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Gas cart ban undermines PTC allure

Mayor and council, I’ve written in the past stating the benefits of the gas-powered golf cart. I also mentioned that I felt it undermined a right of mine to make safer, smarter purchases for my family if the ban were to go into effect.

Are there really three of five votes to ban the gas golf carts? Not only would it be a personal loss, it may be the trifecta for undermining business and tourism in our fine city for the calendar year 2010. Along with the loss of business relocations due to possible city mismanagement, and the de-funding of the Development Authority, killing a tool of the tourism trade in this town seems hardly the proper choice.

I am disappointed to see the recent headline in the paper saying the vote still may come to pass. I thought common sense had won the day and the issue was put to rest.

I would like to know what [Councilman Eric] Imker’s agenda is specifically, as he was mentioned by name in a recent article in The Citizen newspaper claiming the issue is alive and well.

I would also challenge Mr. Imker to produce this information Councilwoman Learnard asked him to produce about the impending leap in technology of golf cart batteries.

As of now the disposal of the current golf cart batteries is much worse for the environment than output of my single-digit horsepower engine on my golf cart. Why not save the vote for when these future super-batteries are available for personal use? Other than appeasing a few folks who just happened to be annoyed, this issue is not worth the council’s time, in my opinion.

I mentioned in my previous writing about getting the recreational cyclist off our major roadways. We maintain near 100 miles of paved pedestrian paths for people to exercise and travel. Our major roads are arteries of transportation to go from point A to point B, not a tool for someone to go in a circle to get a cardio workout and be simply an obstacle for cars. In addition to the paths, we have gyms, and I know of several stores that sell workout equipment for the home.

Thank you for your time, and any of you feel free to contact me if you need any other issues more pressing than banning gas golf carts to discuss at your meetings.

Daniel Allen

Peachtree City, Ga.


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