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Police pack piles of old pills

Peachtree City residents turned in approximately 193 pounds of old and unused medication for disposal at a special event hosted by the Peachtree City Police Department and the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration Saturday. Lt. Jason Epps (R) and Lt. John Jenkins unloaded a rather large drop-off from one resident that consisted of several hundred pill bottles which were left behind by an elderly man. The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office also participated in the program. Photo/John Munford.



Jason and John--- good effort.

How many Lt.s and Captains and Majors and sergeants and corporals, and privates, are there on the police force?

Bet they all make more than the hiring wage! Anyone know the average wage of all and the budget cost of all of them?

We have a right to know.
Is it on the web?

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PTCPD was budgeted for 70 full time and 12 part timers for FY 2010. They were appropriated $6,482,919.00 for the year and allocated $5,150,138.00 to personnel services. You do the math.

Appreciate those numbers but to know what I am talking about I would need to know if "personnel services" included fringes, overtime, or any other payment for the benefit of police and clerks, or the Chief.

I would guess part-timers work approximately 25-30 hours per week.

If the 5,150.138 includes EVERYTHING associated, then the average salary and benefits is $66,027.

The average base without benefits would be about $58-60,000.

I'm sure there is a big skew between old-timers of rank and newer corporals, etc., but all we ever here of the cost in public is starting salary! About 60% of the above.

I have no objections to these figures except if some make twice what others make for basically the same job--even as supervisors--that may be why the starting salaries are too low to attract more people!

I miss this. Are they going to have another one?

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Jason Epps looks just like Rudjard Hayes, former candidate for District Attorney. In fact I would vote for Hayes or Epps for DA.

First, all government employees are overpaid. As an example I point you to this article:

Second, all the little sheep are lining up and submitting to the government turning in their little pills. All good libs I'm sure. These are the same folks who are of the belief that it's against the law unless it's legal. Welcome to the age of Obama and his marxism.

Yesterday we got TSA, Homeland Security, Federal air marshals, Customs and Border Protection inspecting trucks at the I20 weigh station. The sheep don't realize that government is the problem. We have entirely too many law enforcement agencies, and now there's apparently no jurisdiction or crime they can't investigate; even when no crime has been committed. Absolute lunacy.

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