundtable and replace me with Ken Steele?

How about their censure of me to defend such as Ken Steele and Jack Smith in their work on the T-SPLOST, which resulted in their removal from office?

Has he ever asked if an inappropriate, not a criminal, statement is worth suing over? Of course not.

Without due process Terry Garlock declared me guilty of a crime I did not commit.

Contrary to what was declared, we were not elected as a group, but individually. It isn’t majority rules the conversations.

All should also be very aware Mr. Garlock is not opposed to tax increases and was angry over changes in staff in 2011, which he holds me personally responsible for, even though it was 5-0 support.

The fact Mr. Garlock has no argument with actions taken by the council members over the last three years but does with my positions on taxes, spending, services and more shows his attacks are based on his political beliefs with no respect for elected who do not agree with him.

His own quote, “Go tell the Spartans, thou who passest by, that here, obedient to their laws, we lie.” says a lot. Obviously, this is not an issue to go to the literal grave over, but it is one demanding a stand for what is right. We must have rule of law, not majority mob action.

I have been obedient to, and have stood for, the law. The council members and Terry Garlock have not.

When you hear statements of this not being about law, but what is right and honorable, to justify a position, you know immediately they have no legal leg to stand on and are resorting to cliché and sound bites to try to persuade others.

Mr. Garlock says that I have no honor (honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions), which I in fact do and take great exception to his saying I do not.

But where is his? He uses being a veteran, author and a columnist to claim special privilege and stature so as to speak with authority.

Well, I am one of many veterans in the area, many of whom dislike what Terry Garlock is doing and support me.

Does that strip them of honor in his mind as well?

Also, back in my columnist days, I never used my writings as a bully pulpit against those with which I disagreed.

To disagree is one thing. To falsely malign is another.

I also have been elected to public office twice, in three-way races, because of my positions and promises, which I have kept and will continue to keep.

Can the council members say the same?

As said, Terry Garlock and I are both veterans. But my belief is we served to defend this being a nation of freedoms and laws, not personal opinions suppressing the right of free speech of those with whom we disagree.

Picture future Peachtree City Councils where all elected standing up for what is legal and right and a different opinion only requires an illegal vote of the majority to be destroy them.

Do you want to live in a city like that? I sure do not, so I am fighting back.

Don Haddix, mayor

Peachtree City, Ga.



tgarlock's picture

Don, as you know I supported you in your campaign for mayor. I told my buddy Mike King repeatedly he should lighten up on you and give you the benefit of the doubt and stop baiting you on the blogs.

I argued to other council members they must be overreacting to you. Slowly, bit by bit, I came to the realization I was a darn fool for supporting you, that you are the problem, that the sky on your planet is not blue.

The last time we had coffee, you told me Eric, Vanessa and Kim came to you just after their first election and told you they could not keep their campaign promises. When I challenged you on that whopper you insisted it was true, and I knew you and I were done, quits.

When you screwed up in accusing Harold Logsden in an email, you could have acted like a man, stood on your own two feet, fessed up to the blunder and solved the problem you caused out of your own pocket. But you weaseled, Don, and arranged for taxpayers to pay your bill. If you win the legal battle with council members, it won’t cleanse you of weaseling. Legal does not mean honorable.

I won’t get into a tit-for-tat argument with you, I wouldn’t live long enough for you to finish. But it is my personal opinion, Don, that you are a weasel, and that has nothing whatever to do with either one of us being a veteran.

Terry Garlock

Terry Garlock, PTC

Mike King's picture

..During the years we've known one another, I simply cannot recall an occasion whereby your logic, wisdom and guidance was wasted upon anyone so incapable of understanding your meaning. It is my humble opinion that you'll more likely see our Mayor arguing with a sign post before he takes any counsel from anyone as well meaning as you.

It is my humble opinion that it is past time for tar, feathers, and rail ride.

I do commend your effort however.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Seriously, my favorite dudes, get in the race. Capt. Ernst and Supervisor Gaddo are good people, but I doubt they will both get into the race in Nov. so that leaves youse too guyzs. Step up and do it. Best part of the gig is a one on one with Haddix - meaning a debate in front of real people who actually vote. Yea, I know - fat chance.

Live free or die!

it couldn't and he wouldn't, he does. LMAO.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Mike may be upset by the the little mayor's diatribe or maybe he has quit already (as a sane person would do) or maybe he still on the case - which if I understand it properly is to sue PTC for the money that the mayor took from PTC and when PTC took their own money back, Haddix sued to get it back again. Like Willie Sutton PO'd about the Feds taking his stash. Got some crazy stuff going on.

