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Taking a ride on my big green tractor

Country stars Jason Aldean and Joe Diffie sang about it, but 2-year-old Cooper Echols is doing it. Cooper was ready to roll on this big green tractor at Inman Farm Heritage Days Saturday morning. The annual affair, complete with hayrides, farm animals and tractors galore, harkens back to a time when agriculture was king in Fayette County. The event took place at Minter’s Farm off Ga. Highway 92 in the Inman community near Inman Elementary School. Photo/John Munford.



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Back many years ago, when I wore a younger man's clothes, I used to tow DC10 and B747 aircraft with one of these:

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Rick & Joanne are really nice folks--you can visit their truck at thePTC Farmers Mkt in season or drive out to the farm. We bought Christmas Trees from them until we decidedto stop the "live" display.
Stop by the farm--Rick will give you the freshest of what's available.

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Still doing the live display but reconsidering. Of course, I do that every year and wind up with like a 7ft live tree :) They are good people too. Never cared much for Jim Minter of AJC fame personally, but the other MInter's are a lot more down home types that are as friendly as can be.

Was a lot of fun on Sunday. Really liked the moonshine still and the lumber yard. Tractors and cars were cool too.

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Thanks All!

I was finally in town to make this show after being absent for the last 4 years. What a great treat once again and dog-gone the much need rain on Saturday! The engines, tractors, vehicles, live working displays, food, hospitality, and collection of wonderful, down-to-earth people was and always is a refreshing time.

This time motivated me to get a few pieces I own into the shop for restoration purposes and fine tuning with the thought that I might participate in the coming years one way or another.

Shame on the Dads that didn't take thier young sons and daughters for some incredible hands-on teaching experiences. My daughters still remember the years they got to feed sorghum stalks through the press, ride tractors, grind corn and eat cotton candy. I would encourage families to experience this with thier young people. A priceless living and working exhibit of our rural history in a rare setting.

Gotta love the people who are truly the backbone of this great nation.... Our farmers and ranchers among other hands-on members of the productive class.....

Oh....and Hey to everyone on here. Miss bantering and pontificating with many of you.

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