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PTC throws finest cops under the bus

Thursday night was a sad time for Peachtree City as the City Council unanimously voted to send three of the Police Department’s finest officers — officers who had served this community diligently and faithfully for many, many years — packing.

This only highlights the growing trend that has surfaced with the arrival of our new city manager that numbers-crunching and organization charts are far more important than dedicated city employees who give their all for Peachtree City.

Council and the manager hardly blinked as they threw some of the city’s best and most experienced officers under the bus for the sake of making an organizational flow chart look better.

This comes on the tail of another betrayal of these same officers when the department’s highly experienced major was forced out and a new assistant chief was brought in from Florida instead of rewarding one of the department’s own for their years of excellent service.

What’s even worse with this restructuring of the department is that none of the junior officers can now have any confidence that their positions will not be the next ones whacked, nor is there much chance of upward mobility.

The lieutenants, who by the way are already dealing with a full plate, will be asked to do even more and the city will not have as many officers on the street because they will be taking care of the added administrative duties.

Morale, which has already been suffering under the cloud of this reorganization, will get even worse and I would not be surprised if other highly qualified officers look for work with other departments or agencies where their work is more respected and appreciated.

I guess we’ll just sit back and see how this plays out. Maybe it will be as effective as dumping over 20 dedicated public works employees and contracting out the city’s landscaping.

Just look around the once well-manicured Peachtree City and see how well that turned out.

James V, Kelso III, Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.)

Peachtree City, Ga.



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It's sadly amazing to me that you are the only one in this mostly dysfunctional blog that steps forward with an intelligent and constructive observation.

During these tough economic times every business has had to adapt to survive. This includes city's such as ours. My family and I have nothing but the highest respect for our city employees, military, ect... that allow us to live safely in this great country.

PTC was not immune to the economy. I was relieved of my position as an executive working for a family owned company because I was not part of the family. I quickly got another position where I was brought in to assist in the reorganization and subsequent right sizing to stay competitive in my industry. I spent many sleepless nights carefully selecting the right people to win in my business. We had to let go of competent employees with families to fight thru the economy and stay afloat until recovery. We had to work from the top down since most of the costs start at the top.

I suspect policing can be compared to war and I would prefer my second in command to have my back. Maybe the chief wanted the same. I have no experience in war or police work, so please correct me if I am wrong. Too many captains may not be the way to go and I will defer to people who have more knowledge of their industry than myself.

Moral is expected to be low when good people are let go and new brought in. However a good leader will work thru this in time. Let's allow our police chief the time to right the ship.

PTC Observer's picture

First, thank you for your service. There are many on this blog that appreciate and admire career military.

I think each of your points are good ones, but I must point out that the country is facing a fiscal calamity and this cascades down to the city level. Just like the Great Depression of the 1930's we are again faced with decisions that no one likes to make or execute. In this environment we should all expect to see more of this in our city, state and national governments. Things won't be getting better anytime soon and we should prepare ourselves for this.

Our once well-manicured PTC was brought to us by a government policy driven economy that was unsustainable, we are now paying the price for this folly.

The employees of our great little city should understand that in the next few months, they will all be happy they have work. No, it's not good for morale but depressions are never good for morale.

Personally I believe that the next cut should be to our city council, starting with our so called Mayor.

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