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No opposition to 9-acre Sandy Creek Rd. annexation

Fayetteville seems to be the place to be when it comes to annexations. This time it’s a 9-acre parcel on Sandy Creek Road near Piedmont Fayette Hospital with a request to come into the city. The first reading of the proposal came on Sept. 19 and faced no opposition.

Fayetteville Director of Community Development Brian Wismer in a Sept. 6 letter said the parcel owned by Sandy Creek Village, LLC across from Piedmont Fayette Hospital is contiguous to the recently annexed Williams property that totals 150 acres. Representing Sandy Creek Village, Thomas Sellmer is seeking to have the property with a current O-I (Office-Institutional) zoning receive the equivalent zoning if annexed into the city, Wismer said.

“The owner states that although they have no current development plans, the reason for seeking annexation is that they would like to have the opportunity to tie in to the city’s sewer system. Due to the city’s recent announcement of a sewer line installation which will locate in relatively close proximity to the applicant’s property, this is now a more realistic scenario for the owner,” said Wismer.

Wismer said the property would be subject to the same conditions placed on the other recently-annexed properties on Fayetteville’s west side.

Fayetteville recently completed the annexation of 1,200 acres north, east and west of the hospital. A significant portion of the acreage is home to the Pinewood Atlanta Studios project now under construction.

“Some of these conditions (for the 9-acre parcel) include sewer easements, cost recovery for city investments in sewer and land planning and an agreement that all future development will be done in accordance with the city’s master plan currently being developed for the West Fayetteville area. These conditions are included in the annexation and zoning ordinances,” said Wismer.

In recommending the annexation, Wismer said it would benefit the current master planning efforts in the West Fayetteville area, will ensure that the same zoning conditions and architectural standards will be met and will help to create the consistent development patterns that both the city and county desire.

The second reading, along with a potential vote, will come on Oct. 3.


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