Live free or die!

NUK_1's picture

Leadership? What's that mean? That must be for other people.

It's going to be a LONG time until next November.

PTC Observer's picture

I understand, even if you don't, why Mr. Beverly chose not to publish your childlike letter. Clearly, you will never see such a document as a personal embarrassment because of your disconnect with reality.

Mr. Haddix, you cannot validate your self-worth by belittling others or taking credit for every positive thing that occurs in our government. You have the very mistaken belief that you are some how superior to those that attempt to work with you.

Instead of being obsessed with yourself and exaggerating your own importance, talents and achievements, why don't you acknowledge that you are a failure as Mayor.

Mr. Haddix, you are indeed a failure at leading this city, a failure at working with others, a failure at working with the county government, a failure at understanding the difference between honor and dishonor, you sir are simply a failure at your dismal attempt to guide the business of this city. No matter how many letters you write or lawsuits you may win, none of it will change this simple fact. You are a failure as our mayor.

If you are not an embarrassment to yourself, you certainly are an embarrassment to your fellow citizens. A better man would resign, but we cannot expect this from a person with your delusions.

Megalomania as defined by Merriam Webster: 1: a mania for great or grandiose performance. 2: a delusional mental disorder that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur.

Hey Donnie, you forgot to take credit for inventing the internet. But I have no doubt you will correct that oversight in your next diatribe.

I respect your loyalty in trying to protect this man from himself.

If you admit you and Pumpkin wrote this letter after you visited the Growler. This "letter" should be posted in every 3rd grade class on how not to write a letter. Mr. Beverly was right not to publish it when received. My bet is if this was sent in from anyone other than the mayor it would have been thrown in the trash. You forced this letter and should be ashamed on many parts. Mr. Mayor, you are NOT a leader. It's a crying shame we have to live with you as our city's figurehead.

NUK_1's picture

I have been obedient to, and have stood for, the law. The council members and Terry Garlock have not.
Maybe the stupidest post ever from you. That's saying a lot considering how semi-literate a lot of your letters or blogs have been.
But where is his? He uses being a veteran, author and a columnist to claim special privilege and stature so as to speak with authority.

Actually, it's YOU who claims that privilege and are whining about why The Citizen didn't print your asinine 3rd grade letter that was nothing but a juvenile attack and diatribe. I would say "Grow up" but your way past that point of learning anything constructive.

In case you missed something, Don, The Citizen has NO "responsibility" whatsoever to publish whatever BS you write and you're just not that special because you were elected Mayor and are a total disgrace to anything resembling being a public servant. Frankly, you are a gigantic a-hole that is totally despised. You attempt to make up for all of your numerous character flaws by dragging everyone else into the discussion like councilmembers, anyone in the county, Coweta County, Sam's, WASA, Terry Garlock........when you are indeed a pathetic "leader" who is a disgrace not only to public service but also a world-class jackazz.
Well, I am one of many veterans in the area, many of whom dislike what Terry Garlock is doing and support me.

Don, Tired already of hearing about how the "silent majority" supports you when that is simply delusional. Steve Brown said the same crap when he lost by about 60 points to Logsdon. Get out of your own delusions and get a grip on reality.

The bit about "veterans supporting you and disliking Terry Garlock" is your typical statements with zero evidence whatsoever. Let's ask veteran Randy Gaddo if he agrees? Let's ask several directors at PTC right now if they agree with your leadership? Let's ask about anyone in PTC not named "pumpkin" if they support you because I sure as hell haven't heard from anyone else. Considering that it's become obvious that you seem to suffer from delusional thinking, I think we all could use some "facts" to back up about ANY statement you make that contains NONE.

If you're going to make a ridiculous statement about veterans supporting you and not Terry Garlock, back it up with some PROOF. Have them come on here or write just one letter to The citizen about how they support your constant lies and BS and then maybe you'll have something. We're waiting.

