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F'ville cops looking for Pavilion iPhone robber

Fayetteville police are looking for a 20-year-old Hampton man suspected of stealing an iPhone from a 57-year-old woman outside the AT&T store at the Fayette Pavilion shopping center Sept. 25.

Marquis Raphiel Jackson, 20, will be charged with robbery by sudden snatching, police said. Two others who aided in the crime were arrested after police spotted a second vehicle that was involved, police said.

Jackson, who was identified on footage from the store’s surveillance system, fled the area and a witness was able to provide police a license plate number of a red Dodge Grand Caravan that was abandoned in the parking lot of the Home Depot.

Jackson was last seen off Roberts Road in the wooded area between Ga. Highway 314 and Ga. Highway 85 north near the shopping center, police said. Police and Fayette County sheriff’s deputies searched the area into the night and the early morning hours, as Jackson was spotted several more times in the heavily wooded area but managed to elude capture.

Jackson is described as a black male 6’1” about 160 pounds, last seen wearing blue shorts and a white T-shirt.

Anyone with information on Jackson’s location is asked to call Fayetteville police at 770-461-4441.

Fayette County sheriff’s deputies joined Fayetteville police officers in flooding the area after the 911 call to search for the suspects, officials said.

The incident happened Sept. 25 at about 2:38 p.m. when a black male opened the passenger door of a 57-year-old woman’s vehicle and took a bag containing the iPhone, police said.



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This is why anytime I go anywhere in this crime ridden community of mine, I get in and immediately flip the locks and before I get in, I look around for thugs. Not even safe to be out at 2:38 in the afternoon......I hope they find this jerk and lock him up tight.

Lock your doors folks. This Obama-look-a-like coward that preys on the elderly is loose on the streets and you could be his next victim.

If you don't own a gun go buy one and be on the lookout for this sub-human piece of trash.

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