Don, the citizens of PTC cannot stand you. They think you cheated the city out of 10K because of your stupid mouth. They also feel your relations with your fellow councilmembers and the county and everyone else are atrocious due to YOU. Now, maybe I travel in different circles than you do, but I'm not hearing anyone support you whatsoever and most are quick to point out that you're a complete embarrassment and have no clue about leadership. This even includes a couple of people that REALLY like Steve Brown. They think you're over the top even by comparison. Wake up, clown.
Also, back in my columnist days, I never used my writings as a bully pulpit against those with which I disagreed.
A complete lie then and also now. Period.
As said, Terry Garlock and I are both veterans. But my belief is we served to defend this being a nation of freedoms and laws, not personal opinions suppressing the right of free speech of those with whom we disagree.
No one has "suppressed" your right to free speech. You simply don't want to be criticized or sanctioned for exercising your free speech and expect everyone else to agree with your constant attacks, whining, accusations and accept it. No, that's not going to happen. Why did you agree to pay Logsdon 3K when you were exercising your "free speech rights?" Oh wait, you knew it was the PTC taxpayer that was going to have to eat it for your big, stupid mouth.

You're going to be held accountable past, present and future, which is why you may indeed lose by even a greater margin than Steve Brown next November when we have an opportunity to mercifully get rid of you.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Well, maybe not, but a good try indeed.

But you have hit on something good that will get more people interested in the 2013 mayoral election - let's see if we can make his margin of defeat even larger than Brown's. He truly deserves the worst mayor title by far and the greatest margin of defeat credentials will cinch it.

Live free or die!

Mayor, the same group appear, maybe two names I dont usually see in their club. Keep standing up to them Mayor and thank you for fighting back. This bully club requires more than prayer they should be run out of town like other bullies before them.

NUK_1's picture

Moonies? Scientology? Branch Davidians? Heaven's Gate? Are you really that detached from reality? You sure seem to be Don Haddix's biggest fan to the point that I am wondering if he might have to one day get a restraining order against you.

Please tell me what the hell Don Haddix has done as councilmember or Mayor that makes you worship and defend him against the indefensible?

what is the Mayor "fighting back" about? His own words and actions? The 10K he stiffed us for? His illiterate ramblings here and in the newspaper? His inability to do anything resembling "leadership?"

I swear, you're one of the FC residents that would say it's "OK" if a Haddix gunned down 50 people in the Fayetteville downtown square. You'd be on here making excuses and saying everyone else who witnessed the carnage or with an IQ above a Frito was wrong about it. Wake up. Give someone a reason to support Mayor don Haddix instead of whining about why everyone cannot stand him as Mayor.

hutch866's picture

Makes you wonder if Donnie has been spreading a little pollen here and there.

I yam what I yam

It's the fury and uncalled for just plain nasty and sometimes personal BS you people comment about. Talking about "shooting people down in the street". How can a thought like that come into your head much less out of your mouth and down to print and on the internet yet. Are you all teenagers, well maybe not all, but you certainly project like one. I pray none of you have reproduced and I pray the youth in my community are not paying attention to your team work and forum for debate to spread hate. There is no place for comments like this. Keep them behind your closed doors and basements.

So our beloved mayor can libel someone on a city computer and you blindly support him, but another person questions your loyalty with an analogy and this is your response? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's your comment?

hutch866's picture

I never said anything about shooting, please try to keep up. BTW, your first name wouldn't be Monica would it?

I yam what I yam

Try to focus ok. my response was to nuk about that, your suggestive nasty comment was next and i commented on both as they are filled with hate.

Try to focus ok. my response was to nuk about that, your suggestive nasty comment was next and i commented on both as they are filled with hate.

ptctaxpayer's picture

Just like Steve Brown, Donnie takes nothing off of nobody and can't be bought off. Gotta love watching this guy take the beating and keep on coming back for more. 4 on 1 and he hangs in there.

Pumpkin may be right. Your opponents may just be a hand full of clowns in an echo chamber. Garlock, King, Morgan----- they are blowhards with no original thought. King seems to have anger management and turns disloyal on the very people he supports. Kinda schizoid.

Bottom line keep on fighting. Learnard and Imker are toast and you may just survive all of this.

rolling stone's picture

[quote] Gotta love watching this guy take the beating and keep on coming back for more[/quote]

Just like the old Timex commercials: "Takes a licking and keeps on ticking".

No reason to keep up anymore.
There are a few people planning to run for mayor...Haddix is soon to be "old news"
Sorry, but those are the facts.

The debates will be amazing....all the lies will come out. The city needs to sell tickets, it might actually help close the budget gap!

I'm encouraging some of the candidates to prepare a slide show laying out the lies in detail. There's lot of written material to pick from. Suspect he'll double down on the lies and deny them!!!